"HA, You forgot to put the car in park"

"HA, You forgot to put the car in park"

I learned today that if I am parked and open my door and have forgotten to hit the "Park" button that my Model 3 will automatically put the car in park. Wow, what a great feature. Question: Why do I have to hear and see an alarm telling me that I forgot to put my car in park? If the SW provides the really cool feature of automatically putting my car in park when I forgot to do so, just do it. I don't really need my car saying "Hey Stupid, your forgot to put your car in park, so I had to do it for you." I love the driving experience that I get in my 3, don't limit my joy by gloating over a really cool feature that makes the car even safer.
I love my Model 3

jamespompi | 13 settembre 2018

M3 does what it WANTS!

emeralda2 | 13 settembre 2018

Agreed. Our 2018 Honda minivan also has this feature. Assume many later model cars do.

As a result of getting used to this, bumper jackpot to the wife or to me when we forget to put the ICE rental car back in park (or worse, leave it running after mentally "parking" it) and it does a mini frog's leap!! At least the kids love it!

ravisundaramam | 13 settembre 2018

They probably do it for legal reasons. They will do it for you, but that software has glitch, it is still your fault not putting in park correctly.

gballant4570 | 13 settembre 2018

Ask your wife this question..... she will understand

FifthOnLeft | 13 settembre 2018

Actually this feature got me in trouble with my Focus EV. After driving my wife's Model 3 for a week, I got back to the Focus EV and forgot to put it in Park (using the console shifter) - after turning off while closing the garage door. The car rolled back a foot, enough to catch the garage door on its bumper. A little paint scratch, but a big reminder to use the parking brake and shifting to Park. The Model 3 does both without complaining.

lilbean | 13 settembre 2018

I think it’s good that the car tells you exactly what is going on. If it went into Park without telling the driver, people would complain that it didn’t. This is a good thing so that a person isn’t left wondering why the car isn’t moving if they are stomping on the accelerator.

RES IPSA | 13 settembre 2018

I do not like the car automatically making decisions like this for me. I quickly found out that if you are at a stop light and open the door to spit (I was sick with a cough) or do whatever like dump ice out of cup... the car automatically goes into park. Now that I know, it is easy to just move the lever down to put it into drive. Still kind of annoying. That should be a setting you can turn off and on.

Another feature I like but I can see it causing minor accidents is the hold feature. If you barely touch the accelerator, the hold feature is disabled and the car will roll forward or back if you are on a slight incline. I almost bumped a car the other day. So now I just leave my foot crossed to the left until I am ready to accelerate.

I also wish the car would not automatically turn on every time you open any door on the car. I wish the car would turn on if you pushed the brake pedal.

-TheJohn- | 13 settembre 2018

Hahah yeah I had the same experience. I think it's pretty cool that you can literally pull up open the door and walk away and everything is all taken care of. I find it odd I haven't yet done that in the Volvo wagon. I've only tried to use it's stalk to change direction.

lilbean | 13 settembre 2018

It makes it really hard to run your car off the cliff without being in it (like they do in the movies).

Rjk | 14 settembre 2018

Always makes me wonder what the designers did st the edge cases..

What happens if you open the door while moving?

Assume button to open the door is disabled while moving (hopefully), but expect emergency release isn’t.

Does car go into park if open with emergency release?

Sorry just curious on how they approached.

Great safety feature in any case.

Rocky_H | 14 settembre 2018

@EV Neophyte, Quote: “I do not like the car automatically making decisions like this for me. I quickly found out that if you are at a stop light and open the door to spit (I was sick with a cough) or do whatever like dump ice out of cup... the car automatically goes into park. Now that I know, it is easy to just move the lever down to put it into drive. Still kind of annoying. That should be a setting you can turn off and on.”

People DIE from cars not having that safety feature. You know Anton Yelchin, who played Checkov in the new Star Trek movies? Yeah—he would have been saved by this safety feature.

Quote: “If you barely touch the accelerator, the hold feature is disabled and the car will roll forward or back if you are on a slight incline. I almost bumped a car the other day. So now I just leave my foot crossed to the left until I am ready to accelerate.”

Oh…like a real driver.

I do think it’s funny how if I have turned on the headlights, the car dings at me with a warning chime when I am getting out of the car. Why? You’re just going to turn them off when I leave anyway.

seattlemag | 14 settembre 2018

As a system designer by trade we often debate these types of issues. At the end of the day: You can please some of the people all of the time...

