Tire wear

Tire wear

Bought Blizzak 20” tires in June and they are already at 5/32 or half of what they were new. We only put 7000 miles on them. Does anyone else have issues with wear on tires, it seems like this isn’t normal? If you also have any tire recommendations please share.

KurtX | 15 novembre 2018

If you bought these tires in June I hope are in New Zealand. Winter tires are for below 50F. They work great for traction warmer but wear quickly.

lnewhouse | 15 novembre 2018

Sorry meant to say Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

Triggerplz | 15 novembre 2018

I’ve had Goodyear Eagle F1 22’s for 2 and a half years with no problem on a 2016 MX P90DL I’m considering these new tires when I replace them if these are out by then...

Teslapalooza | 15 novembre 2018

Thanks Triggerplz. These look promising. I think I am gonna wait a couple of months to see if this comes out by then and then change my tires. Any extra mileage it can eek out is music to my ears.

tagueja | 16 novembre 2018

I have 2018 MX100D with 12k miles and stock Continental tires. They look to be right around half worn. I would say 20-25k per set of normal tires is fairly standard. This is what happens with a 6800 pound vehicle with lots of power.

Has anyone tried the Michelin defenders on their X? Supposed to be like 90k mile warranty (Though I know they aren't warranted for AWD cars).

mbirnie51 | 16 novembre 2018

I'm in a MX 75D with 20 inch Continentals stock from March 2017 build. The ODO reads 28.5 kmiles at October yearly service with 75% of driving on highways. Lowest tread reading was Right/Front with 5/32-6/32-5/32 (Outer-Center-Inner) but Left/Rear read 8/32-8/32-8/32. The R/F wear is about 60%, so I'll start to think of replacement at 35 kmiles, even though the rear tires seem to have better tread depth. I'm in Bay area, so see little wet roads, and no snow; except on trips up to Seattle through Siskiyou Pass.

peter | 16 novembre 2018

I have 27,000 on the stock Continentals. I was in the service center earlier this week (for a stuck software update) and they said that I an about 2/3 to 3/4 worn on the tires.

BTW... I am really liking the step up in navigation.

Passion2Fly | 16 novembre 2018

I have a 2016 P90DL with 22” Pirelli Scorpion tires. They’re pretty much done... they have 15k miles...

robert.s.bjekich | 16 novembre 2018

I also have stock Continentals with 30,000 miles and 4/32 remaining so I hope to get 35,000 plus miles.

bob | 18 novembre 2018

@Trigg - I too have been watching for the Goodyear to deliver on this press release... Hopefully soon as I'm at less than 4/32nds on my fronts and wanting to replace them in the next couple of months.

Triggerplz | 18 novembre 2018

@bob I’m waiting to actually see them in person to know how that blue lettering will look on my MX