Youngest Tesla Model S Driver

Youngest Tesla Model S Driver

I am wondering who might be the youngest Tesla Model S driver. My 15 year old son got his learner's permit today and I let him take the Model S through the neighborhood, slow and low. I think the Tesla is a very easy car to drive, I just wish you could down tune the performance (valet mode)!
When I was 15, I would have never dreamed of driving a car like this!

SamO | 22 maggio 2013

Jaden Smith commented on a Google hangout with Rey Kurzweil, Elon Musk, Will Smith and Alexandra Cousteau that his first car was going to be a model S. It was the most passionate he got during the entire interview.

check it out at 27:03

"I just wanted to tell Mr. Musk that the invention of the Tesla is amazing. And in Jan of next year I'm going to get one. It is most enviro safe and simply fly. I wanted to sound intelligent but it's fly."

Brian H | 23 maggio 2013

Reduced my respect for Kurtzweil dramatically. Despite all his efforts, senility is winning.

hfcolvin | 23 maggio 2013

People still say "fly" ? I thought thought that was a 90's thing. Man I'm old.

ppape | 27 maggio 2013

My 16 y/o daughter has had her license since Feb 2013. She drove my Red Model S P85 the day after I took delivery. We drove around town and after a few minutes I look over and see her smiling. She says to me. "Dad, This car makes me HAPPY!". I think that sums it up for all of us!

ajamison | 28 maggio 2013

ppape the next thing she says is " Dad I want a Model S!"

BYT | 28 maggio 2013

The Model S is like that relationship you end up in later in life where you know what you want and appreciate more what you have based on previous life experiences. The Model S is that way, if you have been driving a nice car for many years and appreciate that it takes you from point A to point B reliably then one day jump into a Model S... it's a whole new experience. Almost like experiencing what it feels like to truly fall in love for the first time is the best way I can think of describing it. My Model S has left me giddy at times when I take on a BMW, Mustang, Porsche, or even a crotch rocket. The smile from ear to ear makes my jaw hurt!

Brian H | 28 maggio 2013

Sure it's not a super-smirk? ;)

BYT | 28 maggio 2013

I feel super so maybe it is Brian H, maybe it is! :D

DonS | 28 maggio 2013

Clearly this was special day for the kids, but there were three in the high school lot for prom.

KWTESLA | 28 maggio 2013

My Nephew's son age 18 months managed to hit the right buttons and reconfigure our S . My wife complained that the steering was heavy until I asked her to check the buttons in controls. My Nephew sent us an image of the young perpetrator showing the changes he had made. This proves that almost anyone can drive a Model S if they can reach the brake to start it! If he is not youngest driver he is the youngest Model S button pusher?

jduncan3560 | 28 maggio 2013

My 3 year old daughter loves sitting in the showroom model. She has no concept of the difference between ICE and EV, but somehow loves being in the car more than our ICEs. Oddly enough her favourite feature is the windsheild wipers!