Atoms | 14 settembre 2018

Great safety feature and implemented correctly for safety reasons. Plenty of things not exactly just right, but can’t complain about this one. Opening a door while not moving should put the car in park since it could roll away. Plenty of YouTube videos showing cars rolling away.
This happened to me once in front of a Starbucks in my Honda. I thought my car was stolen but it had rolled and turned down the road by itself and did not hit anything. Auto park will prevent a lot of accidents. People make mistakes when they are distracted and everyone is distracted once in their life in their car.

RES IPSA | 14 settembre 2018

I have driven for decades and never forgotten to put the car in park when I wanted it in park or the car should be in park. I understand people get distracted and cause accidents. And if you are that kind of driver, this feature is something you want or need. I am not that kind of driver, therefore I do not need it or want it. When i need to open my door and the car is on, I have the mental acuity and physical dexterity to apply pressure to the brake pedal.

My point was that it should be an option so that each driver can customize the car their own needs and wants. Tesla gives you the option of how sensitive the collision warnings are, right? Wouldn't it be safer to just make the car be very sensitive to objects outside of the car? Yes it would, and my car came that way and annoyed the crap out of me. I would be driving down the street at 25 mph and be 5 or more feet from parked cars along the side and the warning was constantly going off. I am glad I can set it to medium or low and not have that issue. Is this less safe for all driving conditions? Probably, but I have the option based upon my comfort level.

jefjes | 14 settembre 2018

This thread reminded me of something funny a fellow Model 3 owner told me at the recent Drive Electric Week event. He is also a classic car owner and attends events that other classic owners attend like "Show & Shine" etc. He said occasionally he brings his Mosel 3 and he found out that since getting the summon feature, he can have a good laugh out of hiding close by his car and have it start rolling away. The other classic drivers yell out "Roll Away!" and start trying to stop the car with several of them running to manually push it to a stop. Does sound kinda mean but I can picture it happening to these classic car owners with so many having manual gears and a pull handle for a parking brake that might pop;-)

gm_xeon | 14 settembre 2018

Well, if you don't disable creep or are on a hill you might creep or roll into something before you open the door (curb, garage wall, another car, etc.). That alert serves a purpose; remind the driver that they should properly park the car as a safety precaution. Just like how you should not rely on the emergency braking feature to stop the car for you, you should not rely on it going into park for you.

disapr | 17 settembre 2018

More evidence that some people just want to have a problem. This is an excellent feature and is really a necessity since your key doesn't have to be removed. Remember, this is how traditional ICE cars manage this -- You can't remove the key without first putting it in park. Though, you can still just get out and the car will drive away without you. A woman in my old neighborhood got out of her van because her son left the door open and the family dog escaped. She ran in front of the van to collect the dog and with her son watching from the door the van (left in drive) pushed her to the ground and ran over her head. Killing her right in front of the kids.

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

I have no problem with a warning telling you to put the car in park if a door is opened. That is great. My issue is with the car automatically "shifting" or being placed in park when the door is opened. I want to decide the "gear" the car is in. I don't want the car to decide that for me when it comes to park and drive.

When I am operating my car, I behave the same way as when I handle or operate my firearms. Both are deadly weapons and need to be used with the proper attention. It is unfortunate that people mishandle deadly weapons. Simply paying attention can save your life.

M3BlueGeorgia | 17 settembre 2018

My wife was at meeting at a neighbor's house a few years ago, and looked out the window to see her Nissan crossing the backyard, down a slight hill.

So yes, automatically setting the brake sis a really good safety feature, especially in a car without keys.

In my wife's case the car came to a stop with running into another car or a tree or running over a child, but people have died this way.

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

Again, it should be an option that you can employ if you are concerned or prone to using a deadly weapon without the attention such a deadly weapon requires (obviously mechanical failure is not included in this analysis).

lucindaabbe | 17 settembre 2018

Thanks LLBEAN, LOL over the cliff.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 settembre 2018

Seatbelt unlatched, door open, no butt in the seat... Of course the car should be in PARK automatically. Amazing the things that Anti-Nanny State people will argue against in the bame of Liberty and Freedom. Damn.

PhillyGal | 17 settembre 2018

A lot of the messages it tells us (like "hey stupid, stop trying to close that lid so hard") - I suspect - are easy to display since the knowledge of occurrence is already programmed into the software for purposes of eventual autonomy.

