Windshield Screen for Model X Needed

Windshield Screen for Model X Needed

Apparently these have been discontinued. I live in Arizona and just purchased a 2018 X. I would love to know where to get a windshield sunscreen for the inside of the windshield. Please advise.
Thank you,

judenaz | 10 ottobre 2018

Does anyone have a windshield sunscreen for the inside of Model X? Have a 2018, live in Arizona and need that added protection. Tesla has discontinued. Thank you

mathwhiz | 10 ottobre 2018

What makes you think they've been discontinued? Yes, the early VIN's had them shipped to owners after Tesla made them a standard item, but since then they've been routinely suppled with the car.

mbirnie51 | 10 ottobre 2018

Just as an FYI...once you get one...put a reflective shield between the screen and windshield for greater reflection of solar heat....I also cut reflective pieces for the Falcon door overhead windows too. Going to get some reflective 3M tape for the back hatch (for keeping back cool for the dog).

jjgunn | 10 ottobre 2018

I bought this one & like it.

markcohen | 10 ottobre 2018

Also FYI.. Tesla sells screens for the FWDs and also for the rear hatch. The ones for the FWD are good. The one for the rear hatch is eh. It shades well but reduces visibility through the rear view mirror quite a bit.

SF-CA | 11 ottobre 2018

Did you check your frunk? I have one when I took delivery a month ago.