Screen/computer froze while driving...

Screen/computer froze while driving...

globalMan | 19 dicembre 2018

My previous post left out the body text, so...

Yesterday while I was driving on a downhill but non-winding street, the screen froze. No matter what I did with my hand/finger, the screen refused to react. The whole scary episode happened for approximately 15 minutes, before it rebooted on its own. After about a minute, thing came back to normal. All these occurred while I was driving.

My main concern at the time was whether the screen-freezing event could affect my driving and cause some kind of car accident.

This had never happened to my Model 3 before I installed software 2018.48 about a week ago. Since 2018.48, although I was able to make phone calls out, all incoming calls failed to work. On incoming calls, I was (still am) able to hear the caller, but he/she could not hear me. I tried the reboot (scroll buttons on the steering wheel) as suggested by someone on the forum, but to no avail.

Question: Is it ok/safe to perform a reboot (on the steering wheel) while the car is in motion?

I'll call Tesla and make an appointment but just want to see if others have similar experience since V 2018.48.

Bighorn | 19 dicembre 2018


jim | 19 dicembre 2018

I've had something similar happen once. I went ahead and rebooted while driving and everything came back up fine.
Rebooting doesn't affect your ability to drive the car, it's just means that you are briefly driving without any visible controls. Obviously not an ideal situation, but given that your display was non-response, a reboot (even while driving) seems appropriate.

If you are concerned, you could call Tesla and ask them to check the car remotely for any issues.

globalMan | 19 dicembre 2018

Jim, Bighorn, thanks.

I feel a bit less concerned now. Hope the reboot process is really brief, and even more so, hope it is a known bug and will get fixed in the upcoming release(s).

Jim, did you also the the same one-way only phone call problem?

jim | 19 dicembre 2018

I've had Bluetooth connectivity weirdness on a few occasions. I've found that turning bluetooth on and off on my phone fixes it most of the time. Once or twice I've had to reboot my phone and once I rebooted the car.

It's happened so infrequently, that I don't worry about it. In my experience, Bluetooth has never been a particularly reliable protocol and I figure Telsa's Bluetooth implementation is going to have the same challenges as everyone else.

annabellmatt | 3 dicembre 2019

What to do if computer is frozen and control Alt delete is not working?
When a computer is frozen, all the tasks are stopped whether you are checking email, listening to music, browsing the internet or doing anything on the computer.
If the issue is still not resolved, you can contact Computer tech support, either online or offline. The details of contact are easily available on the internet. You can also visit the nearby computer technician for repair.

rehutton777 | 3 dicembre 2019

Annabellmat: This has nothing to do with the OP's post or question. You think he should take his car to The GeekSquad?

jnordland | 3 dicembre 2019

You can do a reset while driving and autopilot and navigation still function normally. If I remember right you can even use the right scroll wheels to adjust your speed while it's rebooting.

Magic 8 Ball | 4 dicembre 2019

necro thread spam, it is a thing.

andy.connor.e | 4 dicembre 2019

Notice that the spam has a link to computer support. This is a thread about the car.