What ideas do you have for tesla?

What ideas do you have for tesla?

I am hoping Tesla incorporates (if they haven't yet) these ideas in their new cars.
What do you want to see from tesla?

Custamizable interior lights/floorboards
Customizable heads-up display on windshield
Customizable sounds (turn signal, etc)
Voice welcoming/acknowledgement through fingerprint recognition in steering wheel
Heated or A/C seats
Customizable dashboard/blind spot monitors
Transition Lenses on the windshield
Dash camera
Friend follower-tesla cars can recognize each other/who is driving and you can link up if you are trying to meet somewhere/follow each other somewhere w/o getting lost in traffic
Consciousness recognition-actively tries to get you to respond and calls for help when you don't, autopilot to the side of the road if you experience a seizure or fall asleep etc
Silent alarm-if you get attacked next to your car, GPS can follow your key fab to lead to you if you get abducted (phone app?)

What else are you hoping to see?
Suicide doors
Towing capacity (Tesla model Y=truck=S3XY)

drukkarpo | 30 ottobre 2015

Hello sir,my name is mr. Tshewang Pemba (managing partner)from Bhutan I'm currently working with EV rental service project here in Bhutan, I'm planing to visit to Tesla head office in USA for official propose with my team. With whom can I contact in your office please do send email ID details to me.
proposed Idea confidential.


Ross1 | 30 ottobre 2015

Not sure if anyone is at home

brando | 15 novembre 2015

I suppose most may know of Ian Wright - he might have been a Tesla employee before Elon became CEO. Anyway Mr. Wright started his own company for truck conversions to electric drive. You'll love it.

As with Elon, I find interviews of Ian Wright worth listening too.
Just do a search on

search for (you can cut and paste below)

ian wright wrightspeed

vperl | 15 novembre 2015

Deliver the Model X .

Deliver the Model X in multiple thousands.

Deliver the Model X.

Buy a KIA, be happy®

carlgo | 15 novembre 2015

It has to be attended charging stations, charging for a charge that is faster than the free Superchargers and which are located where you are.

Mas Gigafactories.

It is all about batteries and battery charging. Any car manufacturer can make any actual car they want nowadays.

EcLectric | 19 novembre 2015

Ian Write - creator of TZero. Inspiration for the original roadster.

Red Sage ca us | 20 novembre 2015

The Wrightspeed X1 is... a Kart. Probably would be awesome on Brad Whitford's indoor race course in Boston. At least they call it a prototype, and insist that the complete car will just as well performing.

Remnant | 21 novembre 2015

My MX should have no rearview mirrors, no mechanical differentials, and no contraptions on the windshield.

Its torque vectoring should be purely electronic, its range 400 miles, and all 2nd and 3rd row seats should be able to fold flat.

Naturally, to allow for all that, it has to be a Quad Motor with HUD-integrated rearview from some five cameras and electronic windshield sun-shading.

Technology already exists to achieve all of this by the end of the decade.

Remnant | 21 novembre 2015

I forgot to mention that the 120 kWh battery SC recharging time to 80% should drop to 5 minutes.

pingpong3 | 21 novembre 2015

a radar dectection system might be nice

vperl | 21 novembre 2015

Deliver the X

Simple enough, just produce the X in large numbers.

Buy a KIA, be happy®

Red Sage ca us | 21 novembre 2015

By the time you are able to add 120 kWh of energy to a battery pack in five minutes, the battery pack will have a 480 kWh capacity.

funkytable | 21 novembre 2015

I saw that on twitter you were interested in "hardcore software engineers."
I'm not on twitter, nor on facebook, nor any of the other 'social media',
because it is a security hazard.
I don't want the lunatics to know who I am nor what I do .. they might decide I am useful to their enemies and do something about it.

So I thought I would give this forum a try to see if you are interested
in any of the things I do.

I write programs. I write patents. I write papers. I am also a sysadmin.
I build machines and install the OS. I don't do windows. Microsoft sucks
and their software has never worked. The U.S. power grid is at risk because of their security holes. The government is dumb enough that that let the hackers get away with the OPM records.

