What is your best 1-2 sentence response when you are asked about the fires?

What is your best 1-2 sentence response when you are asked about the fires?

Ok, now that I own a Model S I must say that I constantly get a question/joke/snarky comment/anything regarding the fires. Most of the times this is by people just looking to say something but I don't want to go into a long winded response about how meaningless it is or stats that come off as me being defensive.

I really need a one or two line response to say how ridiculous it is and that it doesn't concern me in the slightest. What have you guys been saying that gets this point across when other people inevitably say something to you?

J.T. | 26 novembre 2013

I always say that Elon sent us all a bag of marshmallows and follow it with, "Do you want a ride?"

PaalT | 26 novembre 2013

I usually answer stupid questions about the model S fire this way:

I didn't choose the optional cigarette lighter! It's no problem for our TMS

-regards from Norway-

Doug H | 26 novembre 2013

There are 33 car fires per hour in the U.S. That's 250,000 per year. Why are these 3 so important?

Joshua Burstyn | 26 novembre 2013

Last week the gentleman who prodded me about the fire was treated to me getting in the car while he was mid-stride in his sentence. I left and ignored the troll.

ks-man | 26 novembre 2013

I like the marshmallows and cigarette lighter line.

Perhaps, "I keep a bag of marshmallows in the frunk just in case so I'm prepared"

From there they'll ask what a frunk is and get the conversation back to a normal Tesla topic.

Andre-nl | 26 novembre 2013

"Did you know Ford is recalling 139917 Escapes because they can spontaneouly self-combust?"

HGP16 | 26 novembre 2013

Some questions are asked out of genuine concern, often by misinformed friends. I just say something like, "Fires don't appear to be an issue, but the press has had a field day with them."

Velo1 | 26 novembre 2013

@DougH - that's my line, too. But then I add that i like my odds better than yours, assuming they drive an ICE.

shop | 26 novembre 2013

"Well, contrary to the impression the news stories might have left with you, all three fires were the result of high speed accidents. All cars have the ability catch fire in an accident. In all three Tesla fires, the occupants were able to walk away safely, unlike many ICE fires."

jbunn | 26 novembre 2013

One of the guys at a parking structure nearby is a huge fan. He asked about it. I said Tesla changed my warranty, so if it catches on fire, they will cover all the damage. And as I drove off, I said "Batteries may burn. But gasoline explodes!".

He liked that.

pgiralt | 26 novembre 2013

I ask "what kind of car do you drive?"

I drive a

I say "Do a Google search for fire" and see what you find.

carolinagobo | 26 novembre 2013

A friend who own a Subaru asked me if I'm afraid of fires, I always always carry my ipad with me, I Google it Subaru fires and Walaaa Subaru 600.000 cars recall potential fire, she was shocked and told me you right Tesla is safe. I've been asked 2 more occasions and I always ask the person what they drive, I goggle it and plenty fires with videos, pictures very entertainment you can choose ebven the color of their ride Lol.... once they are shocked I showed the last bullet the accidents and deaths that debris going into the car produce, I got the links on this forum, i didn't even know myself about it, this people never asked again.

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2013

Usually incredulously I say, "Are you being serious?! That is such BS!" And then I'll point out how misinformed they are with actual facts.

mjs | 26 novembre 2013

I was going to post this in the thread about winter driving, but I think it'll be taken better here :)

The flaming battery feature is designed to assist in the case of a Model S owner getting stuck in the snow.

Sorry...Is it too soon?

Mathew98 | 26 novembre 2013

@mjs - Close.

Another thread about winter driving actually remarked about the warm battery pack melted snow under his MS while it was parked.

J.T. | 26 novembre 2013

I visited my sister this afternoon and she was surprised I took my car in the rain. I said, "it helps put the fires out."
If we don't take it seriously neither will anyone else without an agenda.

GLO | 26 novembre 2013

What would you rather be riding in a Model S or a Porsche Panamera when hitting a tree at 100 mph? I'll take the Model S and walk away!

AmpedRealtor | 26 novembre 2013

+1 @ jtodtman

I tell folks that the "S" in Model S stands for "S'mores" and wink at them. I diffuse this with humor as well. I was recently reminded that if we take these things too seriously, so will those around us.

Neech | 26 novembre 2013

I've said "let's do an experiment -- you throw lit matches at my battery and I'll throw them in your gas tank and let's see which one catches fire first?" No takers yet.

Chunky Jr. | 26 novembre 2013

4 people die every week in car fires. How come you never read about those?

jackhub | 26 novembre 2013

The guy walked away from a 70 MPH crash through a concrete wall and three large trees. I wish I had a car like that (I do).

Pungoteague_Dave | 26 novembre 2013

"I hope mine catches fire. I'll order the free replacement while the fire warms my fully intact passengers by the side of the road."

JZ13 | 26 novembre 2013

I was just in the Newport Beach store talking to the PS about how many questions he gets. He stated that even he is surprised by how many serious inquiries he gets every day by people who walk in and comment, "So, this is the car that burns up". There are A LOT of people who don't know the real facts. This is going to take a LONG TIME to correct the public's misinformation.

Jamon | 26 novembre 2013

I point out how many thousands of vehicles have caught on fire since the last Model S fire (currently >6,000), and that none of them are reported on the news.

callisto | 26 novembre 2013

I LOVE the Google what ever car they drive and fires response!
I just Googled BMW fires (my old car was an M5) and the images were terrifying!! Lead story was about a guy dieing in one! Great response!
My dashboard just changed today from "sourcing parts" to "building your Tesla"! EXCITED!

