Sneak peak on my car

Sneak peak on my car

So I was passing by my tesla dealer , my pick up appointment is oct 20th. I decided to be a geek and stopped in to see if I could see the car in the lot.
Well I did. Sweet it is dirty but expected but I decided to do a walk around and for some odd reason I decided to check the under carriage. Well I am glad I did as I found a good 3-4ft scrape right under the driver side from about 1 for past the wheel towards the back wheel. It is not just scraped by has a good chunk taken out of the plastic.
Everything looks in tack and the plastic piece seems to have done its job to protect it but how do I bring this up?
Has anyone else seen this ?

How do I post photos ?

I am not a nitpicking person but it is rough looking.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 ottobre 2018

"How do I bring this up?"

When you go to pick up the car tell them about it.