"News" from CNBC

"News" from CNBC

"Tesla is asking Model 3 reservation holders for another $2,500 to order their cars", says the headline.

Doesn't the term 'news' imply information that is not heretofore known? OK, OK, OK. Fine. Who said this was news? Just because it was published by CNBC today doesn't mean it has to be considered news. They're not suggesting that the $2500 order amount is anything anybody didn't know. They're just...posting bits and pieces...of a history of Tesla purchasing procedures...prior to publishing a single volume, Alcantara-bound, limited edition book. The online articles are just like, a teaser, to generate some buzz about the book.

"If reservation holders place an order they must pay an additional $2,500-- but they won't get a delivery date." Boo! Don't buy a Tesla! Boo! Are you scared (off) yet? You won't get a de-liv-ery daaate!

Now, now, now. Let's be fair. They're not trying to cast any of the ordering process in a negative light, they're simply reporting facts. Yesiree. Can't dispute facts. Facts that...have...been...out for a long time. Think I'll surf CNBC's other posts from today and find out if there's anything I should be aware of vis a vis when Black Panther will finally be in theatres.

In all fairness, ordering just opened up for a lot of people, so maybe this is news for the general public who doesn't know how the process works. But at the same time, the way the headline and some of the statements come off *seems* to have a negative tinge. So, "Goldman Sachs is skeptical that Tesla can make good on all of its ambitions near term. This week, the firm issued a note reiterating a sell rating on Tesla's stock...", but there isn't maybe another possible point of view you want to mention here then, CNBC, to provide more than one opinion? Like Baird et al? OK. Maybe most people are bearish on TSLA, so that's the only position you should mention. Yep, we've heard the paint issues, they may not hit 5000. Close up shop. Time to call it. TOD. It was a good run, but it's just not going to work out. The wreck is going down. Get out, before you drown.

Or just vent a little, roll with it, and look forward to a historic, awesome, amazing car that is pushing us forward.

gar1116 | 28 giugno 2018

Haha! Wait a month or so. Headline 'Tesla asks reservation holders for another $50000. Reservation holders drop off list.' Yeah, next step is pay for car and drive away! Haha!

calvin940 | 28 giugno 2018

I had put this link in another thread. Yet another attempt by media to twist and misrepresent . Not the first time and won't be the last. Its easy to see why Tesla has to fight against the shite, but fight it will and so will the folks that believe in what they are trying to do.

carlk | 28 giugno 2018

It's so funny I'm in tears.

bayareakid2008 | 28 giugno 2018

Can someone post the full text of the email that was sent out?

Wormtown Kris | 28 giugno 2018

Hi @bak! School's out for the summer? How did finals go? :)

Wormtown Kris | 28 giugno 2018

@bak: I never got a config invite email. Ordered last night before an email reached me. They did send a couple right after I configured tho. Here is what the more relevant one said minor redactions:

Thank You
Your Order is Confirmed
Next steps
To move forward in the delivery process, please visit your Tesla Account to confirm your registration information.
Order Number RN108XXXXXX
$2,500 Order Payment
$1,000 Reservation Payment
Total amount paid: $3,500 Your Model 3
Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive
Obsidian Black Metallic
18’’ Aero Wheels
Premium Interior
Premium Black
Enhanced Autopilot

Order Number
Order Deposit Billed To
Kris Wormtown

sroh | 28 giugno 2018


They don't have finals in 5th grade.

SamO | 28 giugno 2018

+1 @wormtown . . . congratulations and welcome to the hopeful waiters club.