"Tesla's greatest advantage"

"Tesla's greatest advantage"

Great article from Business Insider's Ben Zhang. He is ostensibly reviewing the Model X, but he says the Superchargers are the special sauce.

"Over the past year, we've had the chance to experience electric cars from Tesla's mainstream rivals — Chevrolet and Nissan. While the two have put out very impressive vehicles in the Bolt and the Leaf, neither manufacturer boasts the type of fast-charging network available to Tesla owners.

Even though new-generation electric vehicles deliver enough range to alleviate range anxiety around town, long road trips are still virtually impossible. With the Supercharger network in place, Tesla is able not only to further placate those with fears of running out of juice in everyday driving but also to make multistate road trips a reasonable reality for EV drivers.

In all honesty, the Supercharger is Tesla's greatest advantage."

SamO | 9 luglio 2018

Although he makes the first error in Tesla's favor I can remember reading:

"Tesla currently operates a network of more than 10,000 Supercharger stations around the world."

There are actually 10,620 "stalls" not "stations". There are "only" 1320 stations

Magic 8 Ball | 9 luglio 2018

Surprising that anyone from BI would write anything that could be interpreted as positive concerning TESLA.

Anyone know of any openings for an ex BI op ed writer, asking for a friend?

SamO | 9 luglio 2018

I had the same reaction @douwe . . . which is why I named the author of the piece. He also mentions that he was got an early test drive with the Model X in 2015. And as we both know, if you drive the car, you fall in love.

SamO | 9 luglio 2018


gballant4570 | 9 luglio 2018

It was a good article nonetheless. I agree with his conclusion - the Tesla charging network is why there is no credible competition. Not in the US, although Europe may get something going over the next few years.

SamO | 9 luglio 2018

Europe is 2 years ahead of the US or only 4 years behind Tesla.

SamO | 10 luglio 2018

bump for @bj . . .