Where and when did you first learn of the Model S?

Where and when did you first learn of the Model S?

This is rather an interesting question in general, but especially with the CoTY awards and new store openings, like Yorkdale, recently (and to come). Discovery stories welcome!

rmitchum | 18 novembre 2012

I first encountered the Model S in a January 2010 Tesla newsletter email, whereupon I immediately dropped any interest in the GM Volt.

cablechewer | 18 novembre 2012

2007 or 2008 when the business plan was first revealed. Back then it was the whitestar and the affordable car was the bluestar

reitmanr | 18 novembre 2012

I stopped by the Menlo Park showroom just on a feeling I should. They had a technical presentation of the model S which blew my mind. This was last February 2012. And just as I was about to dismiss the idea, my wife suggested if I want it to buy it. So after 24 hours to cool off, I registered my order. Whew! what a ride, even before I take delivery! Can't wait. P7214

cerjor | 18 novembre 2012

I cant remember. It was too long ago. I visited the service center in Seattle well before the Bellevue store opened.

BYT | 18 novembre 2012
dahtye | 18 novembre 2012

I stopped by the Menlo Park showroom to look at the Roadsters mid last year. While there, I saw that they were working on the Model S (there was already an early prototype on display). I put down a deposit for a production model a few days later. About a month later I upped my ante to a Signature model. Now I'm driving it!!

Mark E | 19 novembre 2012

Back in 2008 when reading the business plan about the roadster.

s_curve | 19 novembre 2012

Spring of 2009. After reading an article about the Roadster, which I was already familiar with, I followed a link to another post about a 'forthcoming' sedan. I recall being impressed with the perfomance numbers the article claimed Tesla looking to hit with an electric powerplant. However, it was an artist's rendition of the Alpha car and a production target of 2012 that made me shelve my Audi S5 plan.

jbunn | 19 novembre 2012

I was about the same time as s_curve. Heard about the roadster when Seattle opened its store in 2009. back in the whitestar/bluestar days. So ive been waiting a loooong time. ; )

scottssp | 19 novembre 2012

Fall 2008 I was in palo alto for a water polo tournament. Walked be the store and stoped in, they had a very rough proto type in the lobby. I got to go on a ride with a tech in a Roadster for some battery testing, and I was sold. My S in on a truck and should get it tomorrow. Long wait is over. | 19 novembre 2012

June 2011 trip to DC-- stopped in at the Tesla store by my hotel. Followed up 2 weeks later at the Lone Tree Colorado store & ordered that night.

kalel65 | 19 novembre 2012

I've always been a sucker for new technology and cars since I was a kid (As a young teen, I once walked several miles to get a look at the Chrysler turbine concept car).

I had heard about the Roadster and I was impressed but it was a new company and didn't fit my needs or budget. As I followed the website I saw the information on what would be the Model S and was intrigued. What made me put down a deposit was a statement from a top official at Google who I met at a party and when I asked about Tesla he opined "I wouldn't underestimate Elon." Looks like he was right. Can't wait for my car!

Cindy.holland | 19 novembre 2012

I first heard about the car in the enthusiastic review in the Wall Street Journal this past June. This was right before the Get Amped Tour was coming to DC so I reserved so I could get a test drive. Needless to say, I didn't cancel my reservation after experiencing that!

Brian H | 19 novembre 2012

Aha, chalk up 1 for recent "rave review" sales. :)

mrspaghetti | 19 novembre 2012

I stumbled onto it online about a month before Get Amped came to Houston. I happened to be up in Seattle shortly after reading about it and visited the store in the mall up there, then was pumped to learn they have one in the Houston Galleria as well. I put down my deposit about a week or so before Get Amped, just to experience the novelty of a test drive, planning to get a refund afterward.

Yeah, right...

TheAustin | 19 novembre 2012

March 29, 2010...I was watching an episode of the NBC show Chuck, and saw someone driving an insanely cool back convertible sports car. A quick Google search revealed that it was a Tesla Roadster. I checked out the Tesla website and, as cool as the Roadster was (is), it was just way too impractical for me. On the other hand, their newly-announced electric four-door sedan was RIGHT up my alley :) After a couple of months of research and reflection, I put my deposit down on June 4th, 2010. At they time, I was definitely taking a flyer on a start-up company, and I had no idea if they would even be around long enough to make a single Model S...But I had faith in a brilliant man, and an amazing idea, and I just crossed my fingers.

My reservation number is P2009, and Tesla estimates that I'll have my Pacific Blue 85kW Performance Model S delivered sometime around January/February of 2013...Just shy of three years after I first discovered Tesla, Elon Musk, the Roadster, and the Model S. And while that date can't come soon enough, the delivery stories I've read on here and TMC have given me confidence that I will see my beautiful car one day very soon...And all of the recent awards and accolades have totally reinforced that fact that the Model S isn't some fringe invention, but the revolutionary car that I read about back on March 29th of 2010.

DouglasR | 19 novembre 2012

I was intrigued by the Roadster when it first came out, but it was impractical and too expensive. Shortly after they announced the Model S, I put in a reservation on a lark, certain I would never actually get it. Canceling would cost me only $50, plus I got a hat, mug, tee shirt, radio controlled car, and I don't know what else.

