What is your favorite/least-favorite aspect of your Model S?

What is your favorite/least-favorite aspect of your Model S?

Howdy All,

I'm seriously leaning toward getting a P70D, but I'm holding off until the lane-holding part of auto-pilot actually gets pushed out to the consumers because that seems like a feature which could get delayed forever by the engineers, lawyers, or both.

In the meantime, I figured I'd ask some questions which I would think most prospective buyers have for other buyers (but I didn't see a thread like this in the first two pages of thread listings):
1 - What aspect of your Model S do you like the most? (This could be something actually *on* the car, or it could be the fact that people always want to ask you about your car, or that it turns heads everywhere you go, or free supercharging, etc..)
2 - What aspect of your Model S do you *dislike* the most? (Again, this could be something about the car, itself, like cargo space, or it could be something like Elon's tendency to rave about how the Model S has some feature when that actually just means the one in the *lab* has it, and it's anybody's guess when it's going to get OTA'd to *your* car).
3 - What option did you *not* buy but wish you *had* (and why)?
4 - What option *did* you buy and wish you *hadn't* (and why)?

Thanks in advance!

TwinMaTesla | 11 luglio 2015

1. Favorite: a toss up between the door handles greeting me and controlling the pano roof from the steering wheel.
2. Least favorite: the frunk in my 70D is substantially smaller than in my husband's S85 (to make room for the front motor).
3. Regret: the interior option with the power lift gate (the lift gate is a bit taller/heavier than expected, but not a big deal).
4. The compulsion to waste hours on this forum. ;-)

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dvanlier | 11 luglio 2015

Best aspect: Crazy acceleration
Least favorite: Bad iPhone integration

AoneOne | 11 luglio 2015

Joe, I'm a bit confused: if they don't ever (because of lawyers or regulators as you supposed) does that mean you won't buy a Model S?

AoneOne | 11 luglio 2015

Clarifying: If they don't ever release full auto-pilot (because of lawyers or regulators as you supposed) does that mean you won't buy a Model S?

Phaster | 11 luglio 2015

1. Best : Smooth fast acceleration
2. Worst : Slow signal acquisition for Slacker radio, and the price I suppose.
3. and 4. - I got exactly what I wanted and wouldn't change a thing if I reordered today!

I have absolutely no buyers' remorse. I feel sorry for people who buy ICE vehicles.

Innkeep | 11 luglio 2015

Pre Tesla I was a very low mileage driver so I didn't order dual onboard chargers. That's my only regret. now I find excuses to drive cross country. Owning Tessie is a joy. She was made before auto pilot and I don't think that has made a difference for me. I'm not thinking about trading her in. Later on I might opt for a model 3 fully loaded depending on range and supercharger infrastructure.

Nantang | 11 luglio 2015

1. It's really hard to pick a favorite. I'd have to give the edge to the car's entire raison d'etre--driving long distances on purely electric power. With a 100+ mile commute each direction, Teslas are the only choice available--which is a lot like saying that the only choice of how to spend a day is at the beach with a favorite beverage, or if you need a place to stay, the only hotel available right now is the Bellagio.

2. I'd really have to reach on this one. I guess the car payment as big as many peoples' house payments. But, it's kind of a given that exotic supercars aren't cheap, so this statement is offered merely as an answer to the question and is not meant to be interpreted as a complaint.

3&4. No regrets; I'm happy with what I got. I've got a P85D, and I configured it with 19" cyclone wheels. There are times I wished I could drive on the 21," but I don't regret getting the 19" wheels instead for practical reasons. Alternatively, there are times when my math and logic side point out that for $21,000 less, I could have gotten an 85D with essentially the same experience in life 99% of the time. But, I don't regret for a moment splurging and going the all-out dream car route.

TaoJones | 11 luglio 2015

There's a lot to like. One random observation is that I like many of the design decisions that provide a subtle elegance via the theory that less is more. For example, the knobless UI; the only knob of which I can think is the small one Reus installed for the subwoofer. And you certainly don't see or notice that one while driving. Speaking of which, another thing which I appreciate frequently is the approach taken with regard to storage. And the list goes on and on.

