White Car - would you install Paint Armor?

White Car - would you install Paint Armor?

Have my White S85 three weeks --no issues--noticed a small clearcoat chip while washing front bumper cover. What's the consensus of opinions on installing a clear bra on a white car? I'm concerned about yellowing and the tell tale hood line if only wrapping the partial as in the Tesla Paint Armor kit.

David Trushin | 8 aprile 2013

Partial wrap is quite visible on white.

jason_freedman | 8 aprile 2013

I didn't. Think it looks worse and not really that big an advantage.

NOPetrol | 8 aprile 2013

I have it, Some parts of the joints show when dirt gets in the edges. My car is generally kept clean so its not big deal but I do like it in the front in particular for protection from gravel and road dirt. I would get it again if had the choice.

s_curve | 8 aprile 2013

I have a Pearl White P85 w/Paint Armor. No regrets. When my car is clean, which it is most of the time, I see no dirt seem at the hood line. I've got 3K+ miles racked up now and I already see areas where the armor has protected the finish. The nose of the car is so low, I'm confident I'd probably be ready for a new paint job if I didn't have the protection. I can also say that Tesla's installation of the armor is quite nicely done. Right and tight. A much better job than the Nephew who works that the local body shop would have done. No regrets.

jandkw | 8 aprile 2013

@Amagansett, I have the white MS and had my local shop (Tinted Atmosphere in Cary, NC) put on XPEL the next day my MS arrived and they did a very good job. I did quite a bit of research on paint armor and window tinting prior to receiving my MS. XPEL is the best and the manufacturer has the material and labor warranty, although it is a little expensive. XPEL has what they called "self healing" (look up YouTube to get the info. and demo.) and will not yellowing. My shop guy also showed me the self healing demo and it works. I did get a good discount from TA which they charged me $1200 to do: Full Hood and Fenders, Bumper, Headlights, Mirror Backs, Roof, A Pillars, Door Handle, Cups and Edge Guards. Make sure you do full hood or you will see the line in the center (show up real well even for white color). I also had them do the tinting around the car, windshield and windows all around for anther $500. For people who live in the warm climate, tinting is one of the best investments. By the way, when I waxed the XPEL, it shines as good as the remaining white paint so I am quite pleased with the material.

I had the BMW X3 in black which I purchased brand new several years ago. The car is beautiful until a few months after she came in, I had the stone chip on the front hood and I did everything I could to hide it but failed. I have to see the dints every day for several years. Sure I can re-paint the car but I didn't want to mess up the beautiful, and original paint. Trust me, a little expense for paint armor (clear bra) now is definitely worth while for the long run.

Drdon220 | 8 aprile 2013

I too have a Pearl white Tesla S and like @jandkw installed a full front wrap. It's an excellent product and I'm very happy with the installation (Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue, Wa) You virtually can not tell that it's installed. The product is well worth the money. I've had the half hood clear bra on my other vehicles and have never liked the line on the hood. The xPel product does to have that. It's also self healing, non yellowing, and can be waxed like the rest of the car.

shop | 8 aprile 2013

I have it on a brown car - would not do it unless it was a full wrap. Everyone thinks the seam is a scratch.

RobS | 8 aprile 2013

I have a pearl white and am very happy with the wrap. Under certain light, the non-wrap part sparkles more, so I'm not going to find a shop to do a full hood wrap, which I was originally thinking of doing. Ironically, at a Tesla meet up of about 10 cars, all of us agreed the line was more obvious on the darker colors cars there than on the white.

mpottinger | 8 aprile 2013

The lines look better than chips. I'm putting it on my pearl white.

DouglasR | 8 aprile 2013

Pearl white, full hood, can't see it unless you look hard, car looks great!

brandtlings | 8 aprile 2013

I had Metropolitan Detail in Bellevue do a full wrap (All painted surfaces) on my pearl white and it looks amazing! I think it has more depth than without. It's the Xpel material so it should look good for years to come. Not inexpensive, but we're planning on keeping the car a long time. No worries about chips or scratches. Highly recommended!

gagliardilou | 8 aprile 2013

NOPetrol + 1

davidnguyen | 8 aprile 2013

I regret not getting the paint armor option for $950 on my pearl white MS. Then I heard good things about Mr. Tint in San Jose, CA and they did an excellent job covering the full hood and bumper with the
Xpel material mentioned above. I barely notice its there. I'll post pics the next time I wash my car, but here is the website:

sleeper330 | 8 aprile 2013

I just got mine down at Mr. Tint San Jose, full paint armor for the entire front hood, $650 and 5 year warranty

eltonf | 10 aprile 2013

I have the paint armor on my pear white. It's ony noticeable when the car is dirty. I got the full hood done aftermarket.