Car plugged in last night but did not charge.

Car plugged in last night but did not charge.

I plugged my car in yesterday afternoon at 50% (usually charge to 80%).

When I woke up, i did not see the app notifications saying charging complete. I opened the app, and it suddenly starts charging. Is this a 2018.46.2 bug?

gmr6415 | 8 dicembre 2018

By some chance did you have a "scheduled" charge set up and that schedule was not through the night? I'd at least check. Maybe a scheduled charge was set up for AM instead of PM.

ybbor | 8 dicembre 2018

schedule is still set for midnight. The only thing about yesterday that was different was that for lunch, i plugged in to a chargepoint j1772 for 30 minutes.

calvin940 | 8 dicembre 2018

I have 46.2. I don't see this issue. However, I also don't use schedule charging.

Kikujiro | 8 dicembre 2018

I recently had an issue with a J1772 plug. I plugged my car using the adaptor and it didn't charge. I wiggled the plug and noticed the clip on the adapter didn't connect completely. Once it did, it started charging. Maybe using the J1772 adapter is misread your connection and when you first started charging without it, it didn't register with the car. Take it off scheduled charging, play with the plug to make sure its charging and reschedule your charge again.

kevin_rf | 8 dicembre 2018

I thought I saw a post of that happening to someone else a few months back.

I once got a charging stopped notice, then when I opened the app it restarted.

Miataguy | 8 dicembre 2018

If any power anomalies are detected, charging will stop. Or not even start. If those anomalies are gone, the car will restart charging *IF* it isn't set to scheduled charging. If you have a schedule, then it will wait until the schedule time.

Gerik | 22 agosto 2019

This happened to me last night. My car was plugged in and scheduled to charge at 1am. This morning it hasn’t charged and I couldn’t go anywhere. This happened once before. I’ve had my car 7 months and always use scheduled charging.

dangerl7e | 22 agosto 2019

Was the charger flashing lights? Was the car T-logo flashing at the charging port?