I have been writing programs for 58 years, now mostly in C++, using a
logic generator that I wrote in 2008.

I write error free programs that are tens of thousands of lines.
In 1963 I wrote phase 1 of the 7070 system sort, 8,000 lines.
It had no bugs from the first release forever, unlike phase 2, which had
over 60 in the first two months.
I wrote major parts of the APL interpreter, including multidimensional array indexing, the sort, and others, also with no errors forever.
I retired from IBM in 1987, as a senior programmer, and have been a consultant since then, licensing my software and writing user apps for it.
In 1999, working on the Y2K problem at a government installation which I am not supposed to name, I wrote a simulator for the console microprocessor
for the S/370 mainframe that read the binary code from compiled listings and
executed it to find date dependencies (there were one that were significant.)
The simulator was 1,0070,000 lines long. The logic source file, from which it was generated, using my logic generator, was 2,600 lines.
I use a methodology that involves combinatorial validation of logic on all boundary conditions, which guarantees that
1. It covers all combinations of system states (completeness).
2. No state can invoke logic that specifies inconsistent actions for any state (consistency).
The source uses logic to cover all cases, and the generated C++ code is from 2 to 75 times as many lines as the logic source.
When I saw Toyota's problems with their firmware I wondered why they don't do the same. Correct operation seems to be of primary importance.
None of this is published, I have been too busy using it, especially since 2008, to write programs for sorting, indexing, data compression, and pattern matching for queries.
The data compression now reads the compressed data 1.5x faster than gunzip,
and gets a 6 to 1 compression ratio for big spread sheet or data base tables,
as opposed to gzip with 5 to 1.
The pattern match can process a million queries against a file by reading the queries once and the file once. It does all the queries in parallel against each line of the file.
In the near future there will be a security checker that enables one to write firewall logic in 1/5 as many lines as the system firewall interface,
and run much faster.
If you find this interesting, let me know. I have no intention of becoming anyone's employee, but you may be able to benefit from what I know and what I have.

Luther Woodrum

vperl | 21 novembre 2015

Funky = Moron

Remnant | 22 novembre 2015

@ Red Sage ca us (November 21, 2015)

<< By the time you are able to add 120 kWh of energy to a battery pack in five minutes, the battery pack will have a 480 kWh capacity. >>

80% of 120 kWh is 96 kWh. 80% of 480 kWh is 384 kWh. Are you saying the SC output will get to 384 before it will get to 96?

The 96 kWh (or thereabouts) should be reachable as soon as the liquid-cooled cables are available at the SCs. How about Mountain View? What are the recharge times over there?

emadmarketing100 | 22 novembre 2015
Red Sage ca us | 22 novembre 2015

I'm saying the mythical 'five minute fillup' will be deemed unnecessary long before it actually happens, because capacity will increase to the point where your overall range is high enough that only the most dedicated 'splash-n-dash' Cannonball Runners will care.

Timo | 23 novembre 2015

80% in five minutes is possible according to ...was is Straubel? Someone in top Tesla brains.

It probably requires robotics to handle cables (snake robot already exists) and more hardware in car to accept that power.

I bet Tesla already has plans for hypercharger which trickle-charge from grid and uses battery to battery charging to reach that high speed of charging.

Maybe increase gradually, 120kWh@80% in 15 minutes would be nice, and probably sufficient for 99% of long range drivers.

Rocky_H | 23 novembre 2015

Regarding @funkytable's resume:

" I don't do windows. Microsoft sucks and their software has never worked."

