Do not buy anything fro

Do not buy anything fro

Do not buy anything from Tesla. There is no support mechanism if you need one. I have been trying to contact them for a week with no response. There is no phone number you can call either. If you want to get something from there, order it via your local dealership. Your product will then be fully backed up by them.

I hope it helps others.

Big Ern | 17 luglio 2018 is customer service, they've always been receptive to my inquiries...

lilbean | 17 luglio 2018

I’ve ordered many items without any problems.

KP in NPT | 17 luglio 2018

I've also ordered many times without problems. In fact my center caps/lug nut covers arrived the other day.

Are they not answering the email?

xad | 17 luglio 2018

@lilbean +1. Ordered several items online without any problems. Fast delivery and great customer service...

boodasmurph | 17 luglio 2018

Wife ordered me a bunch of swag for Father's Day with no issue whatsoever.

yaheya | 17 luglio 2018

Wait! All these posts are making me feel even worst! Yes, is not responding. I bought a roof shade for my model 3, it is missing the tabs that hold the shade in the roof. I even went to the local service center, they are trying to contact on my behalf. This is the second time, I have had the same experience with them, "no response".

A very sad person now :-(

stevenmaifert | 17 luglio 2018

I've ordered a number of things from the online store over the years. Never had a problem until recently. I ordered the Model 3 Front Glass Roof Sunshade. It arrived in just a few days but was missing the clips to hold it in place. I emailed at the customer support address listed above by Big Ern. Never got a reply, but did get an overnight FedEx 5 days later with two sets of clips.

mazers | 17 luglio 2018

Ordered the lug covers/caps and they came in a few days instead of the 8 weeks the website said. Whom do I complain to?

lilbean | 17 luglio 2018

I don’t think the tabs are needed. Those flew off my X shade as soon as I opened it up.

KP in NPT | 17 luglio 2018

Ha @yaheya and @stevenmaifert you ninja'd each other.

Well sounds like it's a known issue. OP maybe your clips are in the mail. ;-)

stevenmaifert | 17 luglio 2018

@yaheya - I was typing while you posted. Hang tight. Hopefully they will respond to you like they did for me.

yaheya | 17 luglio 2018

@stevenmaifert I am in the same boat. Finally someone with my experience. Thanks!

djharrington | 17 luglio 2018

Ordered a number of things, no problems. Once they sent the wrong style frunk mat for my S. They resolved it quickly, but accidentally refunded my money too.

RichardKJ | 17 luglio 2018

I ordered a 10-30 adapter on 6/28 and have heard nothing since. Wrote to onlineorders@ yesterday but no response yet.

CST | 17 luglio 2018

I wrote to the too to cancel my 10-30 order, but no response after a few days.

jmelendez28 | 17 luglio 2018

Ive always gotten a response via in about 24-48 hours of my inquiry.

KP in NPT | 17 luglio 2018

Maybe they pulled them away to combat Korean spam. ;-)

liebd001 | 17 luglio 2018

Ordered three items from them last week: Model 3 front sunshade, tire repair kit, and a Wall Charger. Tire repair kit (Thursday afternoon) and sunshade (Friday) shipped quickly enough...but silence on the wall charger. Unfortunately, the missing piece is the one I need the most--as I have an appointment scheduled next week for an electrician to come install it.

I've sent three emails to, but so far have not received a response. Tried emailing my sales rep, but she said that was outside her department, so she couldn't help (other than to provide the email address again).

Hopefully I get it later this week...or at least get a reply from Tesla.

liebd001 | 17 luglio 2018

...aaand then the Wall Charger was delivered this afternoon. So, everything's good. I guess the shipping notice for the wall charger got caught up in their system somewhere.

So, happy customer once again. :)

jrzapata | 17 luglio 2018

I ordered a couple items, had to cancel one, no problems, canceled and refunded

Revelate | 18 luglio 2018

KP in NPT | July 17, 2018
Maybe they pulled them away to combat Korean spam. ;-)


First time checking the forums this early and now I know what people are complaining about on the Korean spam.

vmulla | 18 luglio 2018

I've ordered 2 cars on

zawohn | 7 febbraio 2019

I ordered Model 3 All Weather Interior Mats (about $200) before December and somehow it was lost in FedEx (FedEx repied my email). However, I contact TESLA online help,, several times and I have not gotten any reply. At this moment, my money is lost. I called TESLA sale phone number and someone gave me voice mail phone number for online sale and I left the voice message and nothing happen yet. Sale person from TESLA told me that TESLA hired small company to handle its online sale and asked me to be patient. How much can we be patient? It has been TWO MONTHS with no reply email and nothing to contact. I have my order number and I have Fedex reply email about my shipment.

cmgws | 16 febbraio 2019

Terrible no customer service for Tesla apparel.

lilbean | 16 febbraio 2019

I've placed about 8 orders and never had a problem.

ken.lunde | 16 febbraio 2019

Same experience as @lilbean here.

gcklo | 16 febbraio 2019

Yours may be an isolated instance. I bought a couple of items and had no problem

Bighorn | 16 febbraio 2019

No issues here either.

AlpieCO | 16 febbraio 2019

Same here. Several orders, no problems. Just installed the roof rack.

ModernTriDad | 16 febbraio 2019

I ordered a couple accessories in November/December and the process after ordering was disappointing, relative to other online shopping experiences. For a company that many view as a high tech company, their CRM processes are extremely disappointing (vehicle sales and accessories). I sent a few emails checking order status, since I received only an order confirmation and no follow-up emails about the status. The items showed in-stock, but took weeks to arrive with no indication when they would arrive (other than the initial order showing a few business days).

