What is the blue arc + white arrowhead?

What is the blue arc + white arrowhead?

These are on the peer meter, but nothing is mentioned about them in the manual. Since they comprise half the meter, what information are they supplying?

Bighorn | 14 dicembre 2014

Are you talking about the "analog" speedometer and cruise control set-point?

dborn | 14 dicembre 2014

Yes on the central speedometer.

NKYTA | 14 dicembre 2014

Blue arc == current speed. White arrowhead indicates cruise control is set at that particular mph or kph number.

Bighorn | 14 dicembre 2014

It's the speedometer and cruise control set-point.

dborn | 14 dicembre 2014

Thanks guys. Saw the large digital speed readout. Didn't occur to me that this was an ordinary speedometer.

Big T | 14 dicembre 2014

So down in Australia, does the blue arc go in the opposite direction?

Bighorn | 14 dicembre 2014

We know--you only had 4 years to read the manual:)

tuncaiamin | 14 dicembre 2014

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ElectricSteve | 15 dicembre 2014

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There it's out ;-)

dborn | 15 dicembre 2014

Nothing about the blue line in the manual. Read it cover to cover many times!