What is your 85D model average power consumption ?

What is your 85D model average power consumption ?

I have owned my 85D for three months and have driven a total of 2500 miles. I still have
one of the trip odometers set from day 1. My average usage is 333 WPM. I do live
in a hilly area of the country. Would other 85D owners please respond by posting
their average power consumption ?

bdh | 11 giugno 2015

302 over the 2 months I have owned my 85D and approximately 2300 miles. Mostly highway driving to and from work.

usatyke | 11 giugno 2015

314 for 3,000 miles in WA state

Bluesday Afternoon | 11 giugno 2015

327 for 4500 miles and dropping. Took two trips for a total of 1900+ miles which elevated my usage. I consistently get around 290 traveling to work on the freeway and returning by surface streets (29 miles roundtrip). I have it in range mode.

jbdvm1988 | 11 giugno 2015

278 over 1260 miles. Approx 350 highway miles. Rest of the time drive between 30-50 mph. Haven't used the heater at all and limited AC here in Michigan

kglad | 11 giugno 2015

about 350 because i typically drive 7 miles to work (and 7 back), and ~1 mile is up a 12% grade.

when i drive on the freeways (of so cal) it drops to about 310 and sometimes under, but hills see to take a toll. (plus, i like scooting up the hills because it seems so effortless for the ms.)

evaandmarty | 11 giugno 2015

Took delivery April 1/2015 85D in Montreal Qc. I live in hilly country.
11,000 miles.....313 kw/m
17,500 kms.......195/kw/km

Always have heat or air on

AddysDaddy | 11 giugno 2015

310 lifetime over 4.2k miles

tmaz | 11 giugno 2015

Lifetime since February 18th and 14,000 miles is 330wh/m. It's been going down since the warm weather hit as I live in the northeast.

roger | 11 giugno 2015

320 Wh/m lifetime average over 9300 miles
296 over last 1800 mile road trip.

DavetheSmelter | 11 giugno 2015


16k miles, average 325

MrBigSmiles | 11 giugno 2015

299, driven 3,980 miles 80% freeway, the rest on surface streets.

kwen197 | 12 giugno 2015

Model S 85D, delivered March 6, 2015.
First 1000 miles, 330 Wh/m.
Lifetime to 2766 miles, 314 WH/m.

Model S 85 delivered April 27, 2014. Lifetime to 5200 miles. 305 Wh/m.

CF | 12 giugno 2015

About 2000km driven, mixed roadways, 198 Wh/Km.

lolachampcar | 12 giugno 2015

different models but interesting comparison
just under 280 KW Hr/mile P85+ over 18K miles
just under 320 KW Hr/mile P85D over 7K miles

same location, same driver, same driving style

barrykmd | 12 giugno 2015

288. 1700 miles. About 75% highway. LOTS of hills.

Johann @IS | 12 giugno 2015

Have had the car for two weeks and driven 1900km, commute is 53km each way with a 350m climb but having about the same elevation on each end. Average Wh/km is 223.

Grinnin'.VA | 12 giugno 2015

@2600 miles, I'm averaging 318 Wh/mi in/around Fairfax, VA.
I do lots of short trips which runs Wh/mi up quite a bit.
When I'm on the road, I'm usually under 300 @h/mi.

NTech | 12 giugno 2015

329wpm and dropping @ just over 5,000 miles in 2.5 months.

gcgraf | 12 giugno 2015

85D. Have 3200 miles. Average 285 kwh. Colorado city/mountain driving

Ddowns2050 | 12 giugno 2015

7700 miles 288 watts per mile

P100DL Dude | 16 giugno 2015

85D, 3000 km, 189 Wh/km

Bighorn | 16 giugno 2015

Short trips don't necessarily run up the Wh/m. I've averaged 259Wh/m on my P85+ over the last 600+ miles which has only consisted of my 10 mile commute. My lifetime average is 338 currently.

cquail | 16 giugno 2015

4700 miles 308 watts per mile S85D. Mostly highway driving.

Dwatson102 | 17 giugno 2015

S85d, 6500 miles 313 wh/mi. Coming slowly down with summer driving.

sbeggs | 17 giugno 2015

13,700 miles.

321 Wh/mi.

S85 Classic

sbeggs | 17 giugno 2015

Sorry, non D, please ignore!

dsmith | 17 giugno 2015

366 Wh/m @800 miles.

I think I have a lead foot :)

But I think its because I have lots of short trips.

88MPG | 22 giugno 2015

340 Wh/m @200 miles in the Houston Heat with AC maxed out. Only have had the car for 3 days.

prp | 23 giugno 2015

I reckon there might be a relationship between tire life and energy consumption.

KevinThornberry | 23 giugno 2015

323 15,000 miles over 90 days. I commute round trip 210 miles a day with it on a single charge. So far so good!

Grinnin'.VA | 23 giugno 2015

Since the weather has warmed up, my 85D has declined an astounding 3 Wh/mi, from 321 to 318 since March. But then again, maybe this reduction is mainly due to a decline in the frequency of my 'launches'. Or maybe because recently I've been letting TACC control the speed a lot of the time. Who knows?