GLO | 26 novembre 2013

I'm taking the CFO from an insurance company for a test ride soon. Can't wait to see what he thinks...

Darmok | 26 novembre 2013

I tell them I've had my car for nine months and it's hardly ever caught on fire. They laugh and the conversation is over.

WATTAGE | 26 novembre 2013

Was asked it TODAY. My retort? "It catches fire every single day. I put it out... and keep driving"

carlk | 26 novembre 2013

Just give them the straightforward answer. The Tesla fire issue was blown out of proportion. Tesla MS is still the safest car you can buy with or without consideration of car fire. You can then say ICE cars have more likelihood of catching fires and can do more harm to their occupants than occupants in those Tesla fires (zero harm)if they press the issue.

ks-man | 26 novembre 2013

The more I read these responses I think the best response is first a quick joke and then "but seriously google your car and hit the Images link and you'll find more than three".

The joke, I'm sticking with my marshmallows in the frunk, lightens the situation and the second part doesn't bore people with stats or seem defensive.

robatbeach | 26 novembre 2013

Shark attacks are also statistically rare and get just as much coverage when they happen (source: Freakanomics)

My5bAby | 26 novembre 2013

Have you ever seen a car on fire ? (answer will be yes or sure)
Are you worried about your car catching fire ? (slight pause followed by no or not really)

Shrug and say (Neither am I !)

Let them think it through and do the math.

Additionally the confidence in your voice will be more powerful than any statistics.

jcaspar1 | 26 novembre 2013

I respond that Honda had to recall 143,000 Fit's due to fire risk, TWICE as they found out years later that their first fix didn't work!
There current recommendation is not to park them in a garage so that if they spontaneously catch on fire your house won't burn down!!

Btrflyl8e | 26 novembre 2013

I laugh like they're joking and say "yeah right? Good thing you're smart enough to know it's just the media making a big deal about nothing"

Grant910 | 26 novembre 2013

When people ask me how I like my car, I say that it is great, but the gasoline savings are cancelled out by the cost of staying supplied with fire extinguishers.

robert | 26 novembre 2013

OK, I am sorry. Can someone explain the thing with marshmallows? That's a candy, right? Does one burn/cook them? I just don't get it.

Bighorn | 26 novembre 2013

One roasts marshmallows around the campfire.

bryanjaf | 26 novembre 2013

I tell them spontaneous combustion happens quite often, it's just not widely reported in my best Spinal Tap voice.

Andre-nl | 26 novembre 2013

Many of the jokes suggested here are not a good idea. They will end up reinforcing the image that the Model S is a fire hazard. Afaik, it is not, statisically speaking.

I think a short, factual answer like 'it is still the safest car you can buy', or 'the Model S is so advanced that it warned the driver of a potential problem and suggested to pull over. How safe is that?' is the best response.

Captain_Zap | 26 novembre 2013

Ask them why this wasn't on the evening news tonight.

AmpedRealtor | 27 novembre 2013

@ Andre-nl - I think most are suggesting humor as an ICE-breaker (lol). I think most of us would follow that up with some further discussion about the actual facts. Humor is a good way to reduce tensions and level the playing field a little bit.

Andre-nl | 27 novembre 2013

AR, yes humor is good to break the ice, but that doesn't automatically mean all humor is good. It was my intent to say: think before making a joke, you might end up making matters worse and reinforcing the distorted image painted by the mainstream media.

I think the humor should not convey an attitude like "Yeah, I know my car is prone to catch fire, but I don't care".

HenryT2 | 27 novembre 2013

I say "Statiscally, gas powered cars are 4 to 5 times more likely to catch fire. But gas burns more quickly, so everyone dies before there is time to interview them so the story never ends up on the news."

I think I'm going to add "but I keep marshmallows in the glove box just in case".

BTW, I don't know about the 4 to 5 times figure - just a guess (but it sounds accurate)

Eleonor2002 | 27 novembre 2013

I say ' Look, I don't expect tesla to solve all the problems that the car industry have. I know that the car pass any tests NHTSA has. No ICE car has done that before! On the other hand, the massage the car try to send as is that there are to may car on fire. I expected from NHTSA investigation to create a new set of tests that not only caracterize the behavior of different cars when is running over large debris but aslo to grade the protection of the passengers in case the car catch on fire. This will force manufacturer to beging thinking how to solve the problem!'

edcalis | 27 novembre 2013

"Name one car that does not catch fire."

portia | 27 novembre 2013

I gave my local UPS store guy a test ride once, and he remembers my car well. Recently I went in the store and he asked me about the fire news. I said, "do you want the truth?" and followed with how the accidents happened, how the drivers all walked or ran away unhurt, how they all can't wait for their replacement cars, and then I told him Tesla covers that under warranty, and askedhim if he knows any other car maker that does. It was no two sentence response for sure. I make sure them know the batteries did not catch or cause fire without high speed impact! My dad who owns a 60kw Model S, reminded me that his Maserati Quattroporte caught fire while he was just driving normally, and the car was totalled, luckily he was not injured.

jkwolfie | 27 novembre 2013

What would you rather be sitting next to in an accident: a battery that can burn or ten gallsons of explosive gasoline?

cfOH | 27 novembre 2013

Depends on who asks. One guy at work who is into extreme sports mentioned it and I said: "Well, some people can't handle a little danger in their lives." and winked.


jonlivesay | 27 novembre 2013

Laugh. Point at my car