Who has been invited to configure their Tesla model X?

Who has been invited to configure their Tesla model X?

Has anyone who who put down a $5,000 deposit for a basic (not signature) model X been notified to configure their Tesla X? If you have, please share the date of your reservation. My reservation date is spring 2014 and a family member is hoping to have my current vehicle. It would be nice if I could give them some idea about when I will be driving my Tesla model X. Doesn't Tesla motors realize how frustrating it is for us not to have more information?

Tâm | 23 ottobre 2015


I imagine Tesla cannot give you any timeline until the rhythm of the production line is well established.

The dance just has started. 6 Model Xs was delivered. More is coming.

I don't believe they are withholding the knowledge of your delivery date.

They need to see the 7th delivery, 8th, 9th, 10th, and so on before they can have an idea on the production line speed.

Deenobrown | 23 ottobre 2015

I reserved October, 2013. No word yet. Nor am I expecting one anytime soon! This is Tesla time.

ian | 23 ottobre 2015

I reserved June of 2013 and have not been asked to configure. Tesla has stated that ALL reservation holders will configure by year end, and inside customer service folks have told sig reservations that their goal is that ALL signature orders will have their vehicles by year end.

tomgibson9 | 24 ottobre 2015

I reserved November 2012 and nothing on my end. My reservation number is 1,9xx.

CKS | 24 ottobre 2015

Thank you deenobrown, Ian t, and tomgibson9 your responses were helpful

paradis | 24 ottobre 2015

Could we PLEEEEAAASE not clog up this thread with "I didn't get my notice to configure" posts. If everyone did that we'd have 30,000 useless posts.

Let's keep this thread open only for people who HAVE been invited to configure which actually gives us useful info.


TonyInNH | 24 ottobre 2015

Actually I find it useful to know if those early reservation holders haven't gotten theirs yet since it tells me not to hold my breath for mine.

aesculus | 25 ottobre 2015

OK. So only

aesculus | 25 ottobre 2015

OK. So only <P100 should be allowed to post? :-)

Roamer@AZ USA | 25 ottobre 2015

When the first non sig car gets invited to configure you will see it here for sure.


tomgibson9 | 29 ottobre 2015

It's been more than a "few" weeks since the email came out from Tesla indicating they would invite the next group of reservation holders to configure their cars. Have any general production reservation holders been invited to configure yet? I am 1,9xx and I haven't.

Roamer@AZ USA | 29 ottobre 2015


Iowa92x | 29 ottobre 2015


medplex | 29 ottobre 2015

I am regular production number 203x . I have not been asked to configure nor do I expect to be asked until 2016 and anticipate delivery in March 2016. Maybe I'm being overly pessimistic but I base my assumption on the fact that there are three thousand cars ahead of me and that only approximately 6 cars currently exist.

aesculus | 29 ottobre 2015

@medplex: One reason Tesla will want everyone to configure sooner than later is to lock in a sale and also to help the suppliers plan and commit to delivery. Because this car is so new they really don't know how many of each feature they will need in the first six months or even how many of the reservation holders will be ready to commit.

NumberOne | 30 ottobre 2015

On a Facebook group someone said they were told to expect production configuration by mid November. I have accepted the fact that I am not likely to get my car by the end of the year, since at least one sig that I know of was notified to expect delivery by mid January. Naturally I keep checking 'My Tesla' every day. just in case I do not get an e-mail.

rlfletch | 30 ottobre 2015

Another update with no positive info but FYI: Reservation date 2/10/2012 order #190 and I have not heard anything yet. I'm sure this thread will be flooded as soon as word goes out. How many Sigs have been delivered beyond those first 6?

aesculus | 30 ottobre 2015

No sigs have been delivered. It appears that 10 Founders cars have been delivered to date.

David37 | 30 ottobre 2015

I am regular production #264, no configure request yet, but I have gotten the four buttons for payment options a few days ago.

David37 | 30 ottobre 2015

Seeing as only the date of reservation now shows, I will add that I switched from an S to an X on 12 Feb 2012.