"I have been writing programs for 58 years, now mostly in C++"

Wow, C was originally a fairly platform independent language. C++ was where Microsoft did their special "embrace and extend" nonsense to it, to make it more Microsoft customized with special functions. They did a similar thing with their customized J++ version of Java.

sosmerc | 6 dicembre 2015

I want my AWD Tesla passenger van to have a minimum of 300 mile range. I want all of the seats to be easily removable so that I can easily reconfigure based on my needs for the day. I want at least 14ft. of available cargo length behind the driver/passenger seats so that I can transport 14ft. paddleboards and kayaks inside the van.
In short, what I am after is a BEV version of the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter with AWD.
Having the battery pack central in the floor (along with AWD) should greatly improve the handling of this versatile people/cargo hauler.

emadmarketing100 | 22 dicembre 2015

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steve | 8 settembre 2017

Make it so the car won't roll back when it's in 'Drive'. I doubt there are any owners who want to make sure they apply just the right amount of pressure on the accelerator to ensure that they don't roll into the vehicle behind them when they're on a hill.

reed_lewis | 8 settembre 2017

@steve - Just push the brake pedal when on the hill down, and the H with the circle around it will appear on the dash. That is Hold which means the car will stay there until you press the accelerator.

That is MUCH better than using the accelerator to keep the car on the hill.

I use it all the time when driving. It also uses less power because you are not keeping the car on the hill using electricity.

blue adept | 8 settembre 2017


"Where did that body come from...?"

From the Lotus Elise.

blue adept | 8 settembre 2017


"I think it would be interesting to see Tesla make or license a complete pan/chassis for others to build vehicles on."

What you're asking for is something that is already offered by another auto manufacturer, well, they worked up a "concept" about it back in 2002 as part of their "Autonomy" concept...they call it a "skateboard" chassis platform.

Suffice it to say that you're being too unrealistic as Tesla isn't some third-party parts supplier/chassis manufacturer, they are an automobile manufacturer...a COMPLETE automobile.

Nor are they in the market to cater to their competitors needs/desires/do the work for them...that's NOT how you do business. They've released their patents to allow their competitors to see how they did it &/or to eliminate their competitor's ability to claim that they don't know how to do it/that it's beyond their capacity/competency.

Tesla isn't in the market to be some third party parts manufacturer.

If you want GM, then buy GM, but if you want a Tesla, then buy a Tesla.

blue adept | 8 settembre 2017

@Red Sage ca us

"Traditional automobile manufacturers want Tesla Motors to shut up and just be a supplier -- like Paxton, Edelbrock, Holley, Brembo, etc. They don't like it one bit that Tesla won't allow their battery management or motor technology to be used in hybrids or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. They cannot accept the notion that such a small, young company wants to mandate that they will only contribute to 100% fully electric vehicle projects."


blue adept | 8 settembre 2017

The majority of this other stuff you've all suggested is available through aftermarket parts suppliers and as for those items/luxuries that are not, remember, there is a certain price point/margin within which Tesla wishes to remain to maintain its relevancy and availability to the mass market.

achilles992000 | 10 settembre 2017

improved autoparking. should be able to pick from multiple available parking spots. also, needs to be faster with less wheel turns.

front forward camera with parking lines when you are parking. similar to when you are reversing into a spot. Model S is big and tough to park sometimes. this way i can see the parking space lines and narrow openings would be easier to navigate.

automatic tire tread wear indicator. surely, there's an electronic way to tell the driver how much tread is left on the tire.

carlgo2 | 11 settembre 2017

Car features will always improve, don't worry too much about that. Well, the HUD would be great along with no screen in the middle. Have dual mode so the passenger can access it.

But, the real deal is with charging. Do that right and EVs take off, and not only Teslas. Tesla really needs a partner who has money and won't settle for pioneer-class charging.

muddy | 11 settembre 2017

Give me back the ability to turn off my DRL.
We always travel with our dog. Frequently we leave him in the car with the AC on to keep him comfortable. In our Dec.2014 MS85 we did that primarily by putting the car in neutral and engaging the emergency parking brake by the touch screen. We then turned off the DRL by the touch screen so as to not attract unwanted attention to the car. What a great feature I thought.
That procedure is not possible in our 2017 MS100D. DRL are now called signature lights. We can still turn on the AC but there is no place on the screen to turn off the DRL.
Yes, we know that the AC can be turned on remotely by using the app on my smart phone and the signature lights remain off. If cell phone service is available. In places off the beaten track such as National Parks, where puppy boy is restricted to the car, frequently there is no cell phone service.
TESLA: GIVE ME A BUTTON TO TURN OFF THE SIGNATURE LIGHTS. So as not to attract busybodies to my car while my dog snoozes in air conditioned splendor.

blue adept | 12 settembre 2017


"Tesla really needs a partner who has money and won't settle for 'PIONEER-CLASS CHARGING'."