The don't like list is small - I never thought I'd have to escalate flawed headliner issues for months, for example. The blindspots from airbag-pillars, mirror assembly, and even the rear seat are larger than anticipated. The lack of exterior colors was annoying but soon there will be lots more choices.

I'd like to be able to tether my laptop to onboard LTE, to have a 360-degree overhead view and air-cooled front seats. I'd also like a blue pony and regular liaisons with Swedish triplets. Pick any two.

Bikezion | 11 luglio 2015

70D is not a P (Performance). P85D is currently the only one available, previous was P85 and P85+. However the 70D is a great car, and a relative bargain. The longer you wait, the less time you get to drive your car.

David Trushin | 11 luglio 2015

Least favorite: key fob phone interference is very annoying.
Most favorite: everything else.

Tstolz | 11 luglio 2015

85d, red, pano, 19, standard seats, tech, winter, air, dual, power lift

1. One pedal driving with instant acceleration. It's like the difference between a propeller airplane and a jet.
2. Would like more superchargers. They really do need to be in every major town. It's happening quickly!
3. Should have sprung for premium sound. This car is quiet ... so I'm listening to music more than I used to.
4. Jury is still out on the value of air suspension ... we'll see come winter if it helps. I have a lot of snow where I live.

Note : your only regret will be waiting. This is an incredible car. If you can afford it, get it. I will never buy another ICE. I would have enjoyed a PD, but the car is already sooo quick that I rarely floor it as is ... everything flies around and the wife gets mad ;)

Opafiets | 11 luglio 2015

Fav: One? Seriously?

Least Fav: AM radio (really awful reception and internet is poor option since it doesn't work 30% of the time).

No option I wish I had nor wish I'd skipped; P85D, Red, Pano, Matte Obeche, Black leather next gen, dual chargers, HPWC, Audio, Tech, maybe something else, can't remember. Didn't get rear facing seats, exec rear seats, over priced interior lighting.

bish | 11 luglio 2015


You are crazy if the only reason you are have not purchased one is because you are waiting for the lane holding feature of auto pilot. This car is way more fun to drive than you can even imagine. And you will want to drive it all of the time. You will want to floor it and steer it by yourself.

And correct me if i am wrong, but isn't all of the hardware for auto pilot already on the car? So if you got it now, all you would be waiting for is software. And you could be enjoying it while waiting for the lane holding feature to be activated. You can have your cake and eat it too. It's a win/win. A no brainer.


J.T. | 11 luglio 2015

Favorite aspect is 16:9

Pleasanton_Ca | 11 luglio 2015

1.) Fun to drive

2.) Road noise (P85+ 21" tires), way to noisy !!

3.) N/A

4.) N/A

sbeggs | 11 luglio 2015

1. Love regenerative braking the most, the ability to have fine control with one pedal of the space ahead on the road and to feel one with the machine.
2. Wish the Model S had fewer blind spots due to thick pillars. Rear camera is nice but ingrained in my driver training is the command to turn and look behind before changing lanes. Also wish for 1000 pounds less weight and wheels whose features do not protrude outboard past the plane of the tires.
3. & 4. Totally happy with S85 Classic pre autopilot, 19" wheels, coils, textile, dual chargers, midnight blue, regular sound system, Tech package of yore, parking sensors.

Captain_Zap | 11 luglio 2015

Favorite: Precise accelerator control. (Regen!)

Least Favorite: No true 5.1 discrete sound.

negarholger | 11 luglio 2015

most favorite: home charging (solar)
least favorite: that I had to deal for 34 years with the gasoline stuff

Haggy | 11 luglio 2015

Best: Just about everything. The car as a whole simply has too much on it to pick a favorite aspect.

Least: The memories and the Homelink. With other cars, having the fob in your pocket allows the car to know what profile to select when you grab the door handle. With the MS, you need to get to the center console to select a profile, which you can't do if the seat is way too close. People offer all sorts of workarounds, but the bottom line is that if you have to rely on somebody else remembering to select something when exiting, it's not a solution.

