Useful Model S Browser Links

Useful Model S Browser Links

Whole Car Entertainment: (requires front passenger to safely operate the touch screen)
Google Now (for trivia by voice recognition)

Front Passenger Solo Entertainment:


Please note that not all the above links necessarily work wonderfully in the Model S browser, but I have used a number of them and they are excellent tools for trip planning, etc.

If anyone has other websites they've found that work well for road trip entertainment or utility, please feel free to post them in this thread. I know there have been some postings about paid web apps for the Tesla, but that seems unnecessary with so many existing resources on the web.

Or alternatively if there is already a thread with useful links that I have missed, please post it here for my enlightenment.


nosken | 22 giugno 2015
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For desried features, humor, undocumented facts, and an extensive links page:

Valet/Guest/Car wash instructions (for withing the car):

All free. | 22 giugno 2015

withing -> within

Not sure why the link failed. You can use:

AutoCue | 22 giugno 2015

Check out all the features of this site:
The peacemaker is great for those who regret the absence of buttons. Also great welcoming greetings backgrounds... is my favorite. Neat in driving mode, can be customized to many countries and can show may useful items like local chargers, to-do lists, Tesla news, stocks and forums, and last but not least pictures of interest based on your location.

stevenmaifert | 22 giugno 2015

Charging Opportunities. Create a free account if you don't already have one. Allow the Website access to your location and it will display all the chargers within the map scale you select. Tap on a charger icon for location details. AFAIK, it doesn't interface with the MS navigation, but you can get written TBT directions to the charger. The page will refresh periodically and track your progress as you drive to the charger location.

Brian H | 25 giugno 2015

You omitted the space between the leading colon and http. car): http://

2050project | 28 giugno 2015

@mrspaghetti - good list, few more... not totally necessary as they overlap with features/items you can get direct from TM, but could be helpful...

An extra road trip planning tool:

Daily Tesla news updates:

Model S Valet Instructions:

mrspaghetti | 28 giugno 2015

Thanks for the contributions - have updated the original post.


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Daily Tesla news updates, articles, FORUM, manuals, servicebooks, Photos and albums :

ruthgaines937 | 20 maggio 2019

Solid list @mrspaghetti but I've found that gametable's checkers game works better than the math is fun game. see