Tesla Pickup is Elon's favorite new product

Tesla Pickup is Elon's favorite new product

This is something I would be very much interested in. We have the MS and M3. Going private might bring this to market sooner since they can spend more time on products instead of the FUD.

Tesla-David | 9 agosto 2018

Thanks @Mike83, very exciting to see his enthusiasm for a pickup truck. This could be absolutely huge IMHO.

Sam_S | 9 agosto 2018

Put me on the waiting list. Just wish it was sooner than later!

David N | 10 agosto 2018

Entering into the pick up market may be a bit tougher than many think.
There is much diversity within that market.
You have the die hard red necks that will only own their specific brand (Ford, Ram,Chevy) that has been in the family for generations, and believe me the brand ties are very strong. There is not much brand switching over a lifetime. Then you have the wide range of users, the construction worker whe actually uses his truck and gets a little beat on. Then the home owner who also is not afraid to use it for transporting and hauling mulch, tools, etc...
Then you have the high end user who has the leather trimmed, full power, every option $65-80,000
Truck that is only for status and comfort. Stone, gravel and mulch will never be seen in his bed. It will be washed and waxed on a regular basis.
Then you have the rancher who is more concerned with function than form, he doesn’t care too much about appearance as much as it must be able to do whatever needs to be done .
Then you have the average joe 6 pack that Just likes to have a truck, nothing fancy, nothing super expensive, just has to have a truck for when the need arises.
How Tesla addresses these issues will be interesting.
I personally have a Ram 2500 to pull my camper, snow plow, haul, tow etc...
I’m anxious to see what Elon comes up with.

blacktape242 | 10 agosto 2018

I would get rid of my tacoma for one of these. I'll keep my S of course.

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018

Can you imagine the acceleration of the Tesla Pickup? Other trucks will seem like horse and buggies. I drive all over the mountains and snow and the MS with dual motors is better than my Tacoma which is great in the rough esp. for gathering wood. I already have a non gas 80v Chainsaw for bucking and I would hope the TP would have a charging socket for the batteries.
The market is big for rednecks who are also buying the M3. It is a no brainer.

Sam_S | 10 agosto 2018

Nascar shows rednecks have just as high a regard for 0-60 times as pencil neck geeks.

Tesla pickup will sell just fine to all demographics.

Sam_S | 10 agosto 2018

I'll keep my Model,S but hope the pickup is more rugged so I won't be as upset about a ding as I am with the S.

sosmerc | 10 agosto 2018

Very diverse market when it comes to trucks. I know Tesla can easily meet the needs of the "just for looks and status crowd"....but I'd like to see Tesla show what they can do for the serious "needs to be versatile and tough" buyers. Tons of great ideas out there for what COULD be done.

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018

Camper version would be nice although the MS works great for that. But going further off the beaten track would be a plus.

rxlawdude | 10 agosto 2018

No offense, but it's kind of fugly.

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018

We don't know yet what it will look like but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Do you know how to tell if your a Redneck? When you cut your lawn you find 5 old cars.

carlk | 10 agosto 2018

Elon said the pickup will have nice ride even when it's not fully loaded. That gave some clue of what kind of buyers he has in mind.

sosmerc | 10 agosto 2018

Perhaps for a little comic relief, he could build a Model T pickup version with buggy like box springs, bumpy/rickety ride and a little smoke machine to create the correct "red-neck" atmosphere necessary to appeal to that crowd.

rxlawdude | 10 agosto 2018

@carlk, I wonder if that would entice @PD to ditch his beloved Ford F-150. :-)

carlk | 10 agosto 2018

@rxlawdude Probably not. He certainly enjoys the punishing ride of his F-150 and being punished on the forum for making those outrageously silly comments.

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018

I've read that some Fords may have CO leaks affecting cognition

Rocky_H | 10 agosto 2018

@rxlawdude, Quote: “No offense, but it's kind of fugly.”

WHAT is kind of fugly? Tesla has not released any photos or renderings of the truck yet. It’s just an idea in words right now, so what are you referring to as fugly?

rxlawdude | 10 agosto 2018

@Rocky, the rendering. Of course it's not the "real" thing, but you've gotta admit, that's a truck only a mother could love.

Yodrak. | 10 agosto 2018

It's the semi with a bed where the trailer hitch would otherwise be.

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018

CHP inspects Semi. They like it. At Donner Pass(over 7000 ft.)

Maybe I could get the Semi. No, Problem parking in front of my house. ;-)

blue adept | 10 agosto 2018


There are a variety of news accounts and videos all over the web of officers wrecking their cruisers/SUV's because of exposure to excessive amounts of carbon monoxide, for example:

Apparently Ford, in a push to increase driver sentiment for ICE's, installed 'sound tubes' in their engine bays that piped/pumped engine exhaust noise/fumes into the cabin to amplify the exhaust noise to appeal to driver's primal perception of strength paradigms, yet people still continue to buy them.

Apparently some people value a cheaply priced/getting a good deal on a car more than their own lives.

It's pretty bad when someone else sells you out and inexcusable when you sell yourself out!

rxlawdude | 10 agosto 2018

@Mike, thanks for that link. So cool!

