Yacht Floor added to store

Yacht Floor added to store

"coming soon"

[Edited. Thx @Dripps

Dripps | 2 agosto 2013

The tire tote has been there a few weeks.
If the yacht floor is minimum $500, I can only imagine what the center storage console will end up pricing at. Yikes.

Jesse K | 2 agosto 2013

Here is a homemade Yacht Floor I did out of bamboo:

Schlermie | 2 agosto 2013

While I was at the service center about a month ago, they were saying the center console is going to be priced at $650. Take it with a grain of salt though. | 2 agosto 2013

You know, when I first got my MS, I was sure I would get the console once it was released. However, after living with the car for two weeks, I kinda don't miss a console. I wish I had a bit more storage, but its not a big deal at this point. Oddly enough, I might still get the center console simply to get functional cup holders. ;-)


2050project | 2 agosto 2013

Pricing makes sense looking at aftermarket, check out - they have an aftermarket center console for Model S and they have custom options with wood veneers that are add to the price. Guessing these veneers cost a bit more. But, on the site, they also have lower priced options starting at $550.

Also, Roadster has a Console Carbon trim-only option that costs $1200:

Schlermie | 2 agosto 2013

Can someone explain the yacht floor surface to me? In the photos, it looks fairly slick. Is there something about it that prevents objects from sliding around as much as they do with the carpeted surface?

ian | 2 agosto 2013

The lines you see are a grippy rubber.

ian | 2 agosto 2013

That bamboo floor looks great Jess K!

ian | 2 agosto 2013

Sorry, that should be Jesse K.

Jesse K | 7 agosto 2013

Yacht Floor Looks Like It Was Removed From The Store. Any Ideas Why?

Bubba2000 | 7 agosto 2013

I like the minimalistic look of my 85P/pearl/grey/pano. I dont accumulate junk in the car anymore!

nickjhowe | 7 agosto 2013

@Jesse K - maybe TM realized that even they can't sell a $50 cost item for $800.

elguapo | 7 agosto 2013

Yacht Floor was removed by TM just to see how many people would complain about its removal.

Amped | 8 agosto 2013

For 500 they should make a yacht floor that has about one inch of storage underneath.
Flip up or french doors but don't change the look.
Maybe even hide a couple of cup holders

I also like the open center.

nickjhowe | 8 agosto 2013

For $500 we should get a yacht, not just the floor.

Brian H | 8 agosto 2013

For your bathtub?

Jesse K | 9 agosto 2013

We should get a couple college credits for reading Brian H's posts! I love it.

Hodas | 9 agosto 2013

@Jesse K,

Do you buy chance have a cutting template for the shape of the compartment you could share?


Jesse K | 9 agosto 2013

Sure. I have it slightly undersized because the floor I make has a gasket that goes around the edges to "lock" the floor in. What format do you want the template in? .dxf; .dwg; .pdf? Let me know how you want me to get it to you.

ramtaz | 9 agosto 2013

No need to waste $650 on yacht floor! or $1200 for center console!
ENJOY ing the car as is!!

Hodas | 9 agosto 2013

@Jesse K,


Go ahead and send me all three formats. Combine my first name (Josh) with my user name with a dot and send it to gmail.

If it is ok with you, I can host them for others in a public dropbox.

How much of a gap did you leave for the gasket? What did you use for the gasket?


Jesse K | 9 agosto 2013

Sent! Thanks for sharing with others. For those that don't want to make their own they can visit to order one from me. It is cool making your own stuff though, so try that first! Share the pics afterwards.

fluxemag | 9 agosto 2013

JesseK, can you also send me the PDF template? I made one but it would be nice to compare to yours.

Jesse K | 9 agosto 2013


rfriess | 9 agosto 2013


Please send a .pdf to me too.



tokuro | 18 agosto 2013

JesseK, would it be possible to send me the PDF pls?

tokuro@outlook . com

RZitrin1 | 18 agosto 2013

JesseK, did you say you could make this out of obiche wood? I'd get one of those for sure.


dborn | 18 agosto 2013

JesseK, could you email the drawing to me as well, all formats? I am looking to also make the interior trim pieces out of select timber. Your floor looks awesome!

Jesse K | 19 agosto 2013

Below are the links to the files you can access. Also, right now I am making the inserts out of bamboo and walnut. I will keep you posted on progress.