Lost FedEx - no Tesla help :(

Lost FedEx - no Tesla help :(

Long story short - ordered a wall mounted charger from Tesla's website. Fedex tracking says it was delivered but we didn't receive anything at our home (we have cameras so I know nothing was left at our door like FedEx claims).

I've chased down all leads:
- Called FedEx customer support daily - they said the 'home' service only works Wed-Sat. Ok, waited till Wednesday - now they say they can't locate the package any longer; investigation closed. It's between me and Tesla
- Tesla online order support - firstly, there is NO PHONE number! just an email. Took 6 emails to elicit a response from them which was 'Package was delivered at X date' OK! I can read the tracking info too - which is why I've been emailing like a mad person
- Tweeted at both Elon and Tesla. No response!
- Posted on nextdoor to see if any of my neighbors got it - nothing!

Any other advice? I'm seriously very put off by Tesla's lack of customer support - this is a pretty big red flag for me in doing business with them in the future.

gmkellogg | 31 maggio 2018

I'd ask to speak to a Fedex supervisor, "they can't locate the package any longer", they should have a record where it was delivered. Make sure you give them the tracking number.

I'm also very concerned by Tesla's lack of communication, seems to be a recurring theme.

HTU | 31 maggio 2018

Pretty sure FedEx will have a GPS ordinates where they delivered your package. FedEx lost ur package and you should talk to FedEx. Tesla is the last place for help if nothing else works. Package is insured and just needs to file a claim.

scott8659 | 31 maggio 2018

It needs to be escalated with Fed Ex first. As others have said they should have GPS coordinates of where it was delivered. Even USPS can do this. Sadly though any insurance claim needs to be initiated by the shipper. In my experience most large companies will simply ship a replacement while they file an insurance claim to cover the original. Looks like Tesla still has some growing pains.

dsvick | 31 maggio 2018

I agree, Tesla is not going to do anything for you, they fulfilled their end of things by shipping it out. If FedEx is not being cooperative, you can request to talk to a supervisor, about the only other thing you can do would be to report it to your credit card company, but they'd likely confirm with Tesla that it had shipped out and that would be the end of it. Your final option would probably be small claims court against FedEx.

mattjpeterson | 31 maggio 2018

The guidance you've been given here so far is incorrect. While it may be worthwhile to continue bugging FedEx as they may still be able to locate your package, you don't have a business relationship with FedEx in this matter. You happen to live at the property where FedEx claims to have delivered the item, but you never paid FedEx a penny nor requested any service of them.

Tesla contracted with you to provide a product and the product was not provided. FedEx contracted with Tesla to deliver a package and the package was not delivered. If your item was damaged, it would be up to Tesla to file the damage claim with FedEx, not you. Likewise, if the item is lost, the loss of the package represents a breach of FedEx's contract with Tesla and Tesla will need to seek redress. You may be asked to support that effort - such as providing your camera footage - but ultimately this is in Tesla's court and Tesla is where you should focus your efforts.

tanveerg | 31 maggio 2018

>> I agree, Tesla is not going to do anything for you, they fulfilled their end of things by shipping it out.

This is not true. FedEx's contract is with the shipper, not the buyer. If the package gets lost, the shipper has not delivered and owes either a new package or a refund to the buyer. Any insurance claims have to be made by the shipper, not the buyer.

As a last resort, call your credit card company and dispute the item saying it wasn't delivered.

Mathias8337 | 31 maggio 2018

Hope you purchased it via Credit Card. If so, I would challenge the transaction if you still can't find or receive the item.

Mathew98 | 31 maggio 2018

Little known dirt in the delivery business for UPS/FedEx/USPS. The driver will typically scan every single piece of package by a certain time (say 3 PM) even before making the delivery. This will ensure they would have delivered within the guaranteed time like a 2 days window. If the package becomes undeliverable then they scan that package again at a later time to revert the delivery status.

If somehow the package is "lost" from the time they scanned it as delivered and the return trip back to the distribution center, then you are SOL.

