What Cars Do Women Love Most

What Cars Do Women Love Most

Alh | 9 agosto 2015

Thumbs up.

jordanrichard | 9 agosto 2015

Yet another prompt from CR.

Roamer@AZ USA | 9 agosto 2015

The women in my world all like our Tesla's. The only complaint is how long it is taking to get the X.

Tropopause | 9 agosto 2015

This is great news for Tesla. Interesting that 80% of Model S owners are men. Hmm...

clomi | 9 agosto 2015

Funny cause all the stares from other drivers usually comes from men.

bobrobert | 9 agosto 2015

That may not be true, clomi -- most women are trained from childhood to not get caught in an admiring/appraising look. Hook up a dashboard camera pair and see whether you can catch feminine eyes meeting the lens face-on, or admiring your athletic rear-end as you speed away.

I haven't really noticed much of a gender difference when driving, but in parking lots at virtually all my haunts I've found girls & women much more enthusiastic about going out to see my MS, and they spend more time crawling around inside than the guys. Of course, that may again be gender training -- boys & men being reluctant to acknowledge that another guy has the superior steed, while the ladies like to study pedigree. Or this could just be a matter of whom I invest more time befriending :)

carlk | 9 agosto 2015

@bobrobert Your observation is the same as mine. The only exception is older men would more likely to stop and ask question about the S on the street or parking lot. They don't have as high testosterone level to pump up the ego.

logicalthinker | 9 agosto 2015

I note that the Volt made the women's top five but not the men's.
That computes.

carlk | 9 agosto 2015

None of the top five men's favorite has less than 5 sec 0-60.