When they announced the Model X, I thought that made much more sense (I'm a hiker, and need/like an SUV). In fact, I asked about switching my reservation to the X. The rep said I could do that, but why not hold on so that I can at least get a test drive of the S?

Well, I took the test drive in a P85, and was blown away. On the way home, my wife said, "You're never going to take a Tesla Model X through the muck, off road, to reach the trail head anyway. You're still going to need your Ford SUV. So why not just get the S."

Game over.

TeslaLABlue | 19 novembre 2012

Sometime in 2010 I was looking for a good cheap stock to buy.

Somehow ran into Tesla stock. Was also looking ahead for a new car...thinking Audi Q5 or A6 but also looking into electric cars at the same time.

Bought a ton of Tesla stock in July 2010 @ $20.91

Finally got my reservation spring 2012. My S is due Feb-March.

ViewAskew | 20 novembre 2012

Feb 2011. I really wanted a sports car and was considering either a Camaro or a Vette. Talked it over with my wife; neither of those vehicles made sense for our family dynamics. (I have son that’s 7 soon to be 8 and 3 teens) We decided to go green and after seeing the Volt at the Auto Show leaned towards that. We were just on the verge of signing when I saw a repeat of cable program I watch. (Attack of The Show) They featured this awesome car called the Tesla Roadster. It blew my mind. Did a google search for Tesla and what do you know, they’re making a sedan. Made some phone calls sent out a few emails…. the rest is history. (Never even looked back at the Volt) Now I’m getting the best of both worlds fast car that can actually seat my family. We’re waiting on the S to get here to decide if we want to invest in an X.

nickjhowe | 20 novembre 2012

Nov 2010. I was thinking about what my next car was going to be. I'm currently driving a Range Rover. I've had all kinds of cars including an '89 Lotus Élan and a Lotus Elise 111S (that I was on a 1 year waiting list for). I've always liked cars that are a little different. Nothing out there really grabbed me (was looking at a Panamera and a Murcielago) and even though gas is sooooo cheap here (I'm a US Brit) I was intrigued by electric cars so I went to look at the Tesla Roadster. Can't remember where I'd heard about it, but knew it was using an Elise variant body. I wanted to compare the native 1400lb, 5.6 0-60 Elise with the 2800 lb, 3.7 0-60 Roadster.

I was fortunate that the Dania, FL store lent me a 2.5 Roadster over Thanksgiving 2010 - what a ride! Was absolutely smitten with the acceleration, but not the handling - you can definitely tell it is twice the weight. Also it has all the drawbacks of the Elise (size, noise, ....)

While I was there I learnt about the Model S. Sounded amazing! A couple of days later I put the deposit down for the Model S. I went backwards and forwards about a sig vs a P and although at the time it was suggested that the Sig package would actually give you more for the equivalent P price (hence the $40k deposit s $5k) I figured waiting a few months might actually give TM a chance to shake out a few bugs so a P was maybe a bit safer bet.

So P2698...8 weeks and counting. I absolutely LOVED my Lotus Elise. Rightly earned the title "best handling car in the world" - especially on the winding UK country roads where i lived. But now I'm in Florida wi straight(er) roads 4.0 0-60; 9.5 0-100; 260 miles. Wow. Everything I could ask for. Can't wait for the Tesla Grin.

Timo | 20 novembre 2012

Sometime in 2004 when this whole business was some tiny amateur project more than serious business. Roadster was referred as darkstar, model S was whitestar and far far into future GenIII affordable car bluestar. Website was quite different back then.

Brian H | 21 novembre 2012

Don't quite get your math. You, wife, 3 teens, & 8-yr old are 6. Will the youngest fit in the jump seats for long enough? Wouldn't the X be a safer/longer investment? Unless 1 of the teens is expected to "graduate" from the mix ...

Brian H | 21 novembre 2012

Oh, wait ... I see; you're considering getting both! That'll solve it!

Klaus | 21 novembre 2012

March 2009 during the unveiling. Put my deposit down the next day. (originally P73 until I upgraded the signature)

Larry Chanin | 21 novembre 2012

In May 2011 I put down a deposit on a Volt. At the time GM hadn't allocated any production to Florida and I was twiddling my thumbs waiting. So I started surfing the web for more information on Volts. I came across, that listed all current and upcoming plug in cars. I saw a real EV, the Model S. Instant lust. A few months later Tesla brought the prototype Model S with the custom paint job to the Sarasota Yacht Club. (I met Klaus and his wife.) Immediately gave Dustin the region sales manager $5,000. Around January 2012 I founded the Florida Tesla Motors Club.

In March 2012 after the Signatures were sold out I decided to get on the waiting list. On June 2012 while in Fremont waiting to be a passenger for the GET AMPED event, I got the call from Tesla upgrading me to Signature. I just happend to have a check for $35,000 on me and the next day I handed it to the first regional sales manager I ran across at the GET AMPED event.

An hour ago I got an email from Tesla telling me that my car was in rectification in assembly and hopefully should be on a truck at the end of next week.