Towing Experience

Towing Experience

I'm sure this topic has been brought up more than Elon smoking, but how well does the MX really tow? I'm looking at pushing that towing capacity. Obviously this will diminish range, but how much? Are we talking still being able to cross the US on the supercharger network while towing a full load?

paul | 20 settembre 2018

Range diminishes a lot. If you have a large flat fronted trailer, then you could be down by 40%+ on the highway.
I've towed single and double axel trailers with and without independent/auto brakes - and the Tesla drives just fine with them all and had plenty of stopping power. There's (of course) plenty of motive power to spare for the heaviest loads.

As to charging - I use Chademo (no SC near where I drive with trailers), and that required unhitching, or parking across many stalls. Due to range drop - one time I had to drop the trailer beside the road to make the next charger, so plan your trips.

Vawlkus | 21 settembre 2018

A model X can tow a 787. There’s your upper limit.

davidahn | 21 settembre 2018

My Mercedes GL350 drops from 27 to 14 MPG towing an Airstream 19' Bambi, which is relatively aerodynamic, so expect about half the range unless you're towing a tiny teardrop.

David N | 21 settembre 2018

My Ram 2500 averaged 6-8 MPG towing a 29' Bunkhouse Travel Trailer, we averaged 19 MPG on the return trip without the trailer.
Electric or gas, its takes juice to tow.

bp | 23 settembre 2018

There are several threads on the Tesla Motors Club forums with details on towing trailers such as the Bowlus Road Chief (about 175 miles of range for an X 100D), Alto F1743 or Airstream Sport 22 - all three are relatively aerodynamic, compared to most travel trailers with less aerodynamic, boxier designs.

You will take a hit in range.

However - the biggest impact for road trips is your maximum speed - which will likely be around 55 MPH.

Without a trailer, at typical highways speeds, you'll need to stop for supercharging roughly every 3 hours - which will be about the same when towing a trailer, except at 55 MPH, the distance between charging stops will be much less.

newcenturyauto | 23 settembre 2018

i did some towing with a 75D. So much power better than any pick up truck in terms of passing vans uphills. And so much range loss...

frt5 | 26 settembre 2018

Plenty of electric tow-ers join us :)

kirk_nason | 27 settembre 2018

Looking at a Airstream Sport 16ft. Is the plug on a Airstream compatible with the plug that comes with the MX?