Tesla Widget (iOS)

Tesla Widget (iOS)

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere in the forums, but I searched through 10 pages without finding anything.

Can anyone confirm (w/ proof) that the Tesla widget, which is now available on iOS, does not "wake" your vehicle? Obviously connecting through the Tesla App and checking the status of your vehicle will wake it and could potentially cause battery drainage, but if every time I look at the widget's on my phone it does the same thing it seems a little counter productive to me.

I greatly appreciate any help/thoughts anyone may have!

RIP ICE | 24 luglio 2018

My widget says "Asleep. Updated 36 minutes ago." If I hit the refresh arrow, it wakes the car to get an update.

ron369 | 24 luglio 2018

Has anyone actually confirmed that waking the vehicle through the app contributes to real battery drainage? I know that this is a popular theory, but it doesn’t really make sense to me. Waking the car basically just means getting the computer to wake up, and turning on the cellular modem. These are things that my cellphone does 100’s of times a day, and my cell phone’s entire battery is about 6 watt-hours.

ebmcs03 | 24 luglio 2018

Yup mine is asleep more than a day. I checked my widget.

Waking up the vehicle does drain my battery. If my car does not goto sleep I Lose like 1 mile an hour or so. I can see it in the widget each time I look. If it’s asleep the widget shows asleep and stays asleep.

Waking the car doesn’t only kick on the cellular modem. Go try for yourself. Go by your car and wake it up. Lots of electronics spin up and the high power contacts connect the battery to the car. And makes loud clanking. Then after that I can see battery drain at a much faster rate.

I don’t care what people try and tell me. But I know for fact. Based on how I park and leave my car, if it’s asleep and stays asleep I don’t lose more than a few miles over a few days. But if it doesn’t sleep it loses a few miles in a day.

CharleyBC | 24 luglio 2018

Okay, I’m willing to look dumb. What widget are you talking about? I gather something separate from the Tesla app.

SalisburySam | 24 luglio 2018

Hi CharleyBC. On my iPhone6 with iOS 11.4.1 I have the Tesla app installed for my Model 3. After it got paired at delivery, I went to the widget screen and there was a note at the bottom saying there were 3 new widgets. I pressed the Edit button and one of the was the Tesla widget. I added it and it now appears.

The Widget shows my Model 3 as asleep, the miles remaining, and when it was last updated (for me about 4 hours ago). There is a button to refresh the data, which I would think wakes up the car and gets new info. I didn’t bother with refresh.

It’s a handy widget, but don’t expect a lot of data without waking the beast up.

ron369 | 24 luglio 2018

@ebmcs03 ... if you wake up your car by being next to it, it does indeed do lots of things like start the air conditioning because it thinks that you are about to drive. But waking the car up from a distance with the app should not need to do anything other than check the status of the computer. I say "should" because I actually haven't verified what happens if the app wakes up the car while not being next to the car. I suppose that is something to test.

@CharleyBC ... if you have an iPhone, you can get to the widget screen by swiping from left to right. From there, apps that support widgets can be added and reordered. A widget is used to give a quick status of things like batteries, weather, stocks, calendar appointments, and ... the status of your Tesla.

wayne | 24 luglio 2018

Dumb question...

What is the Tesla widget?

markr7 | 24 luglio 2018

A widget is an extension that displays a small amount of timely, useful information or app-specific functionality. For example, the News widget shows top headlines. ... People also add the widgets they care about to the Search screen, which is accessed by swiping to the right on the Home screen and the Lock screen.

CharleyBC | 24 luglio 2018

Thanks, @SalisburySam and @ron369! I just learned something about both Tesla and my iPhone.

czamara | 24 luglio 2018

Thanks for the tip! I just added the iOS Tesla widget and it's super handy! I put it right near the top for easy access.

It seems it will only do the "wake" (whatever that does, same as the app) when you tap the refresh button. Just looking at it shows the state from the last time it updated. Also, I assume to use any of the controls you need to wake it as well.

BC7 | 27 luglio 2018

Thanks to everyone for your comments. It seems like the widget does not wake the vehicle unless you click on one of the functions and therefore should not have any effect on the vehicle battery in the mean time.