Mike83 | 10 agosto 2018

@just an allusion Thanks for the links. Unreal.

eliezer.yejun | 10 agosto 2018

Given Musk's tweets about the pickup truck, that may even suggest production of the Model 3 is going well. If it's not, it doesn't seem likely he would put any focus on this vehicle at the moment. Particularly given that production of the Model Y is 18 months or more away while the Tesla Semi and Roadster are next in line.

blue adept | 10 agosto 2018


@Mike83 and everyone else really/et al.

Ford, of course, tried to discourage speculation over responsibility by shifting the blame to the police departments by insinuating that the cause of the exhaust leak was likely due to 'performance' modifications made by their mechanics...Sound familiar?

(Just like how GM, for over 10 years, was blaming the failures of their deliberately altered ignition switches on drivers putting too many keys on their keyrings, overweighing the ignition's detent plungers that held them in place as a result).

I usually try to be apathetic about this sort of thing, rationalizing that everyone appreciates a good deal/needs a car to get around with to handle their business/take care of themselves or their family, but for Heaven's sake people, take your heads out of your asses already, sheesh!

Or, hell, leave them up there...Probably couldn't do any worse than tooling about in one of Ford's mobilized gas chambers.

I guess I'll just have to focus on being more aware of the behavior of Ford vehicle drivers/avoid them when I'm out on the road to protect myself should one of them pass out when they're motoring along.

> insert sadface emoji here <

blue adept | 10 agosto 2018


"Thanks for the links. Unreal."

That's just it, it's quite real!

Who knows, maybe it's some sort of reverse psychology advertisement program by Ford to heighten driver's awareness of their cars to encourage more sales, you know, since people will become more wary of them on the off chance that a driver passes out and poses a threat to other motorists on the road (said tongue in cheek).

David N | 10 agosto 2018

Maybe Elon will have one trim level with a “ Redneck” badge

rxlawdude | 10 agosto 2018

@David, that's the Premium Upgrade Package - includes a gun rack. ;-)

Ross1 | 11 agosto 2018

@the OP:
So all pickup buyers are men.

David N | 11 agosto 2018

Good point, and pretty much true. I’d throw a guess at 99% are indeed men who make the decision to purchase.

joemar10 | 11 agosto 2018

I've never owned a pickup, or had the need or desire to own one, but I believe they're the best selling vehicle type in the US.

I think the demand for the Tesla pickup, along with the Model Y will be way bigger than for the Model 3. I just hope that Tesla and EM has learned from experience.

Hopefully, when they are unveiled they will be fully developed, and months, instead of years away from production. Enough FUD about missing self imposed deadlines.

jordanrichard | 11 agosto 2018

The F150 has been the number one selling vehicle in the U.S. for the last some 34 years.

SamO | 11 agosto 2018

The reason that pick up trucks are popular is that the tax market distorts ownership:

For federal income tax purposes, you can deduct the entire cost on this year's return under the Section 179 deduction privilege. The pickup can be either new or used. In contrast, if you buy a used $45,000 sedan, your first-year depreciation write-off will be only $3,160.

sosmerc | 11 agosto 2018

In any case, the right off applies only if the vehicle is used for business. Correct?

SamO | 11 agosto 2018

Lots of C corps and LLCs that don't do much but drive up to view a second property or fish.

Yodrak. | 12 agosto 2018

SUVs and pickup trucks are a bigger market than sedans in the US these days, but I'm not going to guess if the Model Y or the pickup will be the more popular for Tesla.

With regard to the pickup, I think Tesla should aim at 'wanna be' market where the only thing that goes in the bed is the groceries, Dad's golf clubs, and the kid's hockey gear.

Ross1 | 13 agosto 2018

What goes in the bed stays in the bed

sosmerc | 13 agosto 2018

Maybe an "El Camino" version of the Model S would be popular with the "wanna be" crowd. But that is far from a truck where the real market is today.

David N | 14 agosto 2018

I’m w Yodrak, I’m guessing First out w be high end Pick up, $80,000+ For those who want newest and greatest. The bed will never see much if any action. Pretty much a status symbol. Similar to today’s top of the line pickups (approaching $60-$70,000).

Rocky_H | 14 agosto 2018

@rxlawdude, Quote: “@Rocky, the rendering. Of course it's not the "real" thing, but you've gotta admit, that's a truck only a mother could love.”

Oh—that was a _joke_ at the semi event—never meant to be the real thing.

SamO | 14 agosto 2018

I wouldn't be so sure that the truck at the reveal doesn't show up in real life.

Tesla-David | 14 agosto 2018

@just an allusion , wow, just watched your links regarding carbon monoxide poisoning. Unbelievable. Ford is a disgrace for not owning up to the problem and fixing it. Maybe Tesla needs to build a police cruiser as more and more evidence that ICE vehicles are not only killing the planet, but also potentially killing drivers in these vehicles.

Mike83 | 14 agosto 2018

Just read this in the news. Pickup and Motor home burst into flames killing 3. Gasoline is deadly.

Mike83 | 14 agosto 2018

BTW no mention of Make or Model of vehicles in flames.

Mike83 | 14 agosto 2018

Why Tesla Semi's are much safer. Regen. runaway truck lanes.