YouTube on the 17"

YouTube on the 17"

Alright, so we've been waiting for the next revolutionary release and possible WiFi. Thanks to some of my friends here in Silcon Valley, I'm able to get YouTube up on the beautiful 17" display. There's still some bugs to work out (like that slow native browser adapting with 3G), but I'm wondering if anyone else would be interested in a workaround in the interim (?) Feedback welcome!

Thanks, John

dano | 2 maggio 2013

Hell yes! What's the magic, Houdini?

DarrellH | 2 maggio 2013

Of course. What is the trick?

Brian H | 2 maggio 2013

Uh-oh. Teslas wrapped around telephone poles coming right up, on a roadway near you!

Six | 2 maggio 2013

Or something to watch while safely parked and charging at a Supercharger.

Could watch the NatGeo Superfactories special on the Tesla Factory

TeslaTech | 2 maggio 2013

Video, or it didn't happen!!!

jsnyder | 2 maggio 2013

The concept is simlar to the iPhone's flash add. Same in the sense your acessing a remote server that will provide YouTube, or any un-supported plug-in in the Model S native browser, different in that you don't need to install software. A free subscription to LogMein will accomplish this. The issue is the latency in trying to stream video, which is the next step in the process.

I appreciate the feedback...pretty funny!

olanmills | 3 maggio 2013

Is there sound?

TeslaModelSOwner | 3 maggio 2013

Can anybody verify this?

FLsportscarenth... | 6 maggio 2013

So cool...

Tesla should not have blocked it if the car is in park.

Hi_Tech | 7 maggio 2013

Great idea... but, I'm cautious about it! I can see safety and regulatory issues hitting the roof with videos in the front.

That said, I had a question about WiFi: is there WiFi capability in the Tesla, or will it be 3G/4G only?

Also, does anyone know if Tesla has partnered for plans for the 3G/4G data network?