Cable Exchange

Cable Exchange

I'm looking to trade my USB-C cable for a lightning cable in the Sacramento area if anyone is interested.

TekJansen | 20 luglio 2018

Check out
or the entire subreddit there for swaps.
It's probably easier/safer to be able to PM through reddit than to coordinate a swap on these forums.

andy.connor.e | 20 luglio 2018

Anyone get the wireless charger thing that someone was advertising here a while back?

gtbuzz | 20 luglio 2018

Can you not just use any ordinary lightning cable (or USB-C for that matter)?

gm_xeon | 20 luglio 2018

@andy.connor.e I recommend you consider not going the wireless charger route. The coil in the phone generates a significant amount of heat while charging and that kills the battery way faster. I've lost two phone batteries due to charging wirelessly daily, and after I stopped my third battery has lasted me twice as long as the previous two already, and it's still going strong. The convenience just doesn't seem worth it in my opinion, and a lot of people seem to have a similar experience. If you only charge using it once in a while it probably isn't so bad though.

bradbomb | 20 luglio 2018

@gm_xeon What phone do you have? I have an iPhone X and I currently charge mostly via Qi chargers, both in my current Mustang using this

and I have home qi chargers as well. Having my iPhone X since December and I have not experienced any battery issues yet.

andy.connor.e | 20 luglio 2018

What will kill your battery is if you leave your phone on the wireless charger after it finishes. Wireless charging does not have the "trickle charge" feature that your phone would otherwise do when plugged in. So it will continuously keep turning on and turning off to charge all the way to 100%.

One thing i do is charge wirelessly via power bank. The power bank will auto-shutoff after fully charged, and wont turn back on again.

smin73 | 20 luglio 2018

Thanks for the suggestions..