What is this warning icon?

What is this warning icon?

Ever since the update a few days ago, I have noticed a few issues that may or may not be related. First, twice now, the car won’t boot up upon entry. It drive but the screens were black and none of the acceasories worked (not even the blinker). I found someone recommend holding down the buttons about the scrolling buttons and it seemed to work both times. second, this morning I noticed the a yellow warning icon below the recharge meter with flashing yellow dash lines. Any ideas what this is?

markcohen | 15 ottobre 2018

I think that the warning that you are describing is the limited/no regen braking available warning. This happens in two situations that I am aware of. First is if it is cold (usually less than 45 degrees). The second is if the car is 100% charged. It is important to notice this warning as the car won't slow down via regen as it usually does. In both cases, the warning will go away after a few minutes of driving as the car either warms the battery or the battery discharges to less than 100%.

wmyers | 15 ottobre 2018

On rare occasion I've had the "not even the blinker works" issue. It always goes away with a reboot. The scroll-wheel hold-down is the warm reboot. There's the "shutdown car" from the options menu...wait 2 the door, close the door, and press the brake cold reboot.

Jeff A | 15 ottobre 2018

The yellow lines are normal when weather turns colder, a cold battery should not be recharged or charged quickly while it is cold. It will cause damage to the battery. The battery management system (BMS) is designed to limit regenerative braking (recharging as it is) in cold weather until it warms up the battery. The dashed yellow lines serve to let you know the car will not slow down as quickly when you left back on the accelerator.