Will the real Tiger please stand up?

Will the real Tiger please stand up?

Channel 4 dispatched its reporter to Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center to find out about "Project Tiger" but Tesla declined to comment.

shop | 25 luglio 2014

And as of late yesterday, construction at that site has closed down. No reason given.

shop | 25 luglio 2014

Oops - I should have read the linked article - sounds like it is a construction pause, not shutdown.

mcdonalk | 25 luglio 2014

You can also read about this at:

Red Sage ca us | 26 luglio 2014

Interesting stories. I hope that it goes to Reno NV though. I think that is the best option for quick completion of the Gigafactory.

carlk | 26 luglio 2014

Reno is great. I would be very upset if the factory goes to one of the states that still does not allow direct Tesla sale.

2050project | 27 luglio 2014
Velo1 | 27 luglio 2014

I thought this thread was about Tiger Woods. My bad.

Bighorn | 27 luglio 2014

May give new meaning to putting a tiger in your tank...

Tâm | 27 luglio 2014

@kmmcdonald, @2050project and Bighorn:

Thanks for the link! Great info and I also like their pictures:

Before Tesla Tiger, there was an Esso Tiger, remember?

Here's a much cuter Tesla Tiger:

F&P Construction website says it has worked with a dealership, Nissan. Hmm! Sure? Not Gigafactory?

Conspiracy Theories Abound--Musk: Encounter of the third kind

Tâm | 27 luglio 2014

Let's try again on the sign posted at the construction site:

centralvalley | 27 luglio 2014

Ten days ago I was at a bar in Bridgeport, California talking to a carpenter from Reno. I asked him about this secret construction site east of Sparks (I did not recall the specific address.)

He said that he was going to work on it in a month or so, and that he was told that it was for Apple's cloud servers.

Now we may be talking about two different locations, or he could be misinformed, or I could have misunderstood.

Not trying to be a gossip-monger here, just relaying our discussion!

Red Sage ca us | 27 luglio 2014

I remember it more like this:

I haven't seen it as much since the Exxon-Valdez disaster though... | 27 luglio 2014

"Put a tiger in your tank" - So they kill tigers and mix them in the gas? I suspect it's not the best way to sell a product.

Brian H | 28 luglio 2014

That's only for the Chinese market.

Tâm | 29 luglio 2014

Feverish seven-day, 84-hour work weeks with a promise of three to five years of work on the job.

3 million cubic yards of earth was removed.

Which now can accommodate a 5 million square foot building.

The project has reached a natural halting point.

It's now a layoff of 280 Jobs.

Mystery continues.