Can you explain what you mean by this?

blue adept | 12 settembre 2017


"Tesla really needs a partner who has money and won't settle for 'PIONEER-CLASS CHARGING'."

Can you explain what you mean by this?

blue adept | 12 settembre 2017

@Muddy wa us

"So as not to attract busybodies to my car while my dog snoozes in air conditioned splendor."

Much like you should NEVER leave a child alone in your car unattended, you should never leave your pet in the car either.

Frank99 | 12 settembre 2017

achilles -
Great idea, and actually feasible.
A new tire might be 650 mm in diameter, with 8 mm tread depth. It'll rotate 244.9 times per kilometer.
A worn tire with 1.5mm tread depth will be 643.5 mm in diameter, and will rotate 247.3 times per kilometer.
With GPS in the car, you can precisely measure distance (or speed). With the ABS wheel sensors, you can precisely measure tire rotations. Combined (on straight, dry roads), you can calculate precise tire circumference and diameter.
TL;DR: Tesla already makes all the measurements necessary to make this work, and wouldn't have to add any hardware at all. Great idea.

jaredthomas8 | 14 settembre 2017

Wagon version.

danielkml | 31 luglio 2018

In Melbourne, peak hour is dominated by cars with only a driver (no passengers). This speaks to everyone wanting their own privacy no shared space else they would catch public transport.

So the idea is to have one Tesla car that can split into 2 or 4 different vehicles that can run independently.

Ultimately each vehicle could all unite to become a large train of vehicles for efficiency purposes on a large Highway. Then split when required.

I gather that this is technically possible as each wheel has its own engine. The challenge would be for each vehicle to have steering, safety and be fully compartmentalized.

Hmm anyways that's one little silly idea for someone else to solve happy to be part of the solution....just contact me at

blue adept | 1 agosto 2018


"Five mini lion-bots come together to form one super-bot...."

