Vehicle Connection Error

Vehicle Connection Error

Walked up to my car, driver's side opens. Walked to the passenger's side to place all my belonging's on the seat next to me, including keyfob and phone with the Tesla app. Attempted to walk to the Driver's side, and both doors closed shut on it's own. Tried opening the door manually, but it doesn't work. Tried to open the car from my husband's app, and it says "vehicle connection error." Called Tesla Roadside Assistance main phone number, and they can't wake the car up either and said they couldn't do anything. Told me to call the "Service Support" number 800-518-3752 and now I'm on hold for 15 minutes for the Sales department. (There were only two options - Sales or Energy something. Has this happened to anyone before, and if so, what did you do to get your car to wake up and unlock?!?!

kaimcgreevy | 29 agosto 2018


lilbean | 29 agosto 2018

That happened to me but fortunately the door didn’t lock. Hang and redial roadside assistance. They will be able to unlock the car remotely.

khanhvn | 29 agosto 2018

Tesla network is down today. Remote unlock will not work. You need a keyfob to open the door.