Will Tesla Energy ever cover NYC?

Will Tesla Energy ever cover NYC?

I am an owner of a P85D so I am no stranger to Tesla products and how good their engineering is. I am more than interested in Tesla's Solar and powerwall offerings, but it seems Tesla does not do installs in the NYC area. When this solution was a SolarCity solution, NYC was an area of operation, how come it is no longer? Is there any plans for Tesla to operate in NYC and any idea's when that would be?

I asked because I had initially started a plan to get the solar panels and powerwall with solarcity, but that order had to have been canceled because my roof was cedar shake (80 year old house) base and not plywood base. I recently got my roof redone and updated to current code just so I can continue my plans on powering my Model S with some renewable energy only to be disappointed by Tesla's change in area of operation.

Some one from Tesla Energy please respond as I cannot seem to find some one to talk to on this issue or get answers. I do have options, I can go NRG, SunRun, or some other company but I am already sold on the powerwall integration with my Tesla application on my android phone.

Please Help.

cwied | 17 maggio 2018

I can't answer your question about Tesla's region of operation, but on the Powerwall integration I can tell you that they are compatible with non-Tesla solar installations as well. I have a solar system using LG panels and a SolarEdge inverter installed by a local company. Tesla had no trouble at all adding two Powerwalls to this system.

NOVYNOVA | 20 maggio 2018

I don’t know if you can send a dm but my installer did an install in Long Island and said nyc wasn’t a problem. I’d also love the referral

BKSolarPromoter | 27 giugno 2018

It's awesome to see homeowners wanting powerwalls, panels, and tiles!
I just sent in my resume to ask for the opportunity to help make this happen for you, and hopefully hundreds of others!

aaron_desai | 11 settembre 2018

@novynova could you please share the name of your installer?

NOVYNOVA | 12 settembre 2018

Daniel McLoud
ref is Brandon7026

mflash | 14 marzo 2019

sorry for not checking back to my own thread for so long. I got so tired of trying to figure it out that i pretty much gave up. @NOVYNOVA, I will try and give your guy a call, but since Long Island is not New York City I am thinking your guy might not be able to operate here. Funny too because I am in queens at the border before vallystream, and if you look at tesla's implementation map they are all over vallystream. They just don't want to give NYC any love, that or being blocked by ConEdison and their cronies. I just wish some one from Tesla would give me the answer, they avoid the question like the plaque.

mflash | 25 giugno 2019

Bump! Keeping the conversation going if any one gets any word on when Tesla Energy will be servicing the five boroughs of NYC. Loyal Tesla owners would love to power their vehicles with renewable energy. Especially renewable energy supplied by a more ascetically pleasing solar panel implementation along with seamless integration with their current Tesla application.

vafike | 8 luglio 2019

I am new to the solar scene, but have a Tesla car. Most of you have been providing your per Kw quoted price but in general what are the total amount of money we are talking about here? I realize each house needs more or less and some want batteries and some do not but was looking for what a ballpark cost range would look like. Thanks.