Clean Vehicle Assistance Program

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program

Anyone familiar with this and have used it to purchase a Tesla?

Apparently they offer up to a 5k grant toward the purchase of an EV and will also install a charger for free, which is better than the CARB rebate. However, Tesla says they can’t accept it which doesn’t make sense at all.

saxxon | 17 settembre 2018

Well I think the problem is the duality of the idea of a "low income" owner of a high end vehicle. Anyone that can afford the payments on a Model S or Model X is NOT low income, and a $5k grant won't change that.

Even a Model 3 is still supposedly $35k base price, but if it were you are still looking at a minimum of $40k overall cost with tax & license etc - and again a $5k grant won't bridge the gap to make the $600/month plus payments affordable to someone that qualifies as low income.

Low income means can't afford jack. If they can buy a car, its a used jalopy they rescue from going to the junkyard. If someone is "low income" and driving a new car that cost over $20k there is fraud afoot or it was a gift.

Now, maybe that $5k gets them in a Leaf or Smart EV - neither of which I would be caught dead in. If that's what they can afford, more power to them.

Most people stuck in low income other than temporary setbacks like a layoff, are there because of poor choices like drug & alcohol abuse, dropping out of school and having kids out of wedlock at school age. There are ample warnings about all those things given to youngsters, but people make their choices (thinking they know better at 15 etc) and they should have to deal with the consequences, not rob others by government coercion who didn't make those bad choices and followed sage advice from their elders.

I made some mistakes myself (resulting in me forfeiting a scholarship and university), and I paid for it by losing a few years of productive life & growth but I didn't get grants to get out of it, I had to work hard at hard work and eventually acquired skills to qualify as skilled labor that makes a good upper median income. If they get smart, they'll wise up to and choose better paths.

Db_lo | 18 settembre 2018

I got approved for the $5k grant. Retired on fixed income but have some equity to purchase a Model 3. I have talked to my delivery specialist and sales at Tesla. The answer is no, they are not participation in the program. Day one reservation, camped overnight , #9 in line at Fremont (Kato Rd) faculty, waited more than 2 years for 35k M3.

Have ordered the LR, based on the $5k grant approval. Now looks like I can't use it.

This is likely the last car I will purchase or own.

Db_lo | 18 settembre 2018

It is about freedom of choice for consumers. Can't generalize that medium income folks cannot get a Tesla. Everyone is different and may not fit the stereotype of "low" income.

nihilarity | 21 settembre 2018

The reason I asked is like Db_lo my parents are retirees, qualified for not only the grant but also a Tesla loan with savings to provide a significant down and low monthly payment as a result, and guess what? They just cancelled their Model 3 delivery because Tesla won’t accept the grant program, unlike every other automaker in the state who sells EVs. They won’t be caught dead in a Leaf either so they’ll keep driving their gas guzzling Audi.

Everybody wins? Not!

Db_lo | 11 ottobre 2018

I just called CVAP and they said Tesla is talking to the CVAP but noting definite as this moment.

jimglas | 29 gennaio 2019