Warning to parents w/ rear facing seats!

Warning to parents w/ rear facing seats!

So I strapped my daughter in her favorite seat this morning and placed our pool bag on the floor next to her. I realized after closing the trunk that the car key was in the pool bag! After a few seconds, all doors auto-locked since my key's proximity (in the trunk) was not where it should have been to unlock the car and make the handles auto-present. I was staring face-to-face with a scared little girl who kept pressing an inactive trunk release button from her seat. (It is not able to be opened when doors are locked.) Fortunately, I unlocked the doors from my iPhone app but can't tell you how helpless I felt staring at her as the heat was shining through and my app was connecting. All worked out in the end and it is still her favorite seat in the car. Here is the lesson I'd like to share...

Make sure you show your kids where the emergency "mechanical trunk release button" is located!! It is on the underside of the lift gate next to the trunk's interior light (per page 30 of the owners guide). A plastic cover must be removed first and the lever must be pulled out. I'm a new owner and should have shown this to my girls from day one. I have no worries moving forward. Just want you all to be aware.

PBEndo | 1 settembre 2013

Did you try pressing the trunk release button from outside the car? My trunk releases when the keyfob is inside the trunk, even at the very bottom of the footwell with the footwell cover in place. And that is after I have manually locked the car with my 2nd fob and then moved it out of range. Am I missing something? Or is my keyfob extra powerful, as demonstrated in this thread

201w77 | 2 settembre 2013

Pbendo- I tried...didn't open. I will inquire next time I'm @ the service station. Thx. | 2 settembre 2013

One of the SW fixes I hope comes down the line is smarter proximity detection logic so they can tell if they fob is in the trunk or outside the car. My Infiniti would not let you lock the trunk if the keys were in there and would warn you if they keys were out the car to avoid you driving away without the key. It seems they have enough antennas around the MS to be able to pull this off.


portia | 2 settembre 2013

+1 omarsultan, yea that would be a great sw update.