Will the model S get AWD ?

Will the model S get AWD ?


I know that the model X will have AWD, but does anyone now if the model S will get AWD, if yes, when ?

cloroxbb | 23 marzo 2013

use to search the forums. And NO nobody knows if or when it will get AWD.

Jolinar | 25 marzo 2013

Last known info from Elon is that it won't be anytime soon. My personal guess is that AWD Model S will be in 2015, not sooner than Model X.

Brian H | 25 marzo 2013

Yeah, I think there's much less there than meets the eye. The S is not fundamentally an off-road capable vehicle.

TeslaSam | 25 marzo 2013

When we talk about awd, it's nor for off road but more for contries like Canada or northern united states. Finland, and the north contries nedd that from a car.

Brian H | 25 marzo 2013

They think they need it, because they're used to sluggish ICE TC.

Vawlkus | 26 marzo 2013

SOME people think they need it Brian. The rest of us know how to drive :P

torst1 | 6 aprile 2013

>Yeah, I think there's much less there than meets the eye. The S is not fundamentally an off-road capable vehicle.

>They think they need it, because they're used to sluggish ICE TC.

I don't know where you live or what kind of weather you are used to, but there is a reason why big European manufactures have great success with their AWD models. Most of them are not big SUV's, pick ups or terrain vehicles. They are just ordinary models that have 4wd for increased passability.

If you live in a place with winter and snow 6 months a year, have twisty curvy roads that often get terrible snowdrifts or icy surface speed alone will not get you on top of the hill - in fact speed will take you to an early grave in such hash conditions. What will get you on top of that hill now matter what the man upstairs throw at you is traction. From all 4 wheels.

Sure people from sunny California or other sunshine states might find that hard to grasp but many people around the world prefer an AWD car even if they know how to drive, because an AWD makes their life easier and more predictable when they know they will make it in to work even if there is a raging blizzard or heavy snowstorm.

On top of that an AWD Tesla would give an even faster 0-60 time....and who would not like that?

And because the model X is delayed according to initial plans an AWD model S would make very much sense right now. And customer lusting for an X would not be put off and settle for S AWD cause those are two different types of cars. A sport car enthusiast would not choose a Cayenne over a 911. Same goes for AWD S - a sporty sedan is not a SUV even with traction in all 4 corners.

frmercado | 6 aprile 2013

@torst1 I second that. I've had AWD cars since I started snowboarding over 6 years ago (Subarus). It makes life so much easier. To know you are going to be able to get where you are going no matter the conditions on the roads is priceless. It's also nice that I will never have to stop and get out of the car with freezing weather to chain up so I can get over a hill. AWD is a most have in some parts of the country, specially for people that enjoy and practice winter sports regularly. Hope the generation 3 car comes with this option.

torst1 | 7 aprile 2013

I really can't understand why Tesla does not unleash an AWD version of the S right now. The only difference would be the front axel and maybe software. Should be possible to put an AWD together on the same assembly line they are currently using.

Yet another model would create extra PR, more articles in magazines, on TV and even more hits on google. And customers would pay a higher prize bettering the bottom line while strengthening the brand name.

But as I am not the one calling the shots I will get the S P85 for now - and make a trade as soon as the AWD version is here. Tesla are you listening? We want an AWD model S - and we need one now.

negarholger | 7 aprile 2013

@torst1 - MS and MX are the same, MX has a little longer wheelbase and a different box on top, but that is it. So once you have one with little effort you have both. TM is about modular engineering.
Why is MX delayed? We don't know. Maybe it is because all wheel drive needs more time to develop. TM has very limited engineering resources and it is better to do one product right then two half right.
Sunny California ? We have the highest mountains in the lower US and lots and lots of rural area. AWD is a must for many in CA.

Brian H | 7 aprile 2013

prize != price.

torst1 | 7 aprile 2013

Well kleist you might think so, I for sure don't think they are the same.
MX har higher ground clearance and also some strange doors that will not go well with carrying ski, snowboards etc on the roof. That alone will be a dealbreaker for many. If it is delayed cause of issues regarding the 4wd I certainly see why there is no immediately launch of an AWD MS. If it is not due to problems with 4wd I say give it to us now, pls.

Brian H, are you the bold english teacher I had in 12th grade?
Still having ladies issues or how is that working for you?

negarholger | 7 aprile 2013

Torst1 - you don't know Brian H ? He is our guardian angel in terms of grammar, spelling and many other things including technical questions we are struggeling with.

I don't what your general background is, but I work in design/production and I know how much effort it takes to put any product or product upgrade into the hands of customers. And it costs a lot of money. TM is doing things amazingly fast. But "give me now" is not how it works.

You are pointing out superficial differences like doors ( you can put falcon wing doors on a MS ), ride height ( on any car you can put some spacers ). MS and MX share the same technology. The chassis is the same design and components, except MX is a little longer.

Jolinar | 8 aprile 2013

I think Elon said Model X will have ability to carry skis, snowboards and such :)

torst1 | 8 aprile 2013

Hm pls explain that Jolinar?
You can't carry a rack on the roof cause of the rear doors and the way they open. Sure you can fold rear seats but how are the kids gonna get to the cabin? By bus? I'd prefer less fancy doors or even suicide doors over those currently showed for MX. I can't really see how one can carry skies and snowboards in a MX.

Brian H | 8 aprile 2013

Lock one side down?

torst1 | 9 aprile 2013

Or you might as well weld the back doors shut and be done with it.
Brian H sorry but that is neither feasible nor desirable. Keeping doors shut while juggling a "flock of kids" on a rest stop sounds like a bad idea.

Jolinar | 9 aprile 2013

Elon didn't mentioned how it will work, he just said they have solution for it. If I'll find the video, I'll post it here.

frmercado | 13 aprile 2013

According to this article the AWD Model S version accounts for the extra frunk liners that have been ordered lately.