Bighorn | 23 giugno 2015

My P85+ on 21" rims has remained a rock solid 259Wh/m over the last 1000+ miles since I boosted my tire pressures to 44, and replaced my rear tires, but I think that was coincidental.

JLC | 23 giugno 2015

330 over 3k miles. Very hilly terrain on my work commuter and I'm not gentle on accelerations. On long road trips the number get significantly lower, in the 200s.

johnparish | 23 giugno 2015

316 in one month and 2k miles.

kurt | 24 giugno 2015

180 W/km average (1.700 kms)

kwen197 | 27 giugno 2015

Model S 85D, delivered March 6 2015.
Just returned to Washington State on a 2500 mile trip to LA CA.

Trip 2448.7 miles, 741.9 kwh, average 303 wh/m
Life of car 5333 miles, average 309 wh/m. Before stating trip average was 313 wh/m.

Had a number of misdirections with GPS and trouble @ the Gilroy charger ( Very slow & a complete car shut down) Tesla service recommended the steering wheel button reboot & everything came back.

Met a lot of owners @ the chargers & swapped stories. One lady from Washington State talked to my wife & daughter & said she had attended the American School in Taiwan & graduated from Berkley with a degree in history. This was all before becoming a engineer.

Attended the 11:00 AM factory tour in Fremont & talked to some people who had finished their 9:00 AM tour. One couple were from Amsterdam, Holland & the other couple were from Hong Kong.
Both couples related that in their country ICE cars are taxed by the government @ 100% of sales value. But EV's are 0%.

The Hong Kong couple that sales are great for Tesla & there are so many superchargers that no body installs a charging outlet in there home.
I asked the why they thought Tesla sales in China were so disappointing. The answer they gave me was that car salesman will not work without getting a % of the sale.

88MPG | 28 giugno 2015

I don't understand how some of you 85D owners are averaging sub 300 Wh/mi. Even if I drove like Grandma, I'm still drawing at least 298 Wh/m. Maybe something to do with the Houston heat and battery cooling system.

barrykmd | 28 giugno 2015

88MPG - in the case of myself (286) and Gcgraf (285), It's altitude-related. Being in Colo, I drive in altitudes from 5200-9500 ft ASL. The thinner air results in lower wind pressure, which is related to velocity squared.

proven | 28 giugno 2015

I don't have an 85D (P85) but just watching our Wh/mi change from last year to this year makes me realize how many factors play into those numbers.

Driving slower, driving on different types of roads, using less or more A/C, what the temperature is outside, etc.--all of those things make comparing to other people so difficult.

When we got our P85 last year we had the A/C on most of the time and drove more aggressively and our average usage was about 320. This year we open the windows in the car more, use less A/C and drive slower and our average is well below 300.

dvm | 29 giugno 2015

My first, a P85 driven 23,000 miles had a lifetime average of 286 Wh/mi at trade-in.

My current, a 85D has 6,500 miles and has a lifetime average of 277 Wh/mi. My current month is running 267 and I expect my lifetime will settle down to 270.

I live in the flat coastal plain and mostly drive at freeway speeds where my usual highway speed is 60 MPH. I use A/C nearly year round except for those two or three non-Summer months when I tend to use the seat heaters. I had a recent trip away from the Texas Triangle up to SLC. 3,300 miles average 277 Wh/mi including the drive back east over I-70 through Colorado.

KL | 29 giugno 2015

SF Bay Area, 90% highway with 21".

323 Wh/mi over 12,000 miles Spring/Summer

bbishop | 29 giugno 2015

I have only recently noticed that after starting a trip the Wh/mi jumps to an astounding ~700, after driving for about one mile it will ease back to around 244. Is this normal?

Bighorn | 29 giugno 2015


Brian H | 30 giugno 2015

Ya, but not real. It's averaging in the vampire drain from being parked.

JAD | 30 giugno 2015

Under normal highway conditions, I get about 270 around San Diego. Was expecting great numbers from a grand canyon trip, but 75 mph limit, wind and a/c ended up being over 300 instead. Speed seems to be the biggest factor. Drive 60 mph and get 280 usage, drive 75 and get 320+.

Tesla-David | 30 giugno 2015

Only two weeks of driving our new S85D, and we are averaging 303 Wh/mile, with generally short commutes (<14 miles). The S85D definitely appears to get better range for the same commutes compared to our S85 (22,000 miles, lifetime average: 310 Wh/mile).

dvm | 7 luglio 2015


I live in The Woodlands and commute to downtown Houston just about every day. It's not the A/C. I run 67 all the time.

I tend to drive 60 on the Hardy and hug the right lane. When I drive 65, I find my instant usage increases from 250 to 270. At 70, I stay around 290-300. Speed makes a huge difference.

18R | 13 ottobre 2015

308 wh/m @ 3352 miles 5 weeks since delivery of my 90D. A/C always on here in Northern California.

alex | 13 ottobre 2015

Forgive me, Father for I have sinned.

Rchop0 | 13 ottobre 2015

324 after 1K miles, 85D