Homelink is poorly executed and there's no way to get the list to drop down when it's truly optimal, or fail to drop down when you don't need it. By making it vertical, it can block critical parts of the screen so you can't get to your calendar or navigator when going forward (assuming you are approaching a gate, for example, when you don't need it because it's an exit gate) and it might block a critical part of the screen when you are backing up. Since I open the garage using a button before I get into the car to leave the garage, I don't need it then. By the time I back out of the garage, I need it to close the door but it might be gone. If I get it back and press a button, it stays there even after I press the button. The icon to get the list manually is barely the size of a fingertip, and if you go over the slightest bump and miss the button, you could end up opening the programming screen. Who programs in a remote control in a moving car? You need to be outside of the car for part of the process anyway.

Both of those could be fixed with software.

ca-blessed | 11 luglio 2015

Pano roof - compliments all day every day, oh &'and being the envy of passersby

The fact that I'm driving too much. Love my car. 500 miles in
4 days and I haven't even taken a "trip"

I'm very happy with the premium interior. Yes it's overpriced but the
motorized lift gate is a must, as well the extra finishes complete the car.

My main regret is that I didn't lease at a higher mileage rate per year!
I'm realizing that I'm going to have some serious overage charges in 36 months!!!
I should have listened more when people said that the Model S will make you
find the most insane reasons just to drive.

prp | 11 luglio 2015

Favourite thing - anytime im in model s and driving
Least favourite - anytime im not in model s
Options - got them all and enjoy them all. 19" whells on this one, 21"s on the 2nd order.

joe | 12 luglio 2015

@AoneOne: Yes, if they don't release lane-holding, I might not buy a Model S (unless they come down in price, someday). I already own a Nissan Leaf, and I love being 100% electric for my in-town driving. Every now and then, I need to make a 200-mile drive to visit family. For this, I need to take my truck, which is unpleasant to drive those kinds of distances... *plus* I'm a non-stop consumer of technical info, and I'm always lamenting anything which keeps me from being able to read manuals or articles about things. So, I want a car which is comfortable to drive 200 miles. I'd like it to be electric (but not so much that I can justify spending 2x the price of a nice used Lexus or something). What *would* make it worth the price would be a car which allowed its driver to get on a long highway with no major interchanges, set the auto-pilot, take their hands/feet off of the controls, whip out the iPad and get some work done, which glancing up every 5-6 seconds to check if the car is entering some congestion warranting human intervention. Now... I'm not saying that I'd ever *dooooo* something like that... this is a public forum, so we're just talking hypotheticals here. All I'm saying is that a car which could do that would be worth the price of a 70D.

@bish: You may think I'm crazy for waiting, but the lack of true auto-pilot is *already* frustrating me; I can only imagine how frustrated I'd feel if I were out $75k. Also, having lived in the computer/software field for 35 years, I know how common "vaporware" is, and I know how easy it is to promise fantastical features and how companies can keep saying "Real soon now..." for years (check the wikipedia page for "duke nukem forever", in development from 1997 to 2011). I don't want to buy a Model S as my daily driver only to have it become a constant reminder of how I got bait-n-switched. I'll buy it when the features are *there*.

prp | 12 luglio 2015

You'll be waiting til at least 2022 for legislation to allow that level of autopilot.

J.T. | 12 luglio 2015

@joe I'm not sure what bish thinks but I do think you're crazy for waiting. What are you waiting for? The Model S, whatever your flavor is far superior to what you're driving now, far safer, far cheaper to operate and has the distinct advantage of actually getting better while you own it rather than becoming obsolete.

How bad a driver are you that you can't keep your car in its lane? Do you find it exhausting?

I had a cousin who was pretty well off but never treated himself to the finer things in life because he didn't want to buy something and miss out on some down the road feature.

He died rich and miserable.

Have a nice life.

lowflyer | 12 luglio 2015

No.2 cheap interior build

bish | 12 luglio 2015

Joe----does the car you drive now have true auto pilot?

ZipZap | 12 luglio 2015

I love my Model S but wish I had opted for the air suspension.

Johann @IS | 12 luglio 2015

@Joe, lease it.

pdQue | 12 luglio 2015

1 - What aspect of your Model S do you like the most? (This could be something actually *on* the car, or it could be the fact that people always want to ask you about your car, or that it turns heads everywhere you go, or free supercharging, etc..)