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

@Red... My butt is in the seat behind the wheel, my seatbelt is latched, and I open the door to spit out of my mouth something that I coughed up due to being sick. The simple act of opening the door automatically causes the car to go into park when I do not want nor need it in park (as my foot is still on the brake pedal (or in our Teslas, it is in "hold" but I always keep my foot on the break pedal for safety and out of habit).

I have no problem with an audible warning when I open my door, but I want the option to not have the car go into park automatically.

Daryl | 17 settembre 2018

My M3 doesn't do this. Every morning I stop while driving out of the driveway, open the door, reach down and pick up the newspaper. The car beeps at me, but stays in drive.

Does it only happen when you release the seatbelt too? I'll try that tomorrow.

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

My Model 3 will always put the car in park when I open the door. Like when I am at a stop light, my foot is on the brake, creep is off, and I open the door for whatever reason. Then I close the door, the light turns green, and the car won't go when I try to accelerate. Confused me the first time until I saw the P on the screen.

Not a big deal now that I am aware of it. First car I have owned that did this. And maybe my car is malfunctioning? I do not know.

RIP ICE | 17 settembre 2018

Did mos change his user name?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 17 settembre 2018

EV Neophyte: Wait... Aren't you one of those guys who complained you were 'afraid' your car would kill you one day? Now you are afraid the car won't let you kill yourself? Dude, make up your mind!

Now, go back and read the OP.

I learned long ago that I am typically bothered by the default automatic settings on most consumer devices and many pieces of software designed to make life easier for 'most people'... They tend to do the exact opposite of what I would personally prefer. I don't like automatic scanning and synching of data. I would prefer to do it manually.

I didn't like iTunes automatically copying audio files to its own secluded folder on my computer. Solution? I stopped using iTunes. Sorted. Later, I learned that the settings offered a way to turn OFF that functionality entirely. Cool. I still don't like iTunes, though. Luckily, no one forces me to use it! Yay!

You know what, you could also choose to keep a spit cup in the car. Or remember to park near a wastebin and empty your accumulated refuse there before entering your destination instead of littering, or stop smoking and chewing tobacco & dipping snuff, or [FLOG] it, ask for 'easy ice' at the drive through window when you know [DURNED] well you won't finish crunching through a 44 oz garbage can with a straw filled to the brim with ice and 8 oz of soda. You know, that 'personal responsibility' thing that so many harp about these days.

Rocky_H | 17 settembre 2018

The theme of this is just interesting. It's one of those: "I do this thing a couple of times a year, so Tesla should create a feature for me to account for this instead of me just putting it back into Drive."

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

@ Red... I have no idea what you are talking about. I have never stated that I was afraid my car would kill me one day.

Really simple: My car shouldn't choose the "gear" the car is in. That is all I want. I am more than able to choose what gear the car should be in at the proper time. And if I can't remember to do that, I should not be operating the car.

IAnd of course, people make mistakes. But some mistakes create civil and/or criminal liabilities. Being so negligent as you let your car become a 3800 lbs missile loose on the streets is incompetence at best and manslaughter at worst.

I guess the point of some on this thread is that this mandatory safety feature saves lives. If that is the point, then why not put an upper limit on the car's top speed? Let's say 55 mph? That would save many more lives per year as a vast majority of fatal accidents each year are caused my driving too fast. Why not put IID's on each vehicle to make sure the driver is not impaired? That could save more than 30k lives per year. Why not mandate helmets while driving? How many head injuries would that prevent? Why not prevent the car from moving until the seat belt is latched?

Unfortunately, there is no effective way to prevent a negligent (or incompetent) person from operating a deadly weapon in our generally considered free society. Any why do we basically have a free society? Because people have choices.... they have options.

All I asked for is the option to turn it off. Let me be in control of the car. For some reason, that is a radical idea

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

And just to be clear... If you are at a stop light (or anywhere else you don't have the car moving but it is on and in drive) and the car is in the hold position, it will automatically shift to park if you open the door. It will not automatically shift to park if you are stopped (most likely on level ground) with the mph showing zero. Then the car will automatically place the car in hold if you open the door.

