Woo hoo I got my all-weather mats!

Woo hoo I got my all-weather mats!

Now I need my car to get here so I can use them. Sigh.

For anyone wondering they're very nice and good quality..

nickjhowe | 7 luglio 2013

Hopefully you have your car on order. :-)

dr_gko | 7 luglio 2013

The two anchors for the driver's side mat would not screw into the carpet. Looks like the carpet is too thick and the crew tips are too soft and dull for the job. Anybody with the same issue? I will have service put it in for me when I bring in the car next week because of creaking of the pano roof.

dr_gko | 7 luglio 2013

anchor screw tips

Mike C | 7 luglio 2013

@dr_gko, if they are similar to the fabric ones from the store, you have to push in HARD and screw at the same time and eventually it will catch and screw in securely. It took awhile for me to do it and it seemed like the passenger side was easier. The key is to screw in hard - I was leaning most of my body weight into it.

Mike C | 7 luglio 2013

*Sorry not the "passenger side" but the screw closer to the passenger side for the driver's mat

earlyretirement | 26 luglio 2013

Any one have any idea when these will be available again? Says "Sold out".

jeffaa | 26 luglio 2013

Add your name to the wait list. I did, and immediately got an email back saying they will let me know when in stock.

jeffaa | 26 luglio 2013

"We apologize that this item is temporarily out of stock. We expect new inventory very soon. Please contact if you would like to be added to the wait list for this item."

earlyretirement | 8 agosto 2013

FYI. These are available again as of today. They just came back online. If you see anything out of stock, you can get on an email list so they email you ASAP when they are back. In fact, sometimes they will email you a few hours before they hit the store. They told me what time they would list them again. I just ordered some and last week I ordered the frunk and back trunk mats. They did the same thing emailing me once they came back in stock.

Colasec | 8 agosto 2013

>> They told me what time they would list them again. I just ordered some...

Ditto. I got a heads-up earlier this evening from Tesla that they'd be available again starting at 8pm. Just got home and placed my order. I got to see these mats on @simplesolar's car this weekend: they seem durable and well-fitting.

eddiemoy | 9 agosto 2013

I just ordered yesterday when I got the notification email.