What do you think the Tesla staff is doing tonight????

What do you think the Tesla staff is doing tonight????

I have participated in many industry roll-outs at global's total chaos! How do you think things are going in Fremont, CA tonight? Opinions? Guesses? This is a KEY event for the shareholders and analysts covering the company...

My guess? They will be there until 3:00AM and day one will be phenomenal!

Volker.Berlin | 1 ottobre 2011

I like to think that they are very well prepared, probably excited and up late, but not like 3:00 AM. They need their sleep to be fit for that important day. I agree it will be a phenomenal day for Tesla, motor press will go nuts next week.

mwu | 1 ottobre 2011

There may be some prep coordination people that stayed up late, but I expect the key folks involved today will not have. I do however, believe that there will be some early risers there doing some prep in the morning and running things over with a fine toothed comb.

demetri | 1 ottobre 2011

What time does it start? I don't pictures posted on the forum, is there a common area for people to post pics?
Tesla or anyone else doing alive blog?

Volker.Berlin | 1 ottobre 2011

A few attendees will try to do some kind of life blog. You can find their announcements in this thread (towards the end):

Volker.Berlin | 1 ottobre 2011

I think the event is scheduled to start at 11:45 AM (PDT).

jomo25 | 1 ottobre 2011

Event Details
4:45pm - Parking lot opens
5:00pm - Event begins, rides and factory tours continue until 1:00am
8:00pm - Presentation from Tesla Chairman, Product Architect and CEO Elon Musk

jbunn | 3 ottobre 2011

I talked to one of the guys who supplied one of the 3D milling machines. It was huge. Looked big enough to park a car inside. He wasn't a Tesla employee, but a vendor who sold Tesla that equipiment and was there to assist with it's operation. He told me he just got it up and running in the last 24 hours.

Paint colors just hit the web site the morning of October 1st.

So, yeah I bet there was a bunch of last minuite scramble... But everyone was calm, cool, and collected by 5:00 PM

Brian H | 3 ottobre 2011

I prefer them to be clam, clue, and corrected.


sbeggs | 16 ottobre 2014

Isn't it obvious? They are playing god with the forum.

johncrab | 16 ottobre 2014

Unoaked chardonnay, brie and water biscuits.