The "Giggle"

The "Giggle"

Yes I had a few days due to a "inconvenience" according to Tesla, yes I lost hope. But sure as shit I was gifted a 10:30PM delivery on 9.30 that shifted everything.

My first hint that there was something possibly up was when I was driving back to the Hotel. 15 minutes of night time driving with some stoplights. I did not know Physics would allow for movement between stoplights so fast. Noted.

I also realized I had one hand on the wheel and the other covering my mouth that had some really weird smile going on that no one, no one should ever see.

But coming to the Topic there is this "Giggle" I discovered and it is pretty much contained in every person who gets in your car for the 1st time.

I push the acceleration pedal. They Giggle.

I push it again. Giggle again.

You can't stop it. Endless Loop.

Worth. Every. Single. Penny.

Magic 8 Ball | 1 ottobre 2018

Congrats! When I took one of my neighbors for ride he used the word visceral to describe the "feeling".

calvin940 | 1 ottobre 2018

1st, 2nd, 3rd....and so on..

I just went out for a midnight drive for absolutely no reason and Giggled the whole time.

TinyCricket | 1 ottobre 2018

Interesting. People in my car just scream "oh god!" and beg me to slow down. In their defense, I also continue to floor it in spurts. More fun for me.

-TheJohn- | 1 ottobre 2018

I've got it bad too. I found myself busting out in a huge Tesla grin yesterday and all I'd done was touch my keycard.

Shesmyne2 | 1 ottobre 2018

Love the giggle.
Enjoy the ride!

Still Grinning ;-)

TexasBob | 1 ottobre 2018

A friend with. Caddy CTS rose with me last week. We were talking about tacc and lane keeping and how GM was doing a lot of the same things (just Guy car talk). We were entering the highway and there was only a small hole in traffic so I sort of hit the accelerator to slip in. The silent surge from 20 to 70 in a few seconds. From my right I hear “the giggle.” I look over to see the Tesla grin. “My car doesn’t do that!” He says. Another Tesla sold I am sure. Love it!

TexasBob | 1 ottobre 2018

Rode not rose

hughes | 1 ottobre 2018

This post delights me! People have no idea how great this car is until they experience it. Tesla is amazing!

neylus | 2 ottobre 2018

I get the constant again, again from the backseats. Rail-gun is an appropriate analogy. So fun.

jithesh | 2 ottobre 2018

ya.. driving for 3 months now.. still giggle. welcome to the "Tesla Giggle" club

RedPillSucks | 2 ottobre 2018

My last ride commented how quick the car was. Then I mentioned that it was in "Chill" mode.
"Chill mode? What's that?" So I set it to "Standard" and showed him.

WattTheFrunk | 2 ottobre 2018

My 5 year old daughter almost started crying when I first floored it getting on the highway. Told me to never do that again.

calvin940 | 2 ottobre 2018

Just giggled at my desk in anticipation of driving later.

TranzNDance | 2 ottobre 2018

@WattTheFrunk, my then 5 year old son complained about the first launch. He wanted a heads-up so he could be prepared. Now he says I'm not going fast enough. My now 2 year old son used to say "whee" with certain maneuvers. Now he says "too fast". In a way I want to use Chill mode while he is in the car, but I don't want not to have quick acceleration when I need it.

CharleyBC | 2 ottobre 2018

I'm Tesla giggling just reading this thread.

I still don't see the point of Chill mode. 99+% of the time I'm a pretty conservative driver. That is, I drive chill by nature. I don't need a mode to make that happen. But now and then having the car be able to leap forward to do a merge or escape some dicey situation--or just for fun out of a stop sign--well, I don't want Chill mode in my way.

Rick | 2 ottobre 2018

Just wondering if these are performance "giggles" or standard AWD "Giggles"
I havent had mine delivered yet and just wondering if this will happen in my regular AWD. :)

bill | 2 ottobre 2018

These are standard Model 3 giggles. No AWD or Performance version required.

aptwo | 2 ottobre 2018

standard and AWD is only different by around .5 seconds so it shouldn't be that much different.

steve | 2 ottobre 2018

Yeah love the giggle. My kids say "Hey Dad, let's shoot out" which is then followed by "I just _love_ that!". They even want me to creep slowly into the freeway (we have a sharp 90 degree on ramp which is signed as 20mph, and (no, no one drives this slow on the turn) so we can _really_ "Shoot out!".

ST70 | 2 ottobre 2018

@aptwo- 1 sec 0-60 quicker is night and day difference...then go to Model S Ludicrous (another ~1 second quicker) and night and day diff...then go to Roadster 2.0 and again night and day diff

eeb9 | 2 ottobre 2018

The Model 3 isn't either the quickest or the fastest car I've owned - but it delivers performance without all the fuss and drama...

No fuss, no muss, no drama, no turbo lag, no pauses while up- or down-shifting - rail-gun captures the feeling exactly. And this is the standard RWD version.

Me likey.

rcarrigg | 2 ottobre 2018

haha. so true.

I giggled all the way home.

It does not make sense. Love this thing.

gballant4570 | 2 ottobre 2018

Next Tuesday.......

Sw0rdf1sh | 2 ottobre 2018

Love to hear it from others. I really want to put some kind of dash cam in and make a compilation video of 1st timers. It just doesn't stop.

I'm really stoked to hear the comment from eeb9 regarding RWD. A lot of people I know would be very happy to have the RWD.

Man I hope they build some more Superchargers!

ST70 | 2 ottobre 2018

I had the RWD...awesome car!...traded it in or the P3D (I blame @lilbean!... it was my wife's car) I've been driving it more than my P85DL lately...

ColoDriver | 3 ottobre 2018

My first day work with the new AWD non-P and I had to give multiple test drives. The general consensus was "WOW!" and some giggles. Later one of my lucky victims said "you can start working as a chiropractor, just hop in, punch the throttle and get a spinal adjustment."

It's like eeb9 said "No fuss, no muss, no drama, no turbo lag, no pauses"

calvin940 | 5 ottobre 2018

Have now had 4 different people go for a ride in my M3. Every one of them no only had a smile, but all exhibited the "Giggle" syndrome. Additionally, they all were honestly quite speechless. They lacked the ability to really quantify the experience they just had with it.

"Viva la Revolución"

quatroch | 5 ottobre 2018

I traded up from an M3 to M3D today. The giggle is back, baby!