NHTSA rates Model 3 the Safest Vehicle ever tested.

NHTSA rates Model 3 the Safest Vehicle ever tested.

I feel even better about my wife driving her Model 3.

calvin940 | 7 ottobre 2018

Everyday this car just keeps getting better and better.

JAD | 7 ottobre 2018

Wow. How does this get spun as a negative?

rsingh05 | 7 ottobre 2018

As if we weren't all sold on the 3 already!

The model 3 is best in class - scratch that - best in two classes above it's weight in about six dimensions
1. Performance
2. Safety
3. Looks
4. Eco friendliness
5. Tech features
6. Daily driver liveability

Most cars excel in only one or two areas at best e.g. 911 in performance and looks, BMW M3 in performance and daily driver liveability and so on.

Frankly is there any reason to buy any other car in today's market?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 ottobre 2018

Heh. If traditional automobile manufacturers wanted to protest this result... Perhaps by introducing new crash tests that Tesla couldn't pass...? It would backfire, resulting in all their own cars being reclassified as deathtraps.

Ross1 | 8 ottobre 2018

@ Frankly is there any reason to buy any other car in today's market?

hatchback/ liftback

SamO | 8 ottobre 2018

All of you Tesla fanboys with your “lowest risk of injury and death”

It’s all part of the left-wing conspiracy.

Real man (and women) die when they crash their cars.

And seatbelts are for pansies.

KP in NPT | 8 ottobre 2018

As Elon said it would be. :)

Tesla_User | 8 ottobre 2018

@rsingh05, a good friend of mine just recently bought a very high end SUV (about $85k or so). While talking about it in a social setting, it is simply unbelievable how people make decisions. Most decisions are made based on emotional thoughts and not deep study of the data/reality. The reasons I was told for NOT going for a Tesla had nothing to do with logic and rationality, pure emotional irrational thoughts. We have had our M3 for a month and a half, most likely if the economics allows i will never buy anything but a Tesla. Although, my reasons for buying a Tesla are different. I didn't buy a car, I bought a Tesla. To me, Tesla is a software company that happens to make cars. The data collection, AI algorithms, Data analytics etc. are just mind boggling. Based on continuous user data collection, they improve their cars, every aspect of it. Show me another manufacturer who does that.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 ottobre 2018

"Most decisions are made based on emotional thoughts and not deep study of the data/reality."

My, PhD, niece bought her Subaru because it was dog tested and dog approved according to the Subaru commercial.

balmo | 8 ottobre 2018

Best driver assistance on the market, speed of a Maserati, running costs of a Toyota, quiet, comfortable, sports car handling and safer than a Volvo. Many people are buying other cars out of ignorance of what the model 3 is and can do, it is in a league of it's own, with some space from any competition.

JAD | 8 ottobre 2018

@magic, to be fair most other cars are really so similar dog tested is about as good a reason to choose car A over car B as most of the others. Really an Accord and Camry match spec for spec in all major areas, the 3 is the only car that is significantly new for a long time.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 ottobre 2018

Ross1: Wait... Which hatchback or liftback has a higher crash safety rating than Tesla products? According to human researches, not dog surveys?

Magic 8 Ball | 8 ottobre 2018

@JAD You are correct. The manufacturers have not been able to differentiate for a long time now so they all have been resorting to gimmick sales techniques to try to bring in the customers. I do love the Subaru dog commercials but............

rsingh05 | 8 ottobre 2018

@Ross1: I think you want a model S in that case!

SamO | 8 ottobre 2018


Then just buy a used Model S.

Or wait for Model Y.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 ottobre 2018

Dog tested. Dog approved.

Tesla_User | 8 ottobre 2018

Well, as we all know, car (or any other product) commercials are mostly meant to appeal to the emotions, as opposed to pure rationality. Having said that, the reasons for buying a product are different for each one of us. We optimize on a variable that is at the top of our mind, on a particular day, and tend to ignore everything else. My friend bought the ICE SUV because he never wants to feel restricted with long road trips, although data like how often the trips happen etc. is not rationally analyzed. Imagine what would happen if Tesla comes out with cool commercials, perhaps a Superbowl ad?

kevin_rf | 8 ottobre 2018

I can't get the back seatbelt warnings to stop going off evertime the Jack shifts his weight or see's a squirrel.

And Tesla does not include a lint roller for dog hair. What's with that?

carlk | 8 ottobre 2018

Mercury News has just ran a story of the Model 3 being safest car ever produced. Can't miss a important news like this.......Just joking. As expected nothing was mentioned there. It never missed a chance to run any negative stories including one just two days ago that Tesla's autopilot "is not the best one". I just searched the internet. Electrek and CleanTechica have stories about this but none of the main stream media bothers to. Nobody would click on it if it's not bad news about Tesla.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 ottobre 2018

Since we have Furd Cmax I have always liked this commercial (way back in the day when park assist was a new thing). The piece is about 2 minutes long and you really don't know it is a car commercial until the last 15 seconds or so. Anyway go to the end if you want to see the dog autopark the car ; ).

jithesh | 8 ottobre 2018

Wow.. This car makes me happier every day. So glad I put down the $1000 deposit and waited patiently to get the car.

Curious.. does NHTSA or any other body also does safety tests for kids in car seat? I would love to see some results for that.

rxlawdude | 8 ottobre 2018

"Real man (and women) die when they crash their cars."

Given the events in New York, probably a bit too soon.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 8 ottobre 2018

jitheshm: I believe that both NHTSA and Euro NCAP each show video of child seats during crash tests. Not necessarily comparitive safety tests of different child seats, if that is what you mean.

How Hard is It to Advertise Electric Cars? | TransportEvolved

jithesh | 8 ottobre 2018

@ReD eXiLe ms us

thank you.. will check it out.

greg | 8 ottobre 2018

As @KP said, "exactly as Elon said it would be".

True, in fact he said "you will not buy a safer car for your money in its class, than Model 3".

Once again Tesla totally over-delivered by making Model 3 - The. Safest. Car. Ever.

Full credit to the Model 3 designers and engineers and also Tesla folks in general.

Having all your cars in production being the top 3 safest cars ever tested is truly a fantastic achievement.

And also shows what a death trap [in comparison] ICE cars are, fires or otherwise.

SamO | 8 ottobre 2018


You realize that there are ~100 car deaths every single day. It’s always “too soon” and “too late.”

calvin940 | 9 ottobre 2018

The mainstream media continues to ignore this. Not me. Not one single article from any of the likes of CNBC, WSJm Reuters, LA Times (HA), I am bumping this so that others will see this since media won't publish positive things about Tesla.

JAD | 9 ottobre 2018

Which headline should we ignore today:

Fastest car,
Safest car,
Best selling American car
Employing 50k people,
Highest tech car,
Changing the entire car industry.

That should be enough to not talk about today, more not for tomorrow.