Call the FedEx supervisor and ask them for a paper trail with time stamp and you can cross check with your security camera. Ask them how many other packages where delivered by the same driver at the same time that day.

andrewlee05 | 31 maggio 2018

If you or someone living in your home didn't sign for it, then it's not your fault. Ask Tesla to resend it with signature confirmation or refund the purchase. End of discussion.

willowtip | 31 maggio 2018

you need to actually go to your local fedex delivery center - this is the place where fedex trucks return at the end of the night. this place is your best bet for help. it is the same place they would tell you that you could pick up the package after 7 if a door tag was left.

socaldave | 31 maggio 2018

Do not let FedEx off the hook - this happens all the time with them. Keep escalating, don't take no for an answer!!!

PhillyGal | 31 maggio 2018

Sadly we have the same problem with an Owners jacket we were supposed to get as a referral prize. Tesla supposedly shipped it a year ago but never informed us of the shipping nor gave us a tracking number the few times throughout the year we asked.

We finally got a tracking number this year, a good 8 months after it shipped, and the status says delivered. We have a camera too, plus have never had a package stolen in the 6 years we've lived here (get at least 2 every week) but it's unfortunately too late to argue with FedEx.

In your case, it sounds to be on FedEx. Don't let them off the hook, especially since it's a re-purchasable consumer item with a known price tag.

TLSC | 31 maggio 2018

I had the same issue, my aero wheel kit was delivered to the wrong location and signed for by a name I didn’t recognize.
FedEx tracking showed the delivery time, but not the address or where the package was left, after I was certain it wasn’t to my home, I contacted FedEx.
I found that their Ask FedEx online chat service is very responsive, I typed my message in and within a minute or so was connected to someone.
It was way better than calling and maybe getting stuck on hold, I was able to ask and provide information, later I received an email with the whole text of our conversation for reference.
They located my package and I received it in good condition 2 days later than originally expected.

anujbatra84 | 31 maggio 2018

Thank you all for the invaluable advice -
- FedEx: I called them again and have opened another case/investigation. They said if it doesn't show up at your door by Tue; consider it lost. FYI - no one signed for it; they do not have any signature or approvals on file
- Tesla: MIA still; I do agree that they're the merchant and are responsible for delivery in hand to me. So, they don't get a free pass here. Also - it is them that should be doing all the follow up with FedEx here rather than me. So, 0 points for customer service; negative actually. Still appalled that they don't have a phone number - acting like a fly by night random company (sigh!)
- Disputing transaction with card: Plan to do so as the last resort if needed within the next day or two

Honestly, however this ends, I don't plan on reordering a wall mounted charger (or any accessory) from Tesla. Will likely just get a generic chargepoint or other charger or just a NEMA outlet if needed.

mattjpeterson | 31 maggio 2018

I got my HPWC from an eBay vendor new in box for less than Tesla charges. Just another option.

TLSC | 31 maggio 2018

Just to be complete, I did message Tesla also, but I only received a confirmation of my package being shipped on 5/22, after being on backorder for 5wks.
Since FedEx showed my package as being delivered and signed for, I followed up with them first.
If FedEx somehow failed in delivering again, then I’d at least have the text correspondence to go back to Tesla with as proof the package never arrived via their shipper.

Sorry to hear your HPWC is still missing, I can only wish you good luck and hope that it all works out and costs you only time and some frustration.

todd | 31 maggio 2018

Same thing happened to me, I feel for you. In my case FedEx dispatch called the driver who was then able to recover it from the mistaken residence and redeliver to me. Hope it works out for you.

-TheJohn- | 31 maggio 2018

You have my sincere sympathy but I just have to laugh at your tweeting at Elon trying to fix the problem.

ravisundaramam | 31 maggio 2018

@ mattjpeterson | May 31, 2018 So you bought the missing HPWC from the guy it was mistakenly delivered to!

xad | 31 maggio 2018

OP tweeted Elon and Elon didn’t find his package?! What kind of shady business is Elon running?

anujbatra84 | 1 giugno 2018

Just to close this out - got a FedEx delivery this morning with a HPWC; different tracking number than the original so my assumption is someone at Tesla stepped in to take care of the issue.

