whole family drove model s! everyone is ssold!!!

whole family drove model s! everyone is ssold!!!

Whole family drove a model s , the greatest car we have ever driven!!!everyone is sold on this great car. Sooo easy to drive , love the handling! The acceleration is like a rocket ship !. The touch screen system with its functionality with the car is perfectly set up! Radio is superior sound ,so easy to use!!Handled snow great. Very good range!!! Dont believe the media "range anxiety" bs. Perfect car!!! It got us where we needed to go, so easy to charge!,Gotta buy it when possible, just need to save up lol!!!!!!!!! It keeps dreams alive!!!! We will keep the tesla dream alive as well. Thank you tesla motors team! All out hero's!!!!now there is superchargers to get people across America for free, forever. How sweet it will be to do this one day! Everyone needs to try/buy this car. Thank you. Hope others get the chance to drive this car :-)

jordanrichard | 8 febbraio 2014

I first drove a Tesla back in Nov. and have been obsessed ever since. I have never been one to go with the latest and greatest, but this is beyond that. The feeling from the test drive, ok I have driven one 5 times since then, is indescribable. Roller coaster, rocket ship, etc really don't even begin to describe it.

Per mile, to "gas up" the Tesla will cost me literally 1/4 of what it costs me to fuel my present car.

My obsession will be going into full tilt come March, because that is when mine is due to be delivered.

Joshua Burstyn | 11 febbraio 2014

We should charge $5.00 per exclamation point... :-)

Brian H | 11 febbraio 2014

I won't pay!! >:(