Why aren't these included with the car?

Why aren't these included with the car?

I've seen many posts regarding the purchase of floor mats and a flat tire repair kit. The car apparently comes with fairly decent front floor mats only and, of course, no spare tire. You can purchase a whole set (inside, trunk and frunk) of premium mats for $650 and a tire repair kit for $50. I'm somewhat disappointed that these items aren't included considering that we're shelling out $80,000+ for these cars.

Pricee2 | 14 marzo 2013

+1 Especially the tire kit. | 14 marzo 2013

Most car companies do not include good mats (if any) in the car. Often it's an optional item (and price) on the sticker that you have to take. This includes most luxury makes. At least Tesla doesn't force it on you.

The "courtesy" front mats that are included are rather thin, and most owners replace them with the Tesla branded or third-party mats. Here's some of the options:

Vern110 | 14 marzo 2013

My 100K bmw, did not include quality mats or tire repair kit. The most they gave me at delivery were a key chain and travel mug.

JZ13 | 14 marzo 2013

$100k German sedans don't need a tire kit because they come with a spare. And the floor mats I've had in those gas guzzlers were quite nice.

Vern110 | 14 marzo 2013

Both BMWs did not come with a spare (the old 540 and M5), 19x8.5 in wheels, the mats included are definitely not the same quality, sold separately.

jat | 14 marzo 2013

The front floor mats that come with the car are crap. Yes, it would be nice if they included both items you suggest. However, I think many of these things are due to trying to hit a price point promised before they ever started building them, and now trying to get gross margin up (it was negative through 3Q12, and they just got it to 8% last quarter). If they hadn't promised a price earlier and the car was just priced higher and included them, would you have been happier? Personally, I prefer the option to get what I want and not pay extra for something I didn't want (which was largely why I didn't get the performance option - I didn't want 21" wheels and I didn't want leather -- if they just had a $5k cheaper option to just get the upgraded motor and inverter, I probably would have done it).

I bought the Lloyd's Ultimats and am quite happy with them. I bought a compressor at Walmart for $20 (I won't use the spray glue anyway - I would rather get a tow than have to replace the tire pressure sensors).

When I bought a Toyota Camry Hybrid when they first came out, it also came with crappy driver's side only mat, and I paid something over $300 for a complete set of mats, so it isn't like this is unprecedented.

GeekEV | 14 marzo 2013

I got the kit because it can be used without the fix-a-flat can and better to have that and not use it than hot have it and need it. What happens if you're stuck somewhere with no cell service or your phone is dead? Or it's a horrible neighborhood and you don't want to chance leaving the car and walking anywhere... Who knows.

jbunn | 14 marzo 2013

Wheres the cupholders and coat hooks?!?!

(Im sorry. Could not resist. I should know better)

Playing find the engine with curious onlookers is a game I never tire of. One day I was loading a 12 pack of beer into the frunk. Some lady was watching, and I told her I was installing a new fuel pack. Had her going for a moment