Model 3 smell

Model 3 smell

My wife gets a headache when she sits in the car. I don’t smell anything bad but it bothers her a great deal. We have aired the car (windows down) for days, spritzed vinegar and water all over the interior (with a wipedown), placed baking soda boxes inside at night, and baked the interior with a portable electric heater to above 100 degrees for two hours. Still not resolved.

Any other ideas?

billlake2000 | 16 febbraio 2019

I got so excited when I floored it that I peed on my steering wheel.

lilbean | 16 febbraio 2019


yeahyeah | 24 febbraio 2019

Thanks for posting OP and others who've taken this seriously.

I've been having issues with sinus and lung irritation with my new Model 3 (purchased in August 2018). I'm sure it's related to outgassing. It has gotten better but not enough that it isn't an issue. I suspect it's related to the synthetic seat covers. I wonder if it is somehow due to the rapid speed at which things were being manufactured and that somehow something wasn't properly cured.

The smell that I notice is something like the combination of rubber and rubbing alcohol. Its not noticeable when the car interior is cool but as soon as it warms up it is still there (which is typical for outgassing). I'd be curious to know the specs of those vehicles that are causing their owners issues. Is white better? Is there a particular manufacture month that is worse?

Mine is an August 2018 built Model 3 Dual Motor with the dark gray interior/wood dash.

ODWms | 25 febbraio 2019

I have an August build also, but have not noticed the severity of odors some people have cited. In fact, this car seems to have had the tamest new car smell experience of any new car I’ve ever been in. I say ‘had’ because at this point (4500 mi), there seems to be zero smell left.

yeahyeah | 25 febbraio 2019

Thanks @ODWms. I think part of the reason that mine still has a pretty strong "new" smell is the fact that I haven't been driving it as much as I'd like to, due to the smell. Seems like the more you use it the faster the smell fades. But maybe that's just acclimating. Are you in a warm climate? I'm in California where the interior can get quite warm even during the winter.

MrSexyTime | 25 febbraio 2019

Its a real thing. Off gassing and glue fumes. In time, it will pass. Try coffee beans.

lilbean | 25 febbraio 2019

The gas will pass.

billlake2000 | 25 febbraio 2019

silent but violent

tckvenumadhav | 26 febbraio 2019

Mine still smells very strong even after 2 months and 3000 miles. I have white interior, wonder if the white interior smells more and stays longer than black interior. Anyone with white interior, how long before the smell is gone?

ODWms | 26 febbraio 2019

@yeahyeah, I’m in sunny Tampa Bay. As others have mentioned it’ll fade with time. The fact that it’s as hot as it is in your area will actually help. Good luck with everything!

RedPillSucks | 26 febbraio 2019

Surely this is not limited to Tesla. Are there comercial stuff that can be used to absorb the smell, like baking soda (or is it baking powder. I always get it wrong)

spuzzz123 | 26 febbraio 2019

Man I luv the new car smell it didn’t last long enough. Wish it could be safely replicated. I’ve tried some air fresheners with that supposed scent but they don’t even come close.

yeahyeah | 26 febbraio 2019

I don't mind the smell but I'm clearly allergic/sensitive to some component. It's pretty bad. My wife loves it though as she's basically the one who drives it these days.

@ODWms: Yeah just wish I could speed it up somehow. I'm read a bit about ozone but sounds risky. I know it'll eventually get low enough that I can tolerate it. But man, so frustrating! I love my 3 so much, otherwise.

@RedPillSucks: Yeah, I don't think it's specific to Tesla. Though, I bet Tesla is "fresher" than most since it's direct from factory (instead of sitting on a boat/lot for months before purchase). Look at bamboo/activated charcoal and zeolite that you can find on Amazon. That is supposed to help (but hasn't been enough for me).

yeahyeah | 26 febbraio 2019

@ODWms: Yeah, I bet having nonstop 115F+ interiors from the FL sun is helping that. I'm looking forward to summer...

ODWms | 26 febbraio 2019

Me too!