We are history (part of). What were you doing when...

We are history (part of). What were you doing when...

when it was announced Elon and Tesla cop fines, he loses his chair.

Maxxer | 30 settembre 2018

reading a newspaper on the pot

bobolynx | 30 settembre 2018

I had just finished responding online to a TESLA request to rate my first "annual" service appointment for my 2018 Tesla Model X. I put the quotes around "annual" because after driving the car 14,000 within 90-days of zero emission miles from June 29 to September 24, I was congratulating myself and TESLA on what a truly wonderful car I have. Needless to say I gave the Bellevue WA service department a five-star rating in particular and, having experienced TESLA first as the owner of a Model S since March 2014 and now as a Model X owner, I would rate the entire four-plus years as five-star. Both the S and now the X have been the most pleasurable vehicle buying and ownership experiences of my entire (72-year) life. I found the SEC's claim of fraud to be over-the-top ridiculous, but all the more threatening that such a massively stupid accusation could be officially issued from so high up the chain of command.

carlk | 1 ottobre 2018

The historical moment is Sunday before the last Tesla outlet closed. By far the most electrical vehicles shipped by any company in a quarter.