- Deadpool -

GunnerD | 1 agosto 2018

6 Months In...
1. Reverse Mirror Tilt: My 10 year old BMW allows me to select both or right side only. When maneuvering in reverse, I need my left side mirror to see whats happening on the traffic side of the car. The right mirror I use to avoid and snug up to the curb. Seems like a minor software update!
2. The Satelitte Radio issue. Im not sure why this is so difficult! Virtually every other vehicle on the road has an option for Satellite Radio that doesn't cost 3-7K. I see that now all I would have had to order was the sunroof which I absolutely don't want. I love the PANO roof but that is no longer enough. I am in the process of adding aftermarket but that is no easy task either. First: Sound Out: SiriusXM does not offer a bluetooth connection and the Tesla bluetooth will not pair with a bluetooth emulator and there is no AUX in. so the only solution is the FM transmitter option which does work but is really fussy. Finally, there is the direct FM antenna connection but first you have to find the FM antenna wire which I have been looking for but have had little luck finding. Apparently the antenna is somewhere near the back window and the other end connects to the MCU. Not brave enough to pull the MCU just jet and the trim on the lift gate is really hard to pop. Then there is the SAT antenna. I tried through the PANO, not optimal. Through the windshield works ok and the front part of the dash top is metal so it sticks good! I just find it hard to believe that engineers that can make a car drive itself cannot locate a $10 satellite antenna without bunching it with expensive options.
3. ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM! First off, see item 2 above! Otherwise, as I see it, the system is almost entirely passive. In other words, other than the radio, there are options but not the options I want. Its like Tesla said "you can have this genre but not that genre. The salesman was quick to point out the voice activated selection capability (very good by the way) but..I say "PLAY ELTON JOHN", the system understands and then plays an Elton John selection and then plays Elton John SIMILAR selections. After 5 or 6 of those, you might get another Elton John selection. As far as I now, there is no way to control that. The Entertainment System generated a lot of angry blogs and the system has huge potential to be the best in the industry but there seems to be little interest in fixing anything. Im not sure why Tesla would expend their programmer time on a "CAMPING MODE" and not on the stereo.
4. Right steering wheel button and roller switch. I think that it is counter intuitive to allow you select Temperature, change the temperature and then shut the system off with the next push. It should be Select..Adjust..return to options. If we need an option to shut down the system, put it on the list. Who shuts their air off anyway?
5. Please change the AUTO PARK icon into something that is more noticeable. Auto Parking is a karma thing anyway as everything needs to be just right for me to use it like cars behind, cars in front pedestrians etc. People have little tolerance for cars parking anyway so the process needs to be expeditious. The Tesla system works well once started. On our previous I3, the process was so complex that it often didn't work. I actually had a car pull into the parallel spot behind me once as I was trying to get it to work!
6. PLEASE fix the owners manual. Make is searchable and provide an alphabetical icon list. Again, the way that this works is so clunky and outdated I wonder who designed it.
7. Save the update notices for SUBSTANTIAL updates. I don't need to know that I can access the owners manual from the Tesla icon. I would rather you FIX THE OWNERS MANUAL. I think that most of us get excited when we get the update notice. Such a let down when it is something trivial.
8. More transparency and detail concerning AUTOPILOT progress. All of us that checked the block are providing Tesla with invaluable data which will give them an industry lead as autonomous progresses. In the same vein, provide detail on what the system is capable of at any given time. Those of us who use the system figure out over time what it can do but I'm sure that there have been many accidents involving folks who thought it would stop when it didn't. Along the same lines, we need detailed updates when there are serious accidents. I would guess that most of us were surprised to learn through the Palo Alto accident that a car that stays in traffic so well would fail to stop or even slow down when confronted with an immovable object! Thats a pretty important thing to know! Finally, instead of complaining about media coverage, be more transparent with the media. Seek out media outlets and offer Media Packages and test drives so that the details are known. The old "should have had their hands on the wheel" is lame and misleading.
9. Allow 3 way center screen split? Ours is almost always Rear View on top and Entertainment on the bottom but sometimes we could use Rear View, Entertainment and Navigation on the same display.
10. The console is nice but barley unusable. 1 big hole, 1 little hole and no bin under the arm rest. Haven't figured that one out yet. Also, the folding cover on the middle 'hole' tends to grab cords and not let go! Really?
11. The floor mats are TERRIBLE/CHEAPO! Absolutely unforgivable in this class.

Don't get me wrong, we absolutely LOVE this car. It does so many things well. It is frustrating that we continue to put up with marginal design when it seems that some minor programming changes could make things so much better. All of these issues could bit Tesla square in the ass when the incentives go away. When the MSRP is 75-140K for an S/X and people will actually be paying that amount sales will drop. High price to pay for neglect of the basics. Then again, there is the CAMPING option!

Ross1 | 2 agosto 2018

Did someone mention surfboards? They could possibly be a sellout success, IMHO.

sp_tesla | 2 agosto 2018

Utilize auto supply stores for as many common parts as possiable.

grow.light.order | 4 settembre 2018

I am making a suggestion that is not related to your products, but rather your factories.

Can Liquid Cooled LED Lighting Help Balance the Energy Equation?

Substantial energy savings and reduced equipment investment can be realized by incorporating our GSTS Liquid Cooled LED lighting system into your facilities.

1. LED lamps generate 50% waste heat, with our liquid cooled LED lamps this heat can be redirected to be dissipated or sent to where heat is needed, not adding heat to occupied spaces unnecessarily, a holistic approach.

2. Dissipating the heat through our patent pending Cooler/Dehumidifier can reduce facility cooling loads considerably, 50 - 80%, of the heat generated by the lighting. This greatly improves the bottom line. Combined with chillers and other cooling technology even greater benefits can be gleaned.

3. Excellent ROI. Qualifies for energy rebates. Our comparative analysis will identify and provide details about rebates and, in some cases, grants or other funding sources to offset a portion of the initial costs, lighting plans are also generated for your use.