So - the items arrived just in time for Christmas, which was much later they Tesla first indicated. The communications process was really disappointing. The lack of any order status on the website is also really disappointing, especially for a tech company with access to plenty of software platforms that would provide that. I never did receive any follow-up on my emails, so the communications experience was one-sided and very disappointing. I definitely expect more. Many above report "no problems", but it is likely because their items were truly in-stock and arrived in a timely fashion.

With all that said, I will order again from Tesla for a roof rack. Mostly because I don't like or trust (especially something I attach to the roof of my car and hope it doesn't fall off at 70 mph) many 3rd party accessories. My expectations are set very low this time around, so they can really only surprise me in a good way next time. Maybe we are spoiled by so many more efficient and transparent processes from companies like, but I definitively expect a more positive and responsive experience.

ModernTriDad | 16 febbraio 2019

Also - so I don't leave out the other positive comment, I love the accessories that arrived.

billlake2000 | 16 febbraio 2019

I didn't order anything, but I got a letter from publishers clearing house.

ANTHONYROSEJR | 17 febbraio 2019

Everything I ordered cam as as expected

teddy.tseng | 17 febbraio 2019

no issues, the only thing I want to point out is if they can upgrade their shipping to 2-day.

SteveWin1 | 17 febbraio 2019

Never had issues either. Things have come faster than I expected and in perfect shape. No complaints.

HughManatee | 17 febbraio 2019

I think some people's issue is that, once ordered, there are none of the standard mechanisms in place to get in quick contact, see when things are shipping, track them, etc. Personally, while i have always received things eventually (tires took 4 weeks, roof rack is looking like it will be the same), once ordered the process is completely opaque. I have contacted the online orders email 3 times for 3 different orders. The average response time is 5 days, which is far too long. I can order a $10 tshirt on any website in the world and track it immediately (even small local vendors). But with tesla, you just have to wait and hope. They are improving, but not fast enough, especially since they are opening up wider to more countries.

Their current system is inadequate and outdated, especially for the price point. They should at least have a chat option on the website, or let you view the progress fo your orders from your account page. Really, really basic retailing stuff.

CorkChop | 18 febbraio 2019

Dealership? Tesla doesn’t have dealships.

terminator9 | 18 febbraio 2019

As a growing company, everything can't be 100%. Tesla is focusing their efforts on the cars and trying to improve that ever day. The store is a side business that most likely doesn't make a ton of profit (the prices are high but not compared to selling cars). Obviously, they don't want to build amazon but it would be better if they sell via amazon :). I have ordered a few things and they all came in 2-4 weeks but I agree the process is inadequate from what an online shopper as grown to expect these days. I would fix these in the order of priority (improving these don't cost much).

1. Order history with state online (Pending, Shipped, Tracking Number, Error). One time system upgrade, they already have the state and tracking in email.
2. 2-day shipping instead of ground that takes 1-2 weeks. If people get the items quicker which is the norm these days, there will be less questions. The items are marked up 200-500%. I am sure Tesla can afford the extra $4 in shipping.
3. Phone/Chat support - This will probably take the most time and money but if 1&2 are done, you don't need as many people to man the support desk.

guydude | 18 febbraio 2019

Response can take as long as 2 weeks at times but you will always get a reply eventually. I have ordered a LOT from the online store and the amazon store... no issues ever. Customer service has always been top notch

ken.lunde | 18 febbraio 2019

My only comment about Tesla's online shop is that they are not very efficient when it comes to shipping, speaking from an internal efficiency point of view. As a customer, I don't care, because I always receive items quickly. As a TSLA shareholder, there seems to be an opportunity to reduce some shipping costs by consolidating multiple items in an order into a single shipment. I know nothing of their internal workings, so this observation may not be accurate.

For example, I sometimes ordered multiple products, sometimes being multiples of the same product, such as the Model 3 Aero Wheel Cap Kit (we have two M3s). Both shipped via FedEx Ground as separate shipments. Free shipping, and because our location (San José) is close to Ground Zero (Fremont), all items always arrived quickly.

tfoot42 | 18 febbraio 2019

I am very saddened to say I am not happy with their return policy. One of the items recently purchased didn't accept because it's ineligible. But I have not opened it yet. I realize I don't need it. It is touch up paint kit.

Ouija | 18 febbraio 2019

I ordered floor mats for my Model 3. They came on time, but I had two front driver's side mats and nothing for the rear left seat. I emailed customer service five times (once/week) until I got a response. They emailed me a return label, I returned the mats and two weeks later, my card was credited. Slow, but I was persistent and they did the right thing.

rcolucci | 15 settembre 2019

ordered cargo mats and interior all weather mats plus the charge cables for iphone. items have "shipped" but in the Tesla world that simply means they "created a label" and at that point charge your credit card. this is borderline fraudulent. Shipping means in any other business, placed in the packaged and mailed out. terrible system. don't order online if you're on the east coast. go to a service shop.

sheldon.mike1010 | 15 settembre 2019

I've ordered items 3 times in one year. Perfect responses, ship times, and products. Zero issues with shopping on Tesla's website.

Passion2Fly | 15 settembre 2019

I ordered several charger plug adapters online. Never had a problem...

lilbean | 15 settembre 2019

I ordered mats and they shipped the next day. I got them the same week.

leo33 | 15 settembre 2019

I bought chains from the Tesla shop about a year ago, and wall connector a few weeks ago. Both times the item shipped within a day and arrived at my house in just a few more days. I have no complaints.

Bighorn | 15 settembre 2019

No complaints here. Not going to drive 500 miles instead.

Tyerc | 15 settembre 2019

Ordered some mats that had delayed delivery, got an email response after inquiry and final delivery via Fedex.

hzb | 15 settembre 2019

add me to the no issues camp (multiple orders)