* Insane Mode and the fact that it is always on tap and at my disposal.

2 - What aspect of your Model S do you *dislike* the most? (Again, this could be something about the car, itself, like cargo space, or it could be something like Elon's tendency to rave about how the Model S has some feature when that actually just means the one in the *lab* has it, and it's anybody's guess when it's going to get OTA'd to *your* car).

* Range

3 - What option did you *not* buy but wish you *had* (and why)?

* None

4 - What option *did* you buy and wish you *hadn't* (and why)?


Grinnin'.VA | 12 luglio 2015

@ joe | July 11, 2015

>> 1 - What aspect of your Model S do you like the most? << Fun to drive.

>> 2 - What aspect of your Model S do you *dislike* the most? << Motor whine. (85D)

>> 3 - What option did you *not* buy but wish you *had* (and why)? << None.

I didn't get the pano roof, 21" wheels, "P" power, or premium sound.

>> 4 - What option *did* you buy and wish you *hadn't* (and why)? << None.

I did get premium interior, "tech package" (autopilot, Nav, etc.), premium lighting and subzero weather package.

TwinMaTesla | 12 luglio 2015

@joe: As someone who came to the Tesla via the Leaf, the driving experience is much different between the two, even for around-town driving. With the Leaf, it was hard to be spontaneous on staycations, there were local trips that the sub-100 mile range couldn't manage (or only with significant range anxiety), and in winter i often skimped on using the heater in order to increase my chances of getting where i wanted to go. With the 70D, there are simply no compromises, and no range anxiety on local trips whatsoever. Forgot to plug in one night? No problem, you probably have over 100 miles left of range. The trunk can handle my Costco runs better than my old Pathfinder; it's a much safer, more substantial car, with a smoother, more powerful ride, a much more capable regenerative braking system (no more riding the brakes even down steep hills), that makes me enjoy driving again. Even without auto-pilot, the lane departure warning lets me know if i'm getting close to the lane divider or bike lane (although it's never wise to look away from the road), and the sensors make parking in tight spots much easier. Elon Musk has said full auto-pilot of the kind you're wanting won't be ready for about three years, and will presumably require a much more extensive system of cameras and sensors that probably won't be available as a retrofit on older models. Even then, the regulators might never allow it. But the 70D is certainly worth its current price even without such auto-pilot features, as it's easily three times better in safety, range, driving experience, and battery longevity than the Leaf. That said, we've kept our Leaf for heavy door-ding lots, taking our geriatric pup to the vet, for the kids to learn how to drive, etc. If you're content with your current car, wait three years and see what's available then.

joe | 12 luglio 2015

bish | JULY 12, 2015 NEW
Joe----does the car you drive now have true auto pilot?

No. But it also cost 1/5 the price of a Model S. The most-expensive car I've ever bought was only 1/3 of a Model S price. I know... it's probably easy to forget when the forum is filled with Tesla owners but... $75k+ is a lot of money to some people. And I'm one of them.

joe | 12 luglio 2015

prp | JULY 12, 2015
You'll be waiting til at least 2022 for legislation to allow that level of autopilot.

Well, that level of autopilot is either what Tesla is saying is already *in* the car (go look at the webpage for the Model S and scroll down to "With Autopilot activated, Model S automatically follows the road, steering around curves and varying its speed to match the flow of traffic. Lane Changing: Automatically change lanes by tapping the turn signal.").

If it turns out that those features won't be in the car for another 7 years, then I'd be pretty frustrated with them by year 6. Now, in a way, I agree with you; that sounds like a feature which is *way* off in the future. That's why I'm not buying a Model S now, assuming that it's going to be along "real soon now"... especially when they seem to be so slow in getting more-standard features out the door (like the nav system not being nearly as good as many free phone apps and not even allowing the driver to add intermediate waypoints along a route).

