When autopilot says enough is enough.

When autopilot says enough is enough.

So, I've seen videos where people ignore the autopilot warnings to see what it'll do, and it stops them in the middle of the road and puts the flashers on. Those were all done on city or rural streets.

I decided to try it on a highway. No traffic around, and I ignored it. And it slowed down and stopped, in the left lane, and put the flashers on.

I'm not calling it a bug, or even saying it did anything wrong, but it seems to me that, if one were incapacitated, that stopping in the middle of a freeway might be a recipe for a major accident. Wouldn't it be safer if the car sought out a shoulder to stop on?

No_ICE | 16 ottobre 2018

It hasn't learned about shoulders yet. Give it time...

Some day when you pass out at the wheel, your Apple Watch will detect that fact and send the car directions to the nearest hospital.