On a side note, a message comes up on the screen that tells you to press the brake pedal in order to release the car from the hold position. It does not mention that you can also press the accelerator to release it from the hold position. But it does mention both ways in the manual on page 54. Kind of curious as to why the message on the screen on the car doesn't mention both ways. Maybe Tesla wants you to use the brake to release it from hold since that is what they consider to be safer? I don't know

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

I would be happy with the car being placed in the hold position anytime you open the door. I have no idea why Tesla decided to put in park in one situation and not the other. | 17 settembre 2018

This is one of the first AI features to be offered by Tesla. Be careful not to complain where the car can hear you. | 17 settembre 2018

@EV Neophyte - Not worth Tesla creating a special option and adding another paragraph or two in the manual for a feature almost no one wants. Then if someone uses the option and is killed, Tesla might have some legal responsibility for allowing a user to disable such a safety feature.

One solution, cut the wires to the door open sensor or add a switch that connects/disconnects the door open switch. At least in this thread, seems you are the only one who wants to disable the safety feature.

RES IPSA | 17 settembre 2018

@Tesla tap... Thanks for the suggestions, but I do not think I will be cutting any wires or adding a switch. I knew I was giving up some privacy buying a Tesla with all the cameras and internet connection, but I did not expect it to be picking the gears the car would be automatically placed in.

As for legal liability, it is a reasonable theory you put forth, but Tesla's lawyers have insulated the company pretty well from what I have read. And also the fact that you can turn off things like "park assist chimes" and emergency braking (as well as lessen the collision warnings) would indicate to me that Tesla is not worried about their liability. | 17 settembre 2018

@EV - good point on liability. You're likely right on that front.

lilbean | 24 settembre 2018

This morning, I noticed the trunk open alert so I proceeded to jump out of the car. I unbuckled, opened the door and got up from my seat, and the car began to roll down the driveway with my children in it. I got back in and shifted into park. The car did not shift into park on its own. :/

nfletcher | 29 settembre 2018

i've wondered about this as i keep forgetting to manually put in in park. unlike my last car (audi a4), i open door and car still rolls forward.
i see contradictory comments here, so i called Tesla and they told me it's all about your butt and the sensors in the seat. as soon as your butt leaves the seat it will auto go into park but not before that. so you can stop, open door, put your foot out and it will keep rolling. that seems a bit late to me. and does it kinda depend on the size of your butt?!

RES IPSA | 29 settembre 2018

Next time you are at a stop light, put the car in the "hold" gear and then open the door slightly. The car will go automatically in park even though you are still in the car (you butt is still firmly in the seat). This happens when I pull into parking garages. I do not like to roll down the window as it gives it streak marks. I like to open the door.

kessler | 29 settembre 2018

I drive the family ICEs and how slow and clunky they are.

lilbean | 29 settembre 2018

@nfletcher My sensor must have failed because my lil butt was definitely out of the seat and the car rolled back.

dalesmith1962 | 29 settembre 2018

@EV Neophyte “I am not that kind of driver, therefore I do not need it or want it.”

Never say never. How old are you? If you are under 40, trust me you will eventually need it.

“My point was that it should be an option so that each driver can customize the car their own needs and wants.”

Totally disagree. Most safety features, the ones that are truly life-saving, should always be active. If not for the sake of the car’s driver then for the sake of everyone else on the road.

Once all cars are fully autonomous all safety features will always be on.

ebmcs03 | 30 settembre 2018

Because you should get in the habit of putting it in park for the sake of others when you drive other cars and that don’t do it for you and you forget. Don’t be that lazy. Push the park button

Zidarich | 25 ottobre 2018

This just happened to me. Must have had the car in hold and not park when I opened the door.

Weird part was my driver profile popped up at the same time asking me to restore or save. Didn’t touch my seat so not sure. Hit restore and the seat moved a little. Has that happened to anyone else?

Shesmyne2 | 25 ottobre 2018

Lilbean thank you.
I swear I was losing my mind when first got her & 2x she hit the garage for rolling back.
I've learned that lesson!

Still Grinning -)

RES IPSA | 25 ottobre 2018

@dale... The safest feature whenever you are operating a deadly weapon is to use your undivided sober attention. Safety features can fail

dalesmith1962 | 26 ottobre 2018

The safest feature whenever you are operating a deadly weapon is to use your undivided sober attention AND safety features.

ODWms | 26 ottobre 2018

The warning is great. Wouldn’t change a thing.

RES IPSA | 26 ottobre 2018

@Dale... Agreed, but my point was the single most important safety feature. If a driver is not even paying attention to what gear the car is in when they are operating the vehicle (including getting out the vehicle), they should not be operating a car.... in my opinion.