4. Each individual lamp, or the entire light arrays can be timed and intensity controlled by digital device(s), so every space can receive the right amount of light, when needed, with ease. We will work with you so the lamps to best suit your project needs

5. Reduce the size and cost of solar energy and HVAC equipment further by combining with wind energy, hydronics, super insulation, earth burming, underground building, shade structures etc. The goal of zeroing out energy consumption and working towards a cleaner more sustainable world can be better achieved, with lower initial and long term costs.

Thanks you for your time, I hope to hear from you so we can provide specs and data specific to your projects and to work for your greatest benefit. | 4 settembre 2018

@grow.light - Tesla is not in the Marijuana farming business - so I don't see any need for grow lights. Tesla's factories already do use LED lighting, as do the cars. No need for liquid cooled LEDs in these applications either.

shungin01 | 28 gennaio 2019

I really hope next generation Tesla electric car will include air turbine. It can help the car go far more than before. | 28 gennaio 2019

@shungin01 - Another perpetual motion machine? Air turbine will only reduce range and makes zero sense in any vehicle.

John | 12 marzo 2019

OK, I just got dog mode and had an idea. So how about restraints for dogs, that controls tension and improves safety? Maybe it tightens up when the car senses danger or has quick turns. Or you set how much slack on a bungie type system. Have you ever tried what's out there?

I think many ideas could spin off this friendly idea if it's built into the vehicle. Maybe a kit is ordered separately that has a smart connection to the vehicle somehow. Or just a better one for Fido.

Too late for the Y, but maybe the Truck?

Burba22 | 12 marzo 2019

I am a Tesla enthusiast and after reading and following a ton of news on Tesla I wanted to make a recommendation for Tesla to advance further in their goals. I feel like the recent updated news on the V3 supercharging is a huge leap for Tesla, but can advance a lot further.

With the charging stations getting around a 50% increase in progress the ever increasing demand could out pace this jump relatively in a short time. With what is available now and in the near future I think that Tesla could incorporate a program for their charging stations that allows their users to "check-in" as they are pulling up or on their way to a charging station. This could allow for multiple possible advancements.
1. The user could "get in line" on the app if needed.
2. Battery preparation to receive an efficient charge would be taken care of.
3. If another user is ready to have their vehicle leave the charging spot, but is preoccupied elsewhere they could have it set to ask the next person arriving: "Kindly removing the charging port from their vehicle" in order for their car to self drive; "summon" to a location closer to a pick up location for them. (regardless of capacity needs)
4. It seems like a "social score" thing is becoming more integrated into daily lives so this helping other drivers unplug when the need is not there could be a incentive. Especially in China.
5. The app could provide useful advice on best battery practices and procedures for longevity and care as well as useful statistics/news.

I believe in the near future this "app" could greatly improve the Tesla experience for all. I hope this recommendation helps Tesla in their goals and one day I look forward to owning a Tesla vehicle myself. Cheers.

Tesla2018 | 13 marzo 2019

I know we can turn on the ac or heat with the phone app.
But I am always in a rush when I leave work and only have to walk 100 feet from my office to get to the car. If I forget to do it before I leave, the car is usually over 100 degrees even with the cabin overheat program runnning.Since I leave at the same time everyday, could I program the ac or heat to come on at a specfic time each day?
This would also be helpful for people that want to warm up their cars in colder climates. They could have the heat set to come on at 4:50 if they leave at 5 so the snow and ice would be melting off the windshield by the time they got to the car.
The phone app sometimes takes a minute to connect and I dont know if it works from far away. Some people like Atlantic City casino workers or airport workers might need to take a shuttle bus to get to the employee parking lot which might be miles away and out of range for the phone app.

wobrbobr | 25 marzo 2019

I have an idea not related to cars themselves. There are a lot of useful and extra devices and gadget for conventional cars. On some sites like this there are reviews on such things. So, I think it'd be cool if there would be more opportunities to replace or upgrade things in tesla on your own (not major stuff but at least lights and seats, for instance).

shungin01 | 14 maggio 2019

Hi Tesla , I think helping people transform their love car into an EV will be great. Because so many people got the old classic car.