Bighorn | 12 luglio 2015

Seems like it's out of the budget unless it can do magic for you. And that's okay. One day the tech will be there and the price will come down to where you can afford it. Like JT said, you may be dead by then, but life isn't always fair.

joe | 12 luglio 2015


Elon Musk has said full auto-pilot of the kind you're wanting won't be ready for about three years, and will presumably require a much more extensive system of cameras and sensors that probably won't be available as a retrofit on older models.

Well, then, I'm *not* crazy for waiting (as everyone here seems to be saying). What I hear you saying is that a Model S purchased *now* will never be able to do the kind of lane-following auto-pilot that is being advertised on the Model S page as a current feature.

TwinMaTesla | 12 luglio 2015

@joe: Let me clarify. You, whether stated directly or not, want a car that will drive itself sufficiently for you to be able to read while on the road. That essentially self-driving car is, at least in terms of technology, three years away (or more). And it will require much more hardware than what's on the current cars.

The auto-pilot technology currently mentioned on the website is something i fully expect to be released in the not-too-distant future. But it would not support taking your eyes off the road.

The Model S is a very substantial car. If it crashes into another car, because of its incredible safety features, you might be able to walk away from the accident. The driver of the other car might not be so lucky. With great power comes great responsibility. I would not want you buying the current auto-pilot car if you were planning to catch up on your reading while driving.

Sudre_ | 12 luglio 2015

IF you can't afford the car now without auto-pilot then you can't afford the car.... even if it can do back flips. That's just how it is.

If you want a used Lexus then look at a used S85. No they don't drive themselves but neither does a Lexus. If that's still out of budget then wait for 2017 and get your reservation in quick on a model 3.

Yes the car is at least 75K. With or without auto-pilot it sounds like it's outside your price comfort zone and you are looking for reasons not to buy. I say lease something or wait for Model 3 which will be in your budget. Heck the Leaf may have the range you need by 2017.

If you are driving a true 200 miles then you do not want a 70D. You want an 85. That puts the price way out of your range. A 70D will probably not make 200 miles in weather/winter.
70kWh fully charged will actually have about 63kWh to use.
With heavy A/C & 70-80MPH you will burn at LEAST a 320Wh/mile.
63kWh/320Wh/mile is 197 miles and that's on level ground.
That range should include all battery protection buffers.

mclary | 12 luglio 2015

Joe - Ok. You're an Idiot!


What is the point to your thread again?

Dr. Pete | 12 luglio 2015

Most Favorite: Single pedal driving
Least Favorite: Tesla's Nav

CXVII | 13 luglio 2015

1. Acceleration and exterior design
2. 3 Months waiting time to get the car in the workshop / Build quality.
3. Center console
4. None

joe | 13 luglio 2015

Sudre_ | JULY 12, 2015 NEW:
> IF you can't afford the car now without auto-pilot then
> you can't afford the car.... even if it can do back flips.

Yeah... I was worried that, when I made my "$75k is a lot of money" comment, then out would come all of the "Oh, look who wandered into our cul-de-sac. I don't know who buzzed you in through the front gate, but you're clearly lost, and the interstate is back that way." comments. Look, I can *afford* a Model S. I'm just not into paying 3x as much for a car that doesn't give me ROI in some meaningful way. I get that it makes you think up reasons to go drive, but that doesn't appeal to me any more than a showerhead that was so great that it made me think up reasons to take more/longer showers, or a TV which was so great that it made me think of reasons to watch more TV.

Sudre_ | JULY 12, 2015 NEW:
> you are looking for reasons not to buy

Um, no.... I'm looking to get an idea of which options people regretted buying, and which ones they regretted *not* buying. I'm not planing on getting the air-suspension, nor the premium sound , nor the sunroof. However, it's possible that I'm not imagining how much utility I might gain from those features. So, I wanted to get current-owners' feelings about which options they would change if they could go back in time.

I wasn't the one who turned this thread into a "You're crazy to wait for the auto-pilot which is being pitched, on the website, as a feature on currently-shipping units"; it just turned into that. But look at it this way, I'm *helping* you all get those OTA features sooner. If everybody buys a product thinking "Well, it doesn't have the features that I want, but I'm told that they're coming, so I'll buy now", then the manufacturer has less incentive to actually develop the feature, because the mere promise of it is enough to sell the product. However, the more people who are vocal about "I will walk into your store and plunk down the money for your product when it has feature 'xyz', then there's more incentive for the manufacturer to put resources into that feature's development.

J.T. | 13 luglio 2015

@joe I'm *helping* you all get those OTA features sooner.

It would be better if you could direct your considerable powers to *helping* us get a SEARCH function.

bevguy | 13 luglio 2015

joe if you really don't want a Tesla , don't buy one. Nobody "needs" a Tesla. They are an expensive luxury.

But Teslas are as much like computers as they are like a car. The next one will always be better.
Your next ICE often won't be better, just different, Toyota spent around $1 billion on 90% + cosmetic changes for the 2015 Camry.

Re options- few are worth it a on a rational economic basis. My S85 is pretty much a stripped model with the only extra cost items being MC red paint (pure ego) and leather (resale value ) It still drives better than any ICE car ever made

If you want them and have excess money, buy them. Why not. You will get a smaller percentage of our money back on options than you will on the base car at trade in time. But you may enjoy the car more.

The only option I miss is adaptive cruise control and that wasn''t available when I bought mine.

What don't I like about it? Nothing , except maybe lack of a center console,. But to get a useful one would require redesign of the dash.

DarrellH | 6 agosto 2015

1. Smooth acceleration; wonderful road trip car; color (Sig red); NO GAS OR OIL!

2. Hard to clean the inside of the windshield (same issue with our Roadster)

3. Got everything available at that time (delivered 8/30/2012), so N/A

4. Love everything, so N/A

vpoz | 6 agosto 2015

UK lease .. I got A castoff p85 when everybody switched to the p85d .. had no choice as to spec (everything on it apart from rear seats) but it meant I only had to wait 2 months for delivery.
Love the car .. positively despise the 21 in alloy turbine rims which stick out just past the tyres and catch & crunch absolutely every slightly narrow car par entrance & high ordinary curb.
Would absolutely go for 19 inch ordinaries & if I wanted put on my own spec of aftermarket wheels & tyres.
Also not totally convinced as to sound quality of the "super sound system" .. my ampera's (volt in US) system sounds better to be.
Build quality not quite what it should be .. my ampera is 3 yrs old and perfect .. tesla R driver door & pillar rattles with road jitter & high volume bass.
tesla fantastic for long runs.
Ampera just that bit quieter & better music for short runs.

Love the pano roof in the tesla

KL | 6 agosto 2015

Best: Pre-cooling of cabin from phone app
Worst: Interior finish ... lines just don't line up and the gaps look unluxurious.

ssarker | 6 agosto 2015

1. Quiet, effortless power
2. Silently coming up next to another car at the red light and then the screech of the brakes (happiness is timing the regen perfectly to come to a stop at the light without the brakes :)
3. 85 kWh battery; no D option available in 2012, probably would have gotten it
4. no regrets on options (old blue: still my favorite color; tech; pano; leather; air; SC)

Alh | 6 agosto 2015

1. My favorite aspect changes all the time - so much to love. Right now I'm very appreciative of the front lights at night. Watched the valet pull her up and was memorized. Always recognize how lucky we are to own this vehicle.
2. My only complaint is the width. Knocked a curb for the first time last week. A wide car on narrow roads is not ideal.
3. I wish I would have gotten the air suspension.
4. None.

wayne | 6 agosto 2015

So hard to pick a favorite, guess if pushed I'd say waking up every morning to a "full tank" and not having seen a gas station for 6 months. Got a fully loaded P85D and love everything about the car. No regrets at all.

jaspal.virdi | 7 agosto 2015

Most favourite

-instant power and smooth ride
-comfortable interior
-remote conditioning
-21" Cyclones - sex on wheels

Least favourite

-opted for S85 as I didn't want to wait 6 months, now I kinda wish I had waited for a P85D
-21" Cyclones - I've had to put AlloyGators on them which kind of spoils the look, but is cheaper than refurbing the whole wheel
-Motor whine at certain speeds/power
-Tesla tyre repair kit/pump has an analogue PSI readout.. it's near impossible to see if you've got exactly 42psi!!