Why not Opticoat?

Why not Opticoat?

Searched the forum and read lots of comments in favor of Opticoat but few arguments against it. Other than cost, why not Opticoat? Arguments against it? Am I missing something? Thanks.

Picked up gray metallic S on Saturday in Dallas - in that " great" state that forbids sales

mcfadyena | 2 aprile 2014

No arguments against, but just wanted to say I love the job done on my car. Makes it look fantastic all the time!

ModelS3P | 2 aprile 2014

I really don't think there is any reason not to.

85Tesla | 2 aprile 2014

Any recommendations in SoCal?

aheiche | 2 aprile 2014

I had Opticoat Pro done in the DC area and love it! The mc red looked great before and now has a deeper gloss and is easier to keep clean. Enjoy your new car. The newness of a Tesla never seems to wear off. I'm loving it more and more every day.

carlk | 2 aprile 2014

Nothing against except the extra cost.

church70 | 2 aprile 2014

I spoke with Tesla about this in my area Tesla just started to offer detailing service so I thought I would have them detail my car I mentioned OPTICOAT and did they offer it I was told no

I asked why not ? the car doesn't need it it's not recommended I let it go at that point but I'm bringing my car into service tomorrow I will inquire more in person

ModelS3P | 2 aprile 2014

The paint is pretty soft on the Model S, so I don't know why Tesla would recommend against it. Before Opticoat Pro, bird droppings and the like were very difficult to remove (and I even marred the paint removing one bird dropping that I didn't see for a day). After Opticoat Pro, they wipe right off. Also, the car stays clean longer. Should help preventing swirl marks as well.

Tennisman | 2 aprile 2014

Anxiously awaiting for my car (late June delivery) - Have decided on opticoat pro, and had a couple of questions - once applied, does it feel slippery with that "just waxed" feel and secondly, can you apply a wax to it ( such as Maguirs) over it?

hikerockies | 2 aprile 2014

It feels slippery but not as slippery as right after waxing. I have only used wet paint glaze for many years including couple of times on Tesla before I got opticoat pro on it. Car felt more slippery with wet paint glaze than it does with opticoat. Even if it is not as slippery, it does look very good with opticoat.

Tennisman | 2 aprile 2014

Thanks for the reply - can you apply a wax over the opticoat pair?

dilbert | 2 aprile 2014

@85Tesla - I pick up my MS 4/24, and I'm planning on taking it to Extreme Autowerks in Cerritos. I'm going to Opticoat Pro, plus XPEL ultimate the front end. They also apply the Opticoat Pro on the XPEL (as a bonus).

They also do window tint, so I'm probably going to do a photosync tint while it's there...

They've apparently done quite a few Teslas. Talk to Bing...

hikerockies | 2 aprile 2014

I will defer to a professional on that. The guy who applied opticoat pro for me said wet paint glaze is OK to apply if I really want to, but wet paint glaze is not a wax.

bairey | 2 aprile 2014

I am getting mine done next week in the San Diego area. I'll let you know how it turns out.

ir | 2 aprile 2014

My car is already wrapped. Jury is split on whether Opticoat can / should be applied over full wrap.

bairey | 2 aprile 2014

Yes, it can be applied over a full wrap.

jcaspar1 | 2 aprile 2014

A little expensive and not as shinny as a fresh wax.

ModelS3P | 2 aprile 2014

You can wax over it, but there really isn't a need to.

AlMc | 2 aprile 2014

Tennisman: Simply answer YES. I have a coat of wax will give it a little extra protection and smooth feel.

RedShift | 2 aprile 2014

Reason to do opticoat was to avoid waxing it in the first place. It looks very shiny after a wash, again and again, but not the wet shiny look of a wax, rather, the crystal clear glass like shine.

I also marred my paint trying to remove a bird bomb, which had etched into my paint. After countless hours of scratch remover and elbow grease, I put opti coat on top ( one year after I purchased my car ) and I am at peace now.

Minker | 2 aprile 2014

@85Tesla - Had Mighty Fine Detailing do Opticoat Pro and Anthony did a great job.