Thank you so much!

Tuning In | 1 giugno 2018


Not true. Or at least not anymore. Their scanners have GPS in them. One time they claimed that they delivered a package to me that I didn't receive. They went into their system, pulled up the coordinates and they realized that they dropped it off at the wrong house.

Tuning In | 1 giugno 2018

I have an issue with their service in logistics as well. I had a defective HPWC and they provided a return label to print and said that they would ship out a replacement within 72 hours. I'm still waiting for that replacement and my emails for a tracking number or at least a confirmation of shipment has gone unanswered.

dd.micsol | 1 giugno 2018

fedex at fault. file a claim and get the money-order another one.

Tuning In | 1 giugno 2018

Low and behold. A wall charger just showed up minutes ago. Service is still great, but the communication is a thumbs down.

naren.ravi88 | 8 ottobre 2019

Ordered a Nema 14-50 adapter from Tesla online. It took an entire week to get here. FedEx says it was delivered yesterday in the afternoon. My wife was at home and said nothing was delivered. I couldn't find anything. Now I need to go through this whole process of complaining to FedEx or Tesla or my credit card company. Ridiculous.

apodbdrs | 9 ottobre 2019

@anujbatra84, glad you got your charger. but you owe Tesla an apology, once a tracking # was issued by FedEx, Tesla was out of the picture, period. So, why bad mouth Tesla, better compliment Tesla because it appears they sent a replacement, which quite honestly they didn't have to! The ball was on FedEx, especially if your camera video can show they did not deliver to your home at that specific time/day. Or, perhaps your package was delivered to one of your neighbors and they now have an expensive charger, they sell on Ebay! The last sentence is done in humor!

apodbdrs | 9 ottobre 2019

@naren.ravi88, you need to get yourself some home cameras, they really help in cases like yours. Because, you can show FedEx or any other delivery service non delivery. I have had stuff delivered to my home that was actually my neighbors, so I had to take the package to them. Also, on YouTube, I seen several instances where people follow Fed Ex and then help themselves to the delivered items.

calvin940 | 9 ottobre 2019


You revived a year and a half old Tesla thread because the shipping company mis-delivered or lost a shipment? What was the point of that?

Pepperidge | 9 ottobre 2019

By the way. I got unknown delivery from Amazon, which was wrong address. I chatted Amazon customer service and they said I can keep it or discard it.
Q. Am I obligated to return or pay for merchandise I never ordered?
A. No. If you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift.

rxlawdude | 9 ottobre 2019

@Pepperidge, if it was misdelivered to you but addressed to another person, keeping the item is theft.

The quoted text from FTC applies to merchandise not ordered by you but sent and addressed to YOU.

Ethics matter.

andy.connor.e | 9 ottobre 2019

If something like that happens its completely on the shipping company. You CAN contact the purchase company (Tesla) and sometimes they will help you out, but ultimately its the shipping company you have to deal with. Once i filled out a warranty for a charger, and the shipping company lost it so the company sent me another one. The second one finally arrived after 6 weeks and i sent it back to the company. Please do not hold a knife to Teslas throat though, because it is honestly not Teslas responsibility, its the incompetent shipping company that made the mistake.

jjgunn | 9 ottobre 2019

I had an item delivered to me with a different name & address on it.

I delivered it myself to the proper address

rxlawdude | 9 ottobre 2019

@jjgunn +1

And I hope anyone who gets a misdelivered package addressed to me does the same.

Atoms | 9 ottobre 2019

We have had FedEX deliver to some other location and for privacy reasons would not disclose where they delivered the package! FedEX is absurd. They don’t deliver on time. They don’t deliver to the right location. And they will not assist with locating a package misdelivered. They have been routinely late on deliveries and their delivery people lie that they could not deliver. This is all commercial. My personal experiences have not been as bad, but are rarely good with FedEX. Amazon has been consistently great. Orders of magnitude better than FedEX. Tesla should switch to Amazon.