Scratch on the wheel rim..

Scratch on the wheel rim..


Our Tesla 3 is just 3 weeks old and we have some scratches on the wheel rim, not sure how it happened. We hate the look of it, please help! What can we do? We can send pictures if helpful.

Magic 8 Ball | 20 ottobre 2018

Use volkerize to search the dozens of threads on rim scratches.You will find many suggestions on what to do.

RES IPSA | 20 ottobre 2018

Go to a local rim place. I got some curb rash on my rim within 24 hours of getting the car. For $75 a local rim place here in San Diego made it look like it never happened

nineteenelevenfan | 20 ottobre 2018

Aero rims? If so, duplicolor has touchup paint that is almost an exact match.

RES IPSA | 20 ottobre 2018

I really scrapped up my rim where it meets the tire against a curb. It needed to be grinded down, then painted.

maztec | 20 ottobre 2018

Curb rash. Passenger-side, I nail it damn near every time in front of my office. The auto-angle mirrors SHOULD stay in the right position for me to watch carefully, but they don't even when I save mirror position.

With trial and error, I finally realized that the white lines on the backup camera are the center of the wheels, not the outside edge of the car. Horribly obnoxious. First car I have ever had with curb rash, which boggles my brain.

I bought some duplicolor and touched up a light spot on the front passenger tire, but fear I may just have to either buy a new aero rim or really go to town cleaning up my rear passenger tire. I figure I'll give it a manual self-try, but probably end up fixing it when I get my tires rotated.