ERon | 2 aprile 2014

I had CQuartz Finest applied, probably similar to Opticoat.
It's like rain-x for the entire car, nothing sticks, and the shine is like glass.

Bighorn | 2 aprile 2014

I've heard it said that wax won't adhere to opticoat. I drove mine to CA to get it done right--mine was the 240th Model S to be paint corrected and Opticoated.

85Tesla | 2 aprile 2014

@Minker how much did it cost?

@Dilbert thank you I will try to call them tomorrow? How much did it cost you?

@bairey I would be interesting to know how it goes.

Muzzman1 | 2 aprile 2014

Here's my experience. ( I hope it's ok to link )

55steve | 2 aprile 2014

I had my P86+ done the same day I picked it up from the factory at Orinda Detail. I had my 911S done as a test the day before and they both turned out awesome. The Opticoat process is the way to go and if you are in Northern California, I would take it to Joe at Orinda Detail. He is a perfectionist and will not even let a minor issue get by him.

Minker | 2 aprile 2014

It was $650 and we had it done the day after delivery so the paint correction wasn't as involved, but he still spent a lot of time making sure it was perfect. They come to you, which is nice.

chrisdl | 3 aprile 2014

More and more people in Europe pick Modesta BC-03 or BC-05 over Opticoat Pro.
I will go for Modesta myself, just for these two reasons:
* the shine is deeper than Opticoat Pro
* the paint feels much more silky smooth than Opticoat Pro (if you put Opticoat Pro on the glass, your wipers may skip, for example)

Opticoat Pro will last longer, though. Modesta is rated for 3 to 10 years.

All this information is second hand. My car isn't coated yet. So YMMV.

ks-man | 3 aprile 2014

I know very little about washing cars, waxing, science behind opticoat, etc. but I will give you my thoughts which are completely based on my own experience and maybe different than what everybody else is saying.

I had opticoat applied right after delivery. I did need extensive paint correction as my car is black and there were swirls and imperfections from the factory as the detailer said is unfortunately common with other Teslas he has seen from the factory. When I took delivery of the car it looked awesome, far better than it looked after I took delivery from the service center. The company I used has gotten a ton of praise from many other Tesla owners.

Ok, so now fast-forward to the past four months and dealing with a Chicago winter. My car has looked pretty atrocious all winter. Between the snow, salt and dust I drive around in a car that would appear years old and like the owner couldn't care less about it. After a car wash the car looks clean but I certainly wouldn't say it shines. It definitely looked better the day I picked it up from the detail shop. If there is a light snow or misty rain shortly thereafter my car will once again look filthy. You can see currently dust splotched all over the car.

I take my car to a hand car wash that is highly regarded in the area. People take all types of cars there including high end cars and people who have used the place for years heap praise on it. I can't really tell at this point if there are swirls or scratches as it will all be easier to see after a wash on a nice sunny, summer day. The few times I tried to look at it after the wash it looked clean but not flawless. I'm sure part of the issue is people around here spend 30-40 minutes washing their own car and I'm hearing that and comparing it to the 5-7 minute assembly process mine goes through.

Now I don't know if it was my expectations of opticoat being off or my garage being extra dusty or the fact that I go to a hand car wash vs. washing it myself. I got opticoat b/c I was told it would protect the car from swirls and slight scratches (not dents) as their is a film that is over the paint. I was also told that after washing the car it beads up water and ends up with a clean shine that looks as if the car has been waxed just from regular soap and water. My experience (during the winter) has been that it would have been no different if I had opticoat or not with the exception that I don't know if I would have scratches and swirls which I might or might not currently have. My plan is to wait for the spring and get another car wash, leave it outside in the sun and fully examine my car. Then I will call the shop that did the opticoat and listen to what they say. If I see swirls and slight scratches that it sounds like I shouldn't have considering the coat I'll bring it back for them to review.

So as a whole, I don't know if my experience differs b/c of improper expectations or something else. For all I know opticoat might be protecting my car from a very harsh winter and I'd be miserable without it. But from where I am today I don't quite understand if I'm getting a benefit from actually having the opticoat applied.

mcfadyena | 3 aprile 2014

@Church - Funny - Tesla Toronto arranged to have my coated before I took delivery (they don't do this anymore), and when I picked up my car was told that it was the most flawless Model S they had ever seen.

I had wondered if they were going to have their team trained to provide the service, but based on your info, it doesn't appear likely.

church70 | 3 aprile 2014

I don't know I will ask The manager today I wasn't speaking with him originally in fact I'll call them right now

Mathew98 | 3 aprile 2014

@ks-man - Putting OptiCoat on your car make it easier to wash off dirt and grimes. There's no protective film layer unless you had Expel or something similar installed.

If you had Opticoat on top of the protective film then it wouldn't shine as bright as just OC on the paint, would it?

My experience with OC is as advertised. Less dirt would stick to the paint. If I had a deep wash one week using the two buckets method, I can just hose it down a week later using a foam gun without a washing mitt.

ks-man | 3 aprile 2014

I don't have a film or anything and as I said I don't really understand the science of Opticoat. I definitely don't feel like less dirt (or snow, salt or dust) now sticks to my car vs. any other car I've ever had. As the weather gets nicer I can see if a simple hose down of the car cleans it but based on my current experience I'm a little skeptical. I don't use the two bucket methods as I don't have the time or interest. Hopefully I can take it to a hand car wash every couple of weeks and simply do a quick hose down to clean the dust off it in between.

Thanks for the explanation.

hikerockies | 3 aprile 2014

@ks-man: I am with you on this. I had opticoat pro put on my car just before winter and I will do it again on my next car, but I really have no evidence to tell me paint is doing better with it than it would have without. My car still gets plenty dirty in winter right after a wash and a hose down is not enough to get it to look clean. I still have to spend 30 minutes either washing with shampoo and sponge, or hose down and use Optimum No Rinse to finish up. Maybe summer dust will come off with just a hose down. I don't want to let the car air dry because of the water spots that will form, so I have to dry with a microfiber towel. I do not feel comfortable putting a drying towel to the car unless the car looks very clean, so I end up following a wash up with ONR and then dry it. The only benefit I can see so far is car looks shiny after a wash and that saves me from all the time spent applying wet paint glaze.

church70 | 3 aprile 2014

I just spoke with them they don't recommend it through Tesla apparently you were a special case but it shouldn't of been done

Mathew98 | 3 aprile 2014

Aha. Did I forget to mention I use a dedicated leaf blower to dry the car after the foam gun treatment?

No chance of getting swirl marks from any micro fiber clothes.

There's no need for waxing with OC on the car.

carlk | 3 aprile 2014

@ks-man Please please use the two bucket method even if it takes a little (very little) more preparation. Your beautiful car doesn't deserve those ugly scratches or swirls.

On the other hand people, at least people not in the snow country, could use Optimum No Rinse Wash ONLY without any pre-hosing or shampooing. It takes only about 20 minutes easy work to get the car sparkle clean if you don't let the car to get too dirty. I did not believe there is such magic until I tried it. I am a true believer now. I've been using this on my 7 year old un-waxed Porsche without any coatings and it's still one of the shiniest cars in the lot. I'll continue to do this on my new MS after it gets the OC this weekend.

ferrari308driver | 3 aprile 2014

My MC red is at a detail shop presently. It received a multi stage paint correction, and all the glass has been treated with Opticoat (I even asked for them to do the side view mirrors and the rear camera lens....not sure if that will help but I figured it's worth a try on that lens). Today they are applying Modesta BC-04 and tomorrow layering on Modesta BC-05. This is on top of a full front wrap of self-healing Suntek film (people can argue between which is best -- XPEL or Suntek).

My guess is that the self-healing property of the Suntek (or XPEL, if that's what you prefer) will be compromised by putting Modesta (or Opticoat, if that's what you prefer) on the car. My reasoning is that the film is soft and will endure the rock chip and then self-heal with the heat of the sun or a heat gun, but if we put the really hard coating (particularly a double layer of Modesta), now it won't be soft and have that self-healing property. Thoughts?

ks-man | 3 aprile 2014


Yeah, I'm starting to consider learning the proper way to wash the car and giving it a try myself as the weather gets nicer. It looks like foam guns aren't that expensive on Amazon and cuts down a lot of time. What do most people do about rinsing it off after? Do people just use a regular hose or do they use a pressure washer?

If I could keep it under 30 minutes it would probably be worthwhile considering the wait time at the car wash as it gets nicer. I still would have issues in the winter as it gets pretty bad in Chicago and I don't know but I have 6 months of summer first to deal with.

Will_A | 3 aprile 2014

@ks-man. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I'm expecting my MC Red S85 to arrive on the 24th and was debating the need to OC. I live in Denver and I would think your winter experience will be similar to mine. So maybe I can skip OC and look for something else.

bduke | 3 aprile 2014

Had Opti-Coat applied yesterday and it took a beautiful car way over the top. In my mind this is protecting my investment and way worth every penny. I had mine done in CT. by ECO Auto Detail and this guy, Morgan is a real professional who I would trust with my car even though he did the work here in my garage.

BobN @US-CA-SoCal | 3 aprile 2014

Done 3 months ago, and so far so good. No swirls, no streaks, easy washing, looks perfect. Ask me in 5 years, I guess. Richard Lin at Show Car Detailing in Anaheim Hills. They are real pros, I'm a happy camper.

Dnbigd | 3 aprile 2014

Thanks, all. Probably will go Opticoat Pro now. Just wanted to know if I were missing any negatives of having it done, other than cost. Have kept the S in the garage to keep it "protected" until coating it. :)

sule | 3 aprile 2014

I had Opti Coat Pro done yesterday to my new S (Toronto area, Concours Touch). Did my homework on finding the right company/person to do it and am extremely happy with the result. I coated the wheels (both summers and winters) too and the interior (got kids...). Leather look remained unchanged, yet it is protected. Super happy!

He had done a number of Teslas before and commented that they improved over time. He thinks they had a bad (inexperienced?) detailer before who was causing swirls and other damage, but now it is good. I only had a few marks in one spot, probably from transport guys...

church70 | 3 aprile 2014

Where did you go how much did it cost I'm also in the Toronto area

jeffpoel | 3 aprile 2014

Professionally opti guarded my car a few weeks after delivery. Looks shinier and sheds dirt better. However, and this will be detailed in a separate post, it does nothing to protect this very soft paint from scratching and chipping. My 8 month old 2013 is being repainted at the moment after having been driven 2x on an icy country road that had been sanded. It literally sand blasted the paint off both sides of the car from the back of the front wheel wells to the rear bumper. Thousands and thousands of tiny chips all the way from the bottom of the car to the bottom of the rear door's window. Insurance is covering it. The car is navy and the appearance was ruined. It will have chip guard film over the entire vulnerable area when done.

church70 | 3 aprile 2014

Sorry for the brain fart there I see where you went I guess I can always call them and find out how much

CU OPEC | 3 aprile 2014

What is the difference between opticoat and armorcoat ( Is it basically the same thing only 2 different manufacturers?
Any pros / cons of each in comparison to the other?

mcfadyena | 4 aprile 2014

I had my Opti-Coated upon delivery. Just picked my car up from Tesla Toronto yesterday and the entirety of the car's coating is wrought with scratches :-(

Doesn't look like it's even been Opti-Coated.

I asked which wash was used and how they dried it. Apparently they just used a standard chamois. I shot some photos and sent them along to the detailer. He said the scratches were defiantly because of the shammy :-(

I'm bringing it back over to him to repair, but it'll cost me.

jordanrichard | 4 aprile 2014

So, in reading all these replies, no one seems to have answered the OP question. Is there a reason to NOT do this OC? I am giving some thought about doing this as well. I spoke with one shop who has done many Teslas and he did say the paint on these cars is soft, but that actually works to a detailers favor because it is easier to correct.

bduke, how much was it for you to get it done and how long did it take. The outfit I spoke with that would be using G-Techniq coatings, said it was a 2 day process.

chrisdl | 4 aprile 2014

Then my post probably was not clear.
The reasons I will NOT have OC applied is that the surface of car would feel less slick and because Modesta offers a deeper shine. Those are my reasons, but people who have OC seem to be happy with it.