Wall Connector - what does four yellow flashes mean?

Wall Connector - what does four yellow flashes mean?

I have a newly installed Tesla Wall connector and a new Model 3. After applying power to the wall connector, or after pressing and holding the reset button for 5 seconds, the indicator on the front of the wall connector flashes yellow four times. No other LEDs turn on or flash (neither the Green or the Red). The wall Connector charges the Model 3 just fine. I can not find what this indicator code means. The Wall connector installation manual and web searches only have yellow flashes accompanying streaming green LEDs, and then only 1, 2 or 3 flashes, not 4. Has anyone seen this, or know what it means?

jordanrichard | 18 ottobre 2018

hmmmm, that' s a new one on me. When you say your car is charging just fine, are you sure? Meaning, it may be charging, but at what rate.

I have a Model S and some time back I plugged my car in at home, paid no attention to the color of the ring in the charge port and started walking into the house when I noticed an error msg on the screen saying that it was unable to charge. However it was charging, but at 30 amps vs the usual 40 and the ring was indeed pulsing "yellow", really it's orange.

So my point is, perhaps there is an issue with what it is sending the car, hence the "caution" lights.

mschwan | 18 ottobre 2018

The Charge Port on my M3 is green while charging, it's the Tesla Wall Connector that is indicating a strange status of four yellow blinks. This occurs before plugging it into my M3. The four flashes occur when I connect power to it, or when I press and hold the reset button on it's left side. And, yes it charges my M3 at the 40 AMP limit set by the M3's control panel. The M3's display indicated that it is charging, the number of hours and min remaining, the % of charge on the batteries, the charging rate (10 kW), the voltage (243 v) and the current / current limit (40/40 A). Charging completes when expected, with the batteries charged to the preset limit.

Has anyone seen or know what 4 yellow flashes on a Tesla Wall Connector means, with no other (red or green) lights on, streaming or blinking?

mschwan | 19 ottobre 2018

Both of these links seem to be referring to the indicator on the Charge Port. My question is about the Tesla Wall Connector indicator when it is not connected to a vehicle.

Has anyone seen or know what 4 yellow flashes on a Tesla Wall Connector means, with no other (red or green) lights on, streaming or blinking, after connecting power to or after reset of the Wall Connector, with no vehicle connected?

SCCRENDO | 19 ottobre 2018

That's all I could find

nmmatt48 | 19 ottobre 2018

I think it can't connect to the "ground" and it needs a ground connection to be safe in a surge of power

rlevell | 20 agosto 2019

@mschwan, did you get that figured out? I have 4 flashing yellow lights on my wall charger as well and nothing else. no red or green.

rpreuss | 20 agosto 2019

According to the manual,
Yellow streaming 1 flash - Charging current is reduced due to high temperature detected in the vehicle connector
2 flashes - same but high temp in the wall plug or on the input terminals to the wall connector
3 flashes - high temp detected inside the wall connector
Sorry - nothing for 4 flashes