Tesla's email response to my PD3+ $5K Refund Question

Tesla's email response to my PD3+ $5K Refund Question

It appears that Tesla is not planning on offering a $5K refund.

"Hello Don,

My name is XXXXXX, reaching out from Tesla Customer Support and we wanted to follow up on your request regarding your Model 3 Performance and the recent price change.

I wanted to ensure you were aware that as a Model 3 Performance owner, you benefit from free, unlimited Supercharging. This is no longer available with new purchases and it is a significant benefit that provides peace of mind so you can use any of our Superchargers, free of charge for as long as you own the car.

We hope you are thrilled with the Model 3 Performance experience and we look forward to serving you as part of the Tesla family.

Please reply directly to this email if we can be of further assistance and I will follow up promptly. "

Magic 8 Ball | 7 novembre 2018

So they did not give you a no answer.

thorvund | 7 novembre 2018

I found it to be a very odd response. I replied to ask if they intend to honor Elon's Tweet and also noted that the Unlimited charging was a referral perk, not part of the offer. We will see what they say. However, I still haven't decided if I would take it or not.

derotam | 7 novembre 2018

Yep, sounds like a canned impersonal response to your question.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 novembre 2018

I find it to be the type of response we would expect sans any official announcement from the company concerning the 5K.

EVRider | 7 novembre 2018

@thorvund: The free unlimited supercharging referral perk was not in effect when the price dropped. So, if you’re offered a choice, it will be to take either the old deal or new one, but you don’t get both.

thorvund | 7 novembre 2018

@EVRider I understand what the offer may be ($5K refund and give up SC), but I felt their email was not quite accurate. Unlimited supercharging was no a regular benefit of the PD3 at the time, you needed a referral code. Their email seems to imply it was included when I purchased and so I should be happy.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 7 novembre 2018

Being happy is a nice option. How long would $5,000 in 'Free Fuel' have lasted for a Kia Stinger, Chevrolet SS, Cadillac ATS-V, BMW M3, Mercedes-AMG C63 S, Tor Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio? Certainly not for the 'Life of the Car'...

djharrington | 7 novembre 2018

When I called yesterday they acknowledged the offer, explained they haven’t received any information on when/how, and were placing notes in people’s files.

gmr6415 | 7 novembre 2018

@ReD eXiLe ms us, You're not comparing apples to apples. ICE owners don't fuel up at home. Most EV owners fuel up at home much more so than at superchargers, so the comparison isn't very relevant. How much of $5000 worth of supercharging is the average M3 owner going to really use in the lifetime of the car? I've used about $100 worth of supercharging in 3 months of ownership and most of that was on a single long trip. I don't see that as normal supercharging for me over the long run. There isn't a single supercharger in the county I live in. I seriously doubt that I'd use $5000 worth of supercharging in 15 years.

Prior to my M3 I drove a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid. When I purchased it gas was $1.60 a gallon. I filled up about once a month. High side for a fill up over the 15 years I owned it was probably $30, so fuel costs for a year were $360 or less. That's at least 13.8 years of driving on $5000 worth of gas. I kept the car for 15 years. That's pretty darn close to lifetime gas for $5000.

JAMESLHARWOOD | 7 novembre 2018

I'm sure someone with better math could get you closer, but in California its $0.26 per kWh. If you topped off from empty you get a bit under 300 miles (most get less) for just short of 20.00 I'm thinking. So that should be around 75,000 miles of charging only at a super charger to break even on the 5K unlimited super charger deal.

And if you live in a cheaper state or a state that has .11 cents for the first 60kWh then you would need alot more miles just to break even.

Like you said 90% of people do most of their charging at home. Even in California its only .13 cents a kWh at night for me to charge. So it would take me 150k miles to spend 5k in charging at home.

I would take the 5K over the supercharging any day in my case.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 novembre 2018

The .13 at night requires your TOU during the day is even more expensive. If you total up the increased expense of your household use during the day and the discount at night most will find they are still paying ~22 cents. Make sure you fully understand the total impact to your bill when you change plans.

LarryZ | 7 novembre 2018

@thorvund My understanding is that unlimited Supercharging was a benefit associated with P3Ds ordered by June 30th.

djharrington | 7 novembre 2018

To gmr’s point, I used SCing in my RWD 3 at a rate of $120/year. I’m not about to start SCing more often just for the sake of “free charging”. My solar system has paid for itself over a war ago, so charging at home is free, convenient, and less CO2 than SCing. When I configured my P3, free SCing wasn’t even a thing. It was thrown in, so I’m happy to throw it out for $5k. Tesla will likely get that money back from me in the future :-)

JAMESLHARWOOD | 7 novembre 2018

@8 BALL TOU is cheaper for my house without an EV. I been on TOU with Edison for almost a year now and I haven't received my Model 3 or have any other EV's yet.

Teir pricing was killing me and Edison has a nice calculator to see the difference. I was at 600.00 in summer and 150.00 in the winter for my bills. I dropped atleast 100 a month in the summer and few bucks in the winter. I also have more control of my bill being able to use high power usage items during off peak times.

Teir 1 .17c
Tier 2 .25c
Tier 3 .35c

Now with TOU im
.16c from 8am-2pm and 8pm to 10pm
.25c from 2pm to 8pm
13c from 10pm to 8am

I also pay .55c daily charge.

So My bill has dropped around 100 a month already and with the 3 coming soon I Have .13 cent charging during the winter and .12 cent charging during the summer months at night.

I'm currently on TOU-D-B if you want to look it up on

RES IPSA | 7 novembre 2018

@James.... I too am saving about $100-$150 a month with the SDGE TOU-5 plan. While it is more expensive from 4 pm to 9 pm everyday, I get 8 cents a kw/hr from 12 am to 6 am every day and from 12 am to 2 pm on weekends and holidays.

If one can limit there electricity from 4 pm to 9 pm, you save a lot of money. Way cheaper and a lot more convenient than going to a supercharger

Magic 8 Ball | 7 novembre 2018

I believe you and you and you are lucky.
I torn down our old house and built a new one about 10 years ago. During the build they put up a temp power pole and switched us to the local commercial rate (we were a project under construction). Our rate was 22 cents 24/7. PG&E never switched us to a residential rate after project completion. I wanted the $500 rebate but we needed residential plan to make that happen so I pushed them and finally got it switched (10 years later).

Our new TOU EV rate is not really clear yet since PG&E is not publishing actual rates, that I can find, and you have to get a few bills to see what the actual rates are.

I think our peak rate (during the time most use air conditioning ect) is ~36 cents and our off peak is ~22 cents and late evening rate is ~13 cents.

So far, averaging it out we are paying ~22 cents like our fixed commercial rate and we have not had any hot spells to where we have had our air conditioning on. If we get a hot spell I expect our average to go above that commercial fixed rate we used to have.

RES IPSA | 7 novembre 2018

There is a $16 a month base fee for the EV-TOU 5 plan from SDGE. I make that up by simply doing laundry on the weekends

SteveWin1 | 7 novembre 2018

I got the exact same email as well.

RES IPSA | 7 novembre 2018

PG&E will hopefully lower those rates. SDGE lowered their EV rates a few weeks ago. I have no idea why they did it, but they did. Peak summer rate went from 53 cents to 42 cents. Super off peak went from 9 cents to 8 cents.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 novembre 2018

PG&E needs to be gone. They do not trim trees around power lines and fires, like Santa Rosa, are a result of that poor management. PG&E should have been gone for the San Bruno fire fiasco. Now PG&E, instead of managing fire trails and keeping the lines in top shape, is saying they are simply going to cut power, which they have, when the wind comes up.

RES IPSA | 7 novembre 2018

I just noticed that SDGE raised their rates again back to what they originally were on the EV-TOU 5 plan. Crazy... 2 rates changes over the last month... And I am not referring to the switch between summer and winter rates.

RES IPSA | 7 novembre 2018

YEP.... Utilities kinda suck since they have a quasi-monopoly. SDGE fought for 10 years to pass on their negligence for starting the huge fire in 2007 here in SD. And the regulatory commission basically let let them do that, but we do get some small bill reductions for the next year. Sucks because they can raise out rates to pay for them not maintaining their long distance power lines

jfaubl | 7 novembre 2018

I just got off the phone with Tesla for two other minor issue that still aren't resolved since 9/29. Fourth time contacting them for one and third time for second.

Anyway, the lady had no idea what I was asking about so there is nothing official right now being work on for a refund. She said it was the first time anyone asked her about it.

rdavis | 7 novembre 2018

Man, you west coast guys have it hard... here in ATL, my Georgia power Super off Peak Rate 11pm to 7am is $ 0.014, yes, that's one penny and a half.

Energy Charges:
On-Peak kWh..................................................................................................................20.3217¢ per kWh
Off-Peak kWh...................................................................................................................6.5865¢ per kWh
Super Off-Peak kWh........................................................................................................1.4164¢ per kWh

rdavis | 7 novembre 2018


BTW, the on peak rate is 2pm to 7pm M-F June, July, August, Sept. The rest of the year it's just Offpeak rate.

thorvund | 7 novembre 2018

Ok. I received a very odd response to my reply asking if they plan on a refund:

“Hello Don,

Regardless of how Free Supercharging was obtained, if you choose to take the $5,000 USD refund we will turn off your cars Free Supercharging.

Please confirm if you would prefer I begin the refund process for you.

Regards, ”

So now it sounds like there is absolutely a refund.

frisbee912 | 7 novembre 2018


So, how did you initiate the refund process? Did you send email? To whom? And how long until you get this response?

thorvund | 7 novembre 2018


I haven’t decided if I will do it, but I started the process by calling support.

HollywoodFLM3 | 7 novembre 2018

I recieved the same exact form response. I asked for the $5K in exchange for the free super charging, which I don't need. We shall see what happens. As an alternative, I should have requested coffee with Elon to discuss his concerns with AI.

ODWms | 8 novembre 2018

rdavis, those are awesome rates! I get an average of 11 cents per KWH here in Florida, and I thought that was good.

yudansha™ | 8 novembre 2018

I sent an email to support, but have not received a response. The phone response was vague, something along the lines of "we have no idea yet". What email did you use to get a confirmation for a refund/rebate?

ajmayers | 8 novembre 2018

I also got the email saying they are happy to start my refund process and I just replied giving them my address for the check as they asked! So I'll get my 5K back.

billlake2000 | 8 novembre 2018

PG&E is like a weight lifter at a tennis match. Just for fun, he s------- y--- b----.

churin | 8 novembre 2018


Please post the email address. I would like to request 5K refund.

ajmayers | 8 novembre 2018

I just sent an email via the ASK A QUESTION section in my tesla account. Took a few days to get a reply.

serendipity | 11 novembre 2018

I got the same non-answer. However, my delivery advisor confirmed that he had made a note in my account and that the 5k refund would eventually be processed by Tesla support.

I had also asked whether they would consider giving me the Enhanced Autopilot instead of the 5k, and they said no.

I think they are still trying to work this process out.

yudansha™ | 11 novembre 2018

I received the following today: "Hello Arnab,
Thank you for contacting Tesla customer support. . I do apologize for the delayed response due to high email volume. I am writing to you to about the $500.00 Model 3 performance refund. I just want to let you know that we are currently working to resolve all requests as soon as possible. This is being said, I have submitted your request to the department that can resolve and process this refund for you and you should receive an update.

Thank you for contacting Tesla customer support. In regards to your question, “How do I view my monthly payments online?”. The first place to look is in your Tesla account under manage look for make payment. If that option is not available, please contact our Finance Team at #844-837-5285 you can also email them at"

Does anybody know Arnab? Second paragraph makes no sense at all.