A Visit To Fremont Service Center

A Visit To Fremont Service Center

Amazing seeing at least 100 Teslas all being readied for delivery. Friendly faces all around. Didn't even realize they had a loaner with Enterprise. (yeah, you won't be getting another Tesla, but you'll get back home).

What am I hear for, a few minor adjustments:

1. Rear seat belts
2. Hood alignment
3. Tighter door seals
4. Fogged up reverse light

and Twin Charger installation.

There are 16 bays here and it's the cleanest service center you'll ever see. No oil, grease, etc.

Overheard that cars in Norway are selling like hot cakes as tax incentives have the car cheaper than a Volkswagon Golf.

One of the biggest service centers will be in Norway and then in China.

Good to hear that the HPWC are coming and the rear facing seats are in limited production.

That's it from here.

Happy New Year!

LazMan | 31 dicembre 2012

Did you get the twin charger installed after delivery? Did it cost more than if you had ordered it with the vehicle? Why did you decide to add it now?


rwang | 31 dicembre 2012

I am installing the twin charger after delivery b/c I drive like a maniac. I'm averaging 405 wh/mile lead foot plus performance car means I need faster charging.

I was told by a few advisors I didn't need the twin chargers but had Solar City install for the HPWC. miscommunication along the way.

about $4000 after delivery. my suggestion is do the twin chargers before!

DouglasR | 31 dicembre 2012

@rwang -- same question as LazMan. I'm also trying to get the second charger. Please let us know whether they did it, how long it took, and how much it cost.

I was told that one of the complications is that they need to reprogram the car to set up one of the chargers as the master and the other as the slave. They told me once that they would need to fly an engineer up to Seattle to do it, but they haven't mentioned that again.

tvntesla | 31 dicembre 2012

I ordered the car with twin charger, but didn't buy the HPWC because I think that I can always get it later. I've been charging with NEMA 14-50 overnight for my 50-100 mile trips. Anybody knows how I can test if I have a twin charger installed?

rwang | 31 dicembre 2012

@tvntesla - you'd know if you had the twin charger, b/c you'd have paid for it in the options.

@douglasr - they are short on twin chargers

rwang | 31 dicembre 2012

General report:

The service experience has been like the delivery experience. Haphazard, inconsistent, and overall I'd give it a C- in the world of high end automotive customer experience. Why?

0. While everyone is helpful and friendly, this is not the Lexus or Audi service experience. When you arrive, you don't get the greeting and run down of what's going to be fixed. When you depart, there's not run through about what was fixed and what needs to be replaced. I attribute it to startup pains, but seriously, like the delivery experience, many kinks need to be ironed out.

1. I came in to fix a condensation problem w/ the rear back up lights. That never got fixed. they forgot to.

2. The hood was fixed, that worked out well. thank you.

3. I was told the door seals are not hard enough and they did tighten the seals so they wouldn't bunch up but basically the current supplier hasn't done a good job with getting the firmness of the material right.

4. The rear passenger seat belt is a recurring issue. They know the supplier messed up but will have to replace later. something to do with a D ring.

5. Still waiting for twin charger installation to be completed.

the good news, will get the rear facing child seats, spoiler, and hopefully the twin chargers replaced on Monday. The bad news, another visit.

Found out a few other things.

1. The vanity mirror has not even been addressed. It hasn't left product engineering yet and no one has agreed to make the new conversion kit.

2. The HPWC units are starting to come in. They are awaiting the Underwriter's Labs seal of approvals to show up so they can ship them out.

Bottom line. Tesla was not ready nor trained to handle both the delivery process and service process. The customer experience training isn't up to par with Audi or Lexus. don't get me wrong, great people, very friendly, but only a few people know what's going on. Everyone else is learning on the fly. This will probably take at least another 3 months to iron out. if not, they will have a backlash on their hands as the average Tesla owner will only be patient for so long post delivery.

sergiyz | 31 dicembre 2012

What was wrong with the seals ?
Did you get a lot of noise or water leaks ?
I've been there several times, the guys are very nice and friendly, and it's much less formal than at other car dealerships.
I prefer it this way, but unfortunately it probably won't scale past the first thousand cars.

rwang | 31 dicembre 2012

@sergiyz seals bunch up. not flush or taut. Will be fine functionally, but fit and finish is not up to par w/ an Audi or Lexus.

Folks are casual and friendly, but when you miss a bunch of thing on the punch list, that's a no-no.

Brian H | 1 gennaio 2013

Spot any ashtrays full of bongs about? ;)

rwang | 1 gennaio 2013


No bongs. lots of take out delivery, scooters, electric golf carts, and bicycles =)

DouglasR | 1 gennaio 2013


The manager of the Seattle service center has confirmed to me that he finally has received a few of the chargers, but I think he has no experience installing them and is waiting for guidance from TM. Probably the most difficult part of the task will be reprogramming the car to recognize and use both chargers. I'm assuming he will rely on someone from the factory to do that (possibly it can be done remotely?) Anyway, please keep us informed as to how this goes next Monday. I had missed your earlier post stating the price ($4k), but please also let us know whether that estimate turns out to be correct.

rwang | 7 gennaio 2013

Interesting. will be at the service center today. The one weird thing, they didn't top up the electric nor did they wash the car. Let's see if they do it this time.

DouglasR | 8 gennaio 2013

@rwang, did you get your second charger today? Details, please.

Brian H | 8 gennaio 2013

He's too busy chargering about.

smd | 9 gennaio 2013

My overall experience with the Fremont Service Center was pretty good, a B+ if I had to grade it. It would be nice to have a TV for some background entertainment if you were waiting. The courtesy shuttle should be a Model S, but I'm sure there are no extras around if they have them at all the sales outlets popping up in malls across America. I had to call Kyle, the main service rep, to get updates on the progress rather than him automatically contacting me, but my calls were always answered immediately once I got the local phone number. My car was washed and charged, so that was great!

Here's my full experience: