Will the new calendar feature work with more than one driver?

Will the new calendar feature work with more than one driver?

The notes posted online indicate that a phone with the remote app must be connected with the car via Bluetooth. If my wife also has the remote app wi she see her calendar?

Captain_Zap | 20 settembre 2014

If her phone connects with Bluetooth first her contacts will show up. You can change which phone is connected in the Bluetooth options, I believe.

Captain_Zap | 20 settembre 2014

Calendar, I meant, not contacts.

akikiki | 20 settembre 2014

That's a good question. Let's walk thru the logic of how this works. Earlier today I was in my MS and the calendar did a sync to my iphone and I saw two events on the center console. So after seeing your question, I went back out to see if those events are displayed without the phone. I pressed the Cal app icon on the toolbar and it showed a message saying the phone was not available, and did I want to connect.

So it seems that the Cal app does know anything until the phone's calendar passes the info to the car. That hints to me that if you use a different phone with different events, it will display those events or appointments and will not show the events from the first phone.

When you get 6.0 maybe you or someone can confirm this?

SoCal Buzz | 20 settembre 2014

Calendar only shows content from 1 sync'd Bluetooth device at a time. It does not retain content if you disconnect. Same as phone contacts.