When start the production of Tesla X in the Netherlands?

When start the production of Tesla X in the Netherlands?

Wanneer begint Tesla met de productie van de Tesla X in Tilburg?

kittylitter | 25 dicembre 2015

It's not in English but I'll translate;

"Where the hell are our X's?"

Triggerplz | 25 dicembre 2015

@Kitty LOL

Gert van Veen | 30 dicembre 2015

Damn, just called Tesla sales. Europe has a different charging system. Tesla expects to start not before the start of summer with delivery.
For all Swiss, Dutch, Norwegians, Germans and other Europeans; patience.

gerardP | 30 dicembre 2015

@Gert van Veen: I was told by Tesla here in Belgium, TM needs first to get the X model licensed in the various countries, which process may take three to four months, but the required adaptations are relatively minor and will be handled in Tilburg in the same way as those for the S model.
I still hope that my signature X can be delivered in April-May nextg year...

Gert van Veen | 10 gennaio 2016

From TMC, maybe appearance at Geneva International Motor Show 2016

eric.zucker | 20 gennaio 2016

Just got a call from Tesla Sales - I've just been upgraded off of the European Signature Waiting list :-)))) Things are brewing - Tesla Europe is getting ready.

Thus I'm hoping to have my Sig X by this summer. Maybe a birthday present early May? The sooner the better, but I'm struggling to keep my expectations realistic.

Real people, Tesla staff included, hope to see the Model X at the Geneva Auto show in march.
Only Wall St "analysts" and Tesla detractors want to see Model 3 presented there now - just so they have ground to bash once again if it's not there...

aewillys | 20 gennaio 2016

@eric.zucker please give those folks my contact details and ask them to upgrade me as well :) based in London here ;)

aesculus | 20 gennaio 2016

@eric.zucker: How much of the car is made in Europe? Do they send over a white or painted chassis for assembly or something else?

eric.zucker | 20 gennaio 2016

@aesculus things may have evolved, it used to be that Tesla assembled the car fully in Fremont, tested it, then removed the wheels and battery for shipping.
In Tilburg, they reassemble and modify the car to European standards. Different charging connector, probably a different charger (3 phase 230/400V), DAB vs XM radio, etc. it's possible there are different allowed frequencies for key fobs, radar, sonar as well. We don't have Homelink here.

gerardP | 20 gennaio 2016

Got a similar information from Tesla here, first european signatures would be called to configure on the occasion of the Geneva Auto show, with deliveries early summer holidays.

gerardP | 20 gennaio 2016

It would be nice if they would invite the signatures to the Geneva auto show and have a model X to show ;))

eric.zucker | 8 febbraio 2016

I don't care if Tesla invites us, I'll definitely be there.

The Model X is such a news event it would be inconceivable not to have it there. It will be there. Cannot be otherwise.

gerardP | 8 febbraio 2016

I intend to be there too, should the Model X be presented, but why is it that TESLA does not officially confirm this?

Jean PierreD | 8 febbraio 2016

i have asked (suggested) my tesla agent if tesla is plannning anything special (friendly) in geneva for signature holders. NO answer so long

eric.zucker | 9 febbraio 2016

@gerardP, @Jean PierreD: They want to keep an element of surprise, maybe? If that's the case they are probably under strict orders not to say anything.

eric.zucker | 11 febbraio 2016

Hot News!!!

I just got an invitation to see Model X in full glory on the 27th of Feb 2016 in Geneva. I'm going, of course. If there is anything you want me to ask, photograph, video, record, measure, smell, hear, touch, taste or weigh, fire away.

This is just one week before the Geneva Auto show begins ...
I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to whether Model X will be present or not.

HOORAY! X-mas is arriving!!!

sra | 11 febbraio 2016

@Eric. Who is the owner or which Tesla facility is showing it?

Red Sage ca us | 11 febbraio 2016

Svein: It is likely the car that is to be on display at the Geneva Auto Show. There have been photos posted of a Deep Blue Metallic Model X that is currently in Switzerland, at a Tesla Service Center. It is presumed that will be at the upcoming show.

eric.zucker | 11 febbraio 2016

I posted the link to the event in another thread "See the First Model X in Switzerland ". Geneva SC.

deti | 11 febbraio 2016

Hey Eric.Zucker any chance i can be your guest to enjoy the event with you? I also have a reservation for a model x

eric.zucker | 11 febbraio 2016

My wife is coming, and the kids are also very impatient, if I can bring them along. So sorry, I've got a full house and backups...

eric.zucker | 11 febbraio 2016

@Red: deep blue metallic? That's mine!!! Except I haven't been invited to configure yet.

eric.zucker | 23 febbraio 2016

Just got official confirmation that Model X will be presented in Geneva Auto Show:

Model X in Geneva

March 3 to 13.

rbi | 29 febbraio 2016

I was at the exclusive Model X reveal invitation last saturday in geneva. They presented a blue X (not signature). This car will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show starting March 3rd. Guests have been informed, that configuration for early sig reservation holders will start within the next few weeks. Their cautious expectation for first european deliveries is late summer.

eric.zucker | 29 febbraio 2016

I was there too, more info and photos on this thread:

eric.zucker | 1 marzo 2016

Model X Configuration OPEN